We don’t ship to cities over 15 characters

nestSo, today I tried to ship something to the small but beautiful city of Sault Ste. Marie. That’s 16 characters, folks. I started typing it into the city input box on the checkout form. Sault Ste. Mari. Um, it wouldn’t let me enter the “e” at the end of “Marie”. Okay, whatever. I entered the state and the zip code and hit “Submit your order” or whatever it said. BEEP BEEP BEEP ERROR ERROR ERROR. The error? The stupid form (apparently) checked to see if the city name matched the zip code. And of course it didn’t, because the FORM didn’t let me enter the full city name. So I couldn’t order the item. On that site. I did manage to find it on Amazon (it wasn’t a book, I’d’ve ordered that from Borders), which (of course) did NOT limit me to entering a 15-character city name. Fer kee-reist, I’m not sure whether the first web site has outsourced their developers or their designers to Zephron III.

Other than that, OF COURSE today was a better day. I was just kvetching yesterday. Sometimes I need to do that. Thanks for all of your support in and out of the comments. I do, in fact, have a very generous vacation policy at my company and I could take some time off in the next week. I am trying to save as much time as I can to carry over into next year. I am thinking I might need that time for things that are more important than Christmas shopping. It’s okay. We made some progress around here today. The tree is up (finally) and I got my sewing prodject (intentionally mispelled) mostly done and all of us managed to get some shopping done today. Mine was on-line. I have an absolute full-tilt boogie bah humbug day just about every Christmas season. I hope yesterday was it. Good night!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I have several holiday season melt downs and I expect them. This year may be worse, we’ll see. Lots of stressful stuff going on.