Working from Tahiti

One of my favorite teachers often says that you can do web work from Tahiti if you want. It isn’t a total joke and, in my case, “Tahiti” refers to my favorite un-named Lake Superior upper St. Mary’s River beach. But I’m here and I am sure not working very much! Walk the beach, hang out with mom/aunt/kid/niece/cousin/sil/neighbor, sweep up sand/dog hair/fish flies, make a laundry run, kayak the bay, make a grocery run, cook, do the dishes, walk the beach, clean the bathroom, sweep up sand/dog hair/fish flies, walk the beach, kayak the bay, make a grocery run, cook, do the dishes… Er, did I mention play the flute?

The trouble is, it’s all fun. Yes, even the sweeping and the laundry and the dishes and the bathroom. I don’t have a whole pile of clients yet but I’m not making any inroads, even at emailing potential clients. And all of my planned “professional development” activities are sitting around on a table upstairs in the form of a stack of carefully chosen css, php, DOM scripting and Flash action scripting books. I wonder sometimes if I will ever manage to get myself off the ground. I don’t think I will be able to *launch* myself from this venue. More likely, it’ll be during a run of gray, ugly, rainy days on The Planet Ann Arbor, with nobody but me in the house.

Once I do get launched — and I will, by hook or by crook — I think I will be able to work from Tahiti. My own personal version of Tahiti.

2 Responses to “Working from Tahiti

  1. Webmomster Says:

    *provides swift kick in the butt*

    Unless you start making contacts, I’m gonna *stop* sending them your way… >>:->>

  2. Sam Says:

    The Guru once finished up a design job from London; we dropped off a CD at a FedEx (or maybe DHL) office on the way to the airport to fly to Tanzania (and weighed our baggage on their package scale, also!)…so Tahiti can be in Europe, too!