Do you eat pink potatoes?

pinkpotatoAnd so, our power went out at 6 PM EST last evening and came back on somewhere around 4:50 AM this morning. The lights did blip on an hour or two earlier than that but only for a moment. I knew because I was sleeping on one of the couches in the Back Room.

It was all okay. We can last a night without power in our Landfill. After dinner downtown (where the power wasn’t out) we did a drive-around to try to figure out the boundaries of the outage. We saw flashing lights by the freeway entrance that I use every day to get onto I94 to get to work. We investigated. We realized that the traffic on I94 was going the wrong way and then we found that traffic was exiting the freeway via the awful *entrance* that I usually use to get to work. A transformer had blown up and power lines were down on the freeway and here’s the story that I found on my iPhone last night. Tht makes two days in a row that I94 between Jackson and Ann Arbor Saline Road was hosed for hours. Yesterday, a tractor-trailer hauling dog food rolled over or whatever (no injuries, be safe Grandmothertrucker).

We eventually went home. The GG built a huge faaaarrr in the faaarrr-place. We have two couches in that room and we each fell asleep on one of them. It is not the biggest house but it is what it is and it has its perks. And so, when the power was out all over the west side of our planet, I was comfortably sleeping in my clothes in my own house. It was wonderful but if it had lasted a few days, it would not have been quite so wonderful.

Good night
Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s pretty, but no. I’m glad you were comfortable in the outage. We have a generator, but have never used it and a gas insert which runs without power. (although the fans do not) My husband also has approximately 100 flashlights and some very nice Makita ones. He loves power outages (not me) and is very disappointed in our lack of them.