Don’t wait for spring…

albertahouseI wanted to write a big long diatribe about buying locally (I mean xmas presents in this case, not food). I am just about done for tonight. I was babbling on facebook earlier about boosting the eastern Upper Peninsula’s economy today. I have spent some money up here this weekend and I’ll probably spend a little more tomorrow. I’ll be back down on the Planet Ann Arbor tomorrow and hopefully I’ll help with that economy too. I am tired. The firmly whacks together. If you are in the grokkery store, watch out for octo-women who use their canes to point at things in the produce aisles. And I do not know what else. Except do buy locally if you can. And support the arts. And Walmart is not all bad. After all, that’s where Froggy found his beeyootiful green Mardi Gras beads with the big kiss-me lips. Where the heck else could you find stuff like that? I do not need any new things for Christmas. I have too much already. My kids also have a lot of stuff. Needful things only, please Mooma. The Commander? She does not need anything at all. She probably has 15 frying pans. When you live long enough, that’s the kind of thing you end up with. A large colander? Not so much. Where the heck is that thing, anyway. Sigh. We’ll see what Santa drops off tomorrow.

I am tired. Yes I am. We had a great dinner with The Grinch and all of us. And just a bit of whine and a whole lot of cookies. I can’t write anything more for now. Good night. I wish I had a couple more days here. I hope we do not have black ice and whiteout stuff tomorrow. Love y’all, KW.


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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t need much either and so Christmas lists are HARD for me. I do try to shop locally, although I also like to support global organizations as gifts for some people. (like Ashley) I’m glad that amazon counts as a local company!! I sure do buy a lot there.