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Colliding worlds

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Where was I? I am settling in to the moomincabin for my second stint this summer. I made two grock trips today, the first an early one into Meijer, the second up to the park store. I am still mostly the only masked bandit anywhere although there were a couple customers at Meijer who were masked.

After the park store trip, I was hanging out in the moomincabin kitchen. I run NPR just about everywhere and so NPR was running along in the background. Up here we listen to a station from Central Michigan University and this afternoon they were playing rock music from my earlier teen years, stuff my cousins and I listened to here at the moominbeach when we were young.

I was kind of rocking out to all this old music and then a set of songs ended and the radio listed the songs and artists, etc. I was thunderstruck to hear that the Woolies was one of the groups in the set. They were a Lansing group back in the day and they covered a 60s rock song so well that I didn’t notice that it wasn’t the original group.

I was too young to know about the Woolies and did not live in their city (Lansing) in their heyday. I just have to say that the Woolies drummer married my (late, ugh) cousin and they had a beautiful daughter who has spent time here at the moomincabin many times throughout her life. She is a force of nature and I really miss her mom.

I still have many living cousins and I spent a good part of this afternoon hanging out with Pooh at the Old Cabin.

In my office…

Friday, July 1st, 2022

Waaaay back in the day I can remember the Twinz of Terror going through the moldy old Hoton Lake cabin taking out hundreds (it seemed that way anyway) of empty cardboard boxes and BURNING them. This box? “It’s a good box, we have to save it.” So I get to look at it whenever I telecommute from the Lyme Lounge.

We relocated from Hoton Lake to the moominbeach today. We left early enough that there was no jam at the BigMac tollbooths yet. As we left HL, I felt a little pang thinking about all the fun holiday weekends I’ve spent there. But it is Friday and I could feel the place start to fill up. I remembered a 4th of July drive to a grocery store there. I saw TWO accidents within a couple miles and there was a group of middle-aged men at the store buying liquor who had to ask the clerk to write the check. Yes, that was a long time ago.

A stop at our now fave Best Choice grocery today confirmed that I was doing the right thing by leaving that area. It was JAM-PACKED and I didn’t see ANYONE but me wearing a mask. Including the GG but he stopped wearing one a long time ago when the CDC said it was okay not to… Anyway, he left me (in my mask) at Best Choice to gas up Mooon Yooonit and waited for me with that beastie and the Lyme Lounge on the freeway entrance.

I arrived to a message from a friend inviting us to meet at a local bar this afternoon. I kind of wanted to but I was wearing washer-woman type clothing and did not want to change. Not to mention that I don’t really know this person very well. I hung out on and off the beach instead.

Just checking in

Thursday, June 30th, 2022

This was last night from our evening cocktail cruise on the Flote Bote. After this the sun went down and the wind kicked up big time. It was very windy all day today and our sister and niece and niece’s three daughters are here today. And that’s about all I have.

Super-spreader avoidance

Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

This is almost* the first time I’ve spent time at Hoton Lake since February 2019, when we spent a night here before heading up to Tahquamenon for a weekend.

COVID is what has kept me away. It is a “group home”, owned by five of the cFam siblings of the GG’s generation. That means that it isn’t frequent that there isn’t anyone else here at any given time. There is no google schedule or “Scheduling Manager” (vomit). People who want to spend time with larger groups (kids / grandkids) are really good about telling others of their plans well in advance and it just all works out. We love each other and are nice to each other and are pleasantly surprised when someone shows up unexpectedly when we’re here on a “slow” weekend.

I love it here but I have preferred staying at the Landfill or the moomincabin during covid because it is a LOT easier to “control” who will be there when, therefore limiting exposure.

The GG (gotta love him) has lately developed a habit of making “sport” of my covid pessimism and tendency to not want to hang around a lot of people. Well. 1) I am an INTROVERT from the getgo and the pandemic has not been all that bad for me as crowds can exhaust me. 2) I have been earning MONEY throughout all of this. 3) I HAVE NOT INFECTED ANYONE WITH COVID. HEEEEE HAS. Meeeee for one. Likely not anyone else since FlaMan (who he visited after he was exposed) didn’t seem to get it but who knows.

*The GG seems to forget this but I did stay here for one night once last summer. There were a bazillion people here. I love them all so I sucked it up and had a good time. Vaxxed, roight? That was before covid ramped up for fall 2021 and omigod omicron for winter 2022 and it didn’t turn out to be a super-spreader event although a lot of us have gotten covid since then from other sources.

We are here now though and it is gorgeous and I am hoping for a Flote Bote ride this evening!

The Designated Helper of Michigan

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

Okay. So we drove from the Planet Ann Arbor to Hoton Lake this morning. It was a beautiful drive in general and I think it will help me get over my Pandemic Lack of Driving Confidence because I had a GREAT TIME driving up in Cygnus.

We stopped at FlaMan’s place to drop off beer and my Super Nose was called upon to figger out what the bad smell in the kitchen was. I didn’t figger it out but the GG took the garbage out and that may have alleviated the situation.

The GG took a meta-nap at Hoton Lake while I decompressed a bit. When he woke up, he went down to the Flote Bote to do whatever. I had been wanting to do a little drive-around but that didn’t happen and it was probably a good thing. Because I looked out to the bote and there were, uh, TWO people on the bote. What? Our brother Jim had been in and out a few times but he had left again to fly-fish somewhere north of here so it wasn’t him,

As it turns out, when the GG went out to the bote, a young man (teenager, we think) was climbing the ladder at the end of our dock. He had taken a sailboat that he and his dad built and it capsized and sunk. He managed to swim from there to our place on Long Point. Of course we took care of him. He called his mom on the GG’s iPhone and she picked him up after a bit.

We have saved or assisted in saving various people from water accidents over the years. Please people be careful out there on the water.

Too much stuff and too many photos

Monday, June 27th, 2022

One of our visiting young great-nieces leaned toward me and asked, “Why is your house so clean?” After I picked myself up off the floor, the only thing I could think of to say was, “Because we cleaned it.”

And we did. Sorta. I think the main thing was that Suzy Homemaker actually vacuumed the back living room. It’s been a while. The Landfill had apparently been advertised to these young ladies as a Museum and yeah, it kinda is. Not to start flinging actual relics that might mean something to somebody but we really need to continue with general flinging activities. The GG apparently spent two hours today looking for photos of a particular category of STUFF. I’m not sure if he was successful or not but my comment was “we have too much stuff and too many photos.” And do NOT look at the Landfill Dungeon!

We are on the eve of another trip north and today was stressful for meeee watching (from teleCubelandia) all of the STUFF getting packed into our vee-hickles. Too much stuff. And that’s probably why I felt stressed out today. There was rummaging going on albeit silently and I can sense rummaging from a hundred miles away, even the silent kind.

I’ll leave you with two quotes: 1) “Your home is not a museum for other people’s stuff.” -Fly Lady. 2) “Just because someone once owned something doesn’t mean it’s worth anything.” -My s-i-l, The Beautiful Gay.

Was I on crack or what?

Sunday, June 26th, 2022

What the heck did I write yesterday? I have already edited but that bit about equating an old hippie-looking bag with a Washtenaw County voter? Earth to KW? What about all those GIANT Orange Baboon signs festooning various properties on the western side of the county the last couple presidential elections? I remember being HORRIFIED when I first encountered one of those in 2016. Who would vote for him, I thought? Alas, plenty of people, it turned out, although it must be remembered that he did NOT win by a majority.

Oh man, I was taaaared this afternoon. I am an introvert from the get-go and the pandemic has not improved my tolerance for a lot of socializing and we did a LOT of that this weekend. This morning we took our visiting niece and her daughters over to visit our nephew (her cousin) on another side of the Planet Ann Arbor. We got a wonderful home-cooked breakfast out of the deal via our nephew’s wife (French toast, bacon, berries, and a divine baked oatmeal thing) and I greatly enjoyed talking to the young parents of the generation down from me while the second cousins (and the GG) played. And then… I was hit by the gotta-gits. Fortunately we had six people to transport and both our vee-hickles take five, which meant we took two vee-hickles over there, so I was free to go home in Cygnus a couple hours before the rest returned. Six minus five equals one 🐽

Niece mobilized to continue on the last leg of their eastward journey, to grandma’s house in the northern Detroit suburbs. A grueling drive on the best of days and one I didn’t envy my niece today. But she is obviously a Road Warrior and I’m sure they got there without a problem.

P.S. The cousins on both sides of our families are very interested in continuing their childhood relationships as well as fostering relationships between THEIR children. I was happy to be able to facilitate that this weekend.

Not crying, no reason to

Saturday, June 25th, 2022

Just activating against those who are taking womens’ rights away. Brett Kavanaugh’s daughters WILL have access to safe abortions if they ever need one whether legal or not. Many others will not. I will keep blahgging about this stuff (from time to time at least) until our country comes to its senses. If ever.

Almost too taaared to blahg at this point. Early run to the farmers market. Home for a short time, then a trip to Plum, then cleaning and laundry and pea-shelling.

And. Made a trip down to the Liberty St. post office to sign a couple of ballot proposal petitions. One was the Reproductive Freedom for All and the other was a voters’ rights petition. I sorta felt like I should dress up in the typical bizcaz stuff that I wear when it isn’t hot out but it was hot so I wore tie-dye and a long tiered skirt so it maybe shouldda been obvious that I was a Washtenaw County resident (aka Old Hippie) but I answered the question in the affirmative without qualification. I am not and have never been a hippie anywhere but I have been accused of being one on various occasions.

We have opened our home to one of our nieces and her three young daughters tonight. They have been on the road from the west for three nights and one of them was a bit reluctant to get out of the car once it finally landed in our driveway. I don’t blame her a bit. Where the heck am I? She has been here once before for maybe a couple hours when she was two years old. The GG grabbed Softy Beanbag and gave it to her and that did the trick. So now Softy has a new friend.

G’night, KW

So whaddya think I did?

Friday, June 24th, 2022

For whatever it’s worth, as soon as my phone lit up with a news alert, I IMMEDIATELY tapped over to Planned Parenthood and set up a MONTHLY donation. It doesn’t feel like much but it’s all I could think of to do in the moment. Except scream, but we all knew this was coming so that seemed pointless.

That’s about all I have today except to note that the song below is not SPECIFICALLY about reproductive rights but late in her life, this singer trotted it out again to promote those rights.

’tis the season

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

At least he’ll be ready for That Season when it rolls around again. All too soon. And no this thing doesn’t chop up branches, at least not intentionally. But boyz just wanna have fun don’tcha know. With their shovels and rakes and power stuff.

A long day of untwisting various things at work, functionality, not people. Mostly. But that one person is a known quantity. Anyway, y’all don’t want to hear about any of that because BORING. At least the jackhammers in my street stopped before any meetings started.

It isn’t really that bad using an outhouse with no door as long as it meets a few requirements. 1) The door (or lack thereof) is not in a place where anyone can see inside unless they walk right up to it. 2) It is surrounded by a LOT of trees. 3) A limited number of people are using it. Four in our case except when we had guests.

One of the perks of having no door is that it helps [somewhat] with keeping the odor down. The small number of people using it and the deep freeze of our winters probably also helped with that. I was still glad when we finally got indoor plumbing.

We installed a septic field when I was 20 but it wasn’t until my little brother got married that The Commander installed true indoor plumbing fixtures with hot water and everything. I’m sure the RV shower wasn’t to s-i-l’s taste but she tolerated it until…

The worst thing about the outhouse wasn’t the lack of door. It was the lack of light at night. I would run like a bat outta hell out there with my flashlight and run like a bat outta hell back. Thinking about lurking vampires and werewolves the whole time.

Years later when I was at a work meeting the LSCHP (who used to be my boss) was talking about vampires and how they sparkle. I guess they do that in modern vampire movies but I’ve never seen one. I piped up with, “they didn’t do that when I was a kid going to our outhouse.” I’ll never forget the look on the then development manager’s face 🤣

Boyz in skirtz?

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

Looking for something else, I found this.

I remember this event but I don’t really know what they were doing. It’s my little brother and three of the four Sherman boys. They also had an older sister and their youngest brother was probably not quite old enough to join in these kinds of shenanigans. At that time he wanted to grow up to be a mother and wear a rapern (apron) like his mom and my mom. Given the sense of humor of the Sherman boy in the middle of the three, they could well have been building skirts. He is my age and I reconnected with him a few years ago and he is still as funny as ever 🧡

The Shermans with their five kids came out to visit us for a couple weeks every summer for a few years. They would park in our “camper” space with their VW bus and popup trailer tent. The Sherman dad (who took this photo) and his brother were my dad’s buddies growing up in Sault Ste. Siberia. They migrated away from town as adults but all stayed friends forever. I’m not sure if the Sherman dad is still alive or not. He would be over 100 if he is.

We had so much fun running around on the beach and swimming and having community dinners with the folks at the Old Cabin. I think my Granddaddy was still around at least in the earlier years to bring big jugs of A&W root beer and corn from local farmers he knew. It wasn’t all that much fun to share an outhouse with all those people especially since my parents didn’t seem to think it needed a DOOR! I remember running out there one morning only to find that it was occupied by the Sherman dad. I beat a hasty retreat! Almost scarier than the werewolves and vampires that used to hang out there at night.

My blahg is weird tonight

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

I dunno what’s going on so I’m (maybe) gonna bag it for tonight. AHA! I figgered it out. Missed a closing single quote 😜

Himself. Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

30 seconds after I took this blissful little nap photooo, his frickin’ phone rang, waking him up. Turn the sound off, turn the sound off, turn the sound off.

Because he was coming home, I needed to actually cook. I actually LIKE to cook but food management can be a challenge with (usually) two people, one of them constantly in and out of town. So I was intentionally at the bitter end of leftovers and made a Plum Dash to obtain some supplies for eggplant parm (today) and BBQ chicken (tomorrow maybe, I didn’t want to ask him to grill tonight since he was just arriving home.

My mouse and I had a convo at the plum this morning about his impending arrival and the ways his presence might be stressful for me. Like going to the hardware six times in one day. Or making/answering a bazillion phone calls related to a relative giving a phone solicitor their credit card info 🤪. Or fixing the Lyme Lounge brakes in the driveway for days on end. Or not wearing a mask anywhere, ever (but the CDC said…). None of these things *really* bother me (except the last but I have made peace with it) but I do enjoy having some time alone when I’m not constantly wondering, “what is he doing now?”

Again we have been told over and over and over again how to handle high heat. The predicted temperatures varied but although I was hearing 98 at times, my most reliable weather device has never registered above 92. That’s not really all that hot if you live in a house under a huge tree canopy like I do and there is a decent breeze. So the Landfill felt cool most of the day, except for when the sun swung around in the afternoon to light and heat up teleCubelandia. But that’s a teensy tinesy part of the Landfill.

And that’s about it for today. Sayonara.

Mooma Robin

Monday, June 20th, 2022

Where am I? How do I? A pair of robins have been hanging out here in the back yard for at least a week. They seem almost tame, slow-walking around the back yard but I was kinda wondering if they had their eyeballs on the nest in the pic. Turns out that yes, they did.

I have had to reorient myself at my work during the last few weeks. It is what it is. I am a professional and I will continue on until whatever happens next. I’m not sure this is a smart thing to say on my blahg but I hope the next “wave” happens to meeee and not to those who are still shepherding their children through college, etc. We put our daughters through college mostly on one income and it wasn’t easy but we certainly managed it but it was planned at least sorta. I don’t want my friends to have to do that.

I began this job when mouse was doing her junior study abroad time in Dakar. The week before she left and I started my job was cray-zee. I had to take a drug test and I drove all the way over to Ypsilanti in pouring rain to do that and I could NOT make water to save my life. Why? Because I READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! The instructions said not to drink a whole lot of water. So I didn’t. So I couldn’t pee. Jeebus. There was a NASTY receptionist who didn’t want to listen to me but eventually softened and said “somebody” was hungry. She meant herself. Hangry. Sigh. I dunno whether I passed the stupid drug test or not but I must have because the LSCHP hired me. I mean, I don’t take the kind of drugs they test for…

So I am still here but many others are not. We will carry on as long as we can. I sure miss a lot of folks.

Pea Prodject complete (for this week)

Sunday, June 19th, 2022

I have a couple more twenties hanging around and I will be buying more peas to shell.

Also cleaned Telecublandia, which means I took everything off the adjacent windowsills, vacuumed up the spider webs and dead bugs and then WASHED all of the sills with soap and water. Window panes themselves are okay for now because Mr. Clean washed them a while back. And changed the sheets on the bed in the “guest” bedroom. I haven’t been changing those between guests because the only guest we’ve had in the last two years is Lizard Breath. Why bother?

Other than that I was focused on re-reading The Grapes of Wrath. I read it in high school or thereabouts but at this point, I knew that I only had a handle on the general arc of the story. I greatly enjoyed my revisit and probably understood a lot of details and references more clearly than I did back then. It was and is a hard book to read.

We humans can treat each other so horribly. The “Okies”, many of them destitute, are forced to leave land they’ve lived on for a few generations and are generally treated like crap when they get to the “promised land”. I cannot be eloquent (or even accurate) about the era because I am not all that well informed about historical details. But when the book started to refer to supposed union organizers as “reds”, I couldn’t help but compare that to all of the references to “communists” in contemporary times. Yes there are probably some “commies” out there. I am not one of them although I have been called one. Why? Because I care enough about “others” to want them to be able to feed themselves and their children and be treated fairly in our society and I am willing to help pay for that via my taxes. I know this book was sort of a muckraking novel but the people in that era *were* treated badly and children were allowed to starve because why? Because they were other? We can do better than that.

People form unions because they are not being treated fairly by the entities they work for. The Commander, a well-educated white woman married to a bank president, joined a union. It was the teachers’ union. Teachers are vitally important to our society. They are professionals entrusted with our children and are still paid like crap. And that wasn’t even an era when she had to be trained to shield children from nutso mass murderers or learn how to use a gun and keep one in her classroom. I’ve said this before AND I’LL SAY IT AGAIN but my parents voted for Republicans back in the day. That changed as the Republican party moved so far to the right it was unrecognizable to them.

I’ll put an end to the incoherent rambling but two things struck me. 1) I didn’t remember how competent the Joad boys were at keeping an old, decrepit truck running for a cross-country trip. Seems like that talent *should* have landed them decent jobs as mechanics? Maybe in a different telling of this story they would have. 2) I mis-remembered that a toddler fell off a truck and got left at a service station or somewhere. Maybe that was a different book? 🤣

I dunno what book is next for me just yet…

Zen things

Saturday, June 18th, 2022

Driving the Ninja on the slow(er) surface roads to Cubelandia back in the day. Coding html. Usually. It has its moments 🐽. Shelling peas.

It’s June and that’s when I get to shell peas in my back yard (or at the beach or wherever). I went to the farmers market at 0-skunk-30 today like I almost always do on Saturday. I bought… More Copper River salmon and shrimp gazpacho. And shelling peas. And that was all because the GG is up bushwacking the nature preserve adjacent to our family beach property and I wasn’t about to load up on food because until a few minutes ago, I wasn’t sure when he was coming back.

I scouted for shelling peas last week but nobody had them yet. Today! Wow! A young vendor had quart boxes of them stacked up the wazoo. They were even labeled. I usually have to ask whether they are shelling or sugar snap. It isn’t always easy to tell by looking at them. The price was $4 a box so I pulled out a twenty and said, “Gimme five.” As he was dumping them into my Chico bag, he volunteered that he would have them for two or three more weeks. I’ll be back.

It was GORGEOUS weather for pea-shelling today and I shelled them off and on between other chores and errands and a Cygnus ride to check in with the cygnets at Swan Corners (they are growing tail feathers). And word puzzles, which happen mostly in the morning but today I picked at the spelling bee on and off throughout the day and still have two words to go. I did not finish the Pea Prodject today. I saved some for tomorrow.

Up and down the covid escalator

Friday, June 17th, 2022

The cases go down and we unmask. The cases go up and we SUGGEST masks.

Today I read that the cases in Washtenaw County have decreased to the point that we are at a “medium” risk level and people don’t really need to wear masks in indoor spaces any more. Oh dear. I am still wearing masks when I go to indoor places and I am always glad to see staff members who are masking. They don’t all. I will keep masking for the duration. I am fortunate enough to be able to schedule my grocery trips early in the day and limit the time I’m in the store. Plus I am a UScan ninja.

I have various friends who have traveled by plane in recent months. They report that since mask requirements were lifted (whenever that was), most people are NOT masking on planes, including flight attendants. I have a complicated relationship with flying in passenger jets in general. I cannot figger how people can SLEEP on flights. I feel every single goddamn vibration, change of altitude / speed / whatever. I wanna know what’s going on. I love when the pilot announces the beginning of our descent because if they don’t, I can feel it and am wondering. Like are we gonna crash in Lake Michigan 🤣

I would be waaaaay uncomfortable sharing air with unmasked folks on top of my regular flying anxiety, hybrid immunity or not. BTW, if you were on a flight with me, at least pre-covid, you would not know that I was anxious. I am good at “masking” that.

Maybe there’ll be a photooo later or maybe not

Thursday, June 16th, 2022

So everything was fine last evening and I was sitting outside in the “cool” (89) of the evening texting with UKW and… First my wifi announced its demise. That was okay because I could just switch to cell service. And then I heard Gertrude (my stove) having a seizure. Okay. We have a brownout.

When we are on brownout all of the LEDs in my house (I have a LOT) still work so I don’t always notice when we’ve lost power. Gertrude sometimes freaks out and beeps like crazy but not always. When she does, I have to go down into the Landfill Dungeon and cut the circuit breaker. Which I did with the help of my iPhone flashlight.

I put my iPhone on airplane mode to save battery and sat outside watching the faaaarflies for a while before returning to teleCubelandia where I found that the phone charging stand I have there was actually charging my phone. Until the power went completely out. I dozed on the Green Couch for a while until 12:10 AM when the power came back on. Fortunately I had thought to turn off the attic fan while we were on brownout, otherwise its return to life would’ve probably scared me half to death.

I always joke that summer outages during hot weather happen because everybody turns on their central A/C at once. When we first lived here, most people including us didn’t have central air. I think most people have it nowadays. The power company reported an “equipment failure”, which, according to an employee who is also on nextdoor neighbor, was an overheated transformer. I dunno if it did that because of increased load (because of everybody turning on their A/C at once) or what but then I don’t know much about lucky-shucky or its service delivery.

A beautiful little surprise thunderstorm rolled through this morning and I worked the rest of the day with a couple loads of laundry and things in between the cracks.

I have a photooo, a stolen one, but can’t seem to upload it for now. Will try again. Or not… Clearly this is all just filler anyway.

Warning warning! Danger Will Robinson! (Or mom 🤣)

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

The winter storm alerts that nowadays begin three days before the predicted event are bad enough. This week I’ve been listening to constant warnings about today’s predicted weather, which has turned out to be in the low 90s, at least at my house.

Folks, there are vulnerable entities out there that we need to look out for. Pets need water and shade. Babies need a similar set of things as do elderly folks. Homeless people encompass a wide variety of the population and they do not need to be stuck outside.

I am no spring chicken but I do not consider myself elderly and I can handle temperatures in the 90s pretty well although I have been known to kvetch about them. The Landfill was comfortable all day WITHOUT turning on the central A/C. As the afternoon wore on and Mr. Golden Sun headed west, teleCublandia started getting a little too hot for comfort. I did two things: 1) turn on the attic fan and 2) move over to the dining table, which was completely shaded.

When I knocked off work, I decamped to the back yard, where I am completely shaded and there is a healthy breeze. It’s hot but it’s comfortable. I didn’t turn on the A/C and I don’t plan to. Not today anyway. I would if I needed to.

That isn’t to say that there won’t be intolerably hot weather here this summer. We’ve certainly had it before and we’ll get it again.

Summer of 1988 KILLED my BEAUTIFUL flowering crab tree. 90s to low 100s every day for weeks with very little rain. I remember when my then toddler got roseola and her temperature at one point (104) was the same as the outdoor temperature. As crazy as this sounds, we filled our little kiddie pool to help cool her off.

The photo is from, hmmm, 2012 or so, another hot hot hot summer. I got into my Ninja after work at Cubelandia that day and she reported that it was 106 degrees. The photo is an old indoor/outdoor thermometer I had in the Landfill Chitchen. Yes, it was 106 when I got home that day. The issue is, I took this photo a couple days later. The outdoor temps had dropped precipitously and it took me a few minutes of eye-balling that thermometer to realize that if it was under 80 degrees INSIDE, it couldn’t be 106 outside and yes, the thermometer was broken.

Nowadays we are served by a plethora of fancy modern weather devices. The one in the bathroom lies. Its sensors are in direct sunlight during the morning and it will report temperatures in the 60s on sunny single-digit winter days.

I’m sure I’ll be kvetching about heat some time this summer but today was not really that bad.

The only internet-able option

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

Today, that is. There has been a lot of first-world scurrying around on various fronts here but absolutely NONE of it belongs on a blahg, even my obscure little blahg, even though there are humorous aspects to at least some of it.

So, here is a pic of the shaggy-haired guy I have been co-existing with throughout covid. He is not a covid coward like I am and has had a few haircuts throughout. Sometimes during periods of low(er) transmission, sometimes not. He did not bring covid home from a haircut. If anything, it’s likely he brought it home from an OUTDOOR trail encounter with a person who had “cold” symptoms. He and his other half got up close and personal for photos with this person. My opinion? Not a cold. And it wasn’t.

Anyway, he took his ebike downtown yesterday afternoon. Today he posted this weird photo of himself behind this pink frippery or whatever it is. It wasn’t until he posted an “after” photo TODAY that I realized he had probably been at Tina’s barber shop and I DIDN’T NOTICE his haircut when he got home yesterday. Even though I had been thinking he looked a bit scruffy before. Today I guess my eye was drawn to his Bucky Beaver t-shirt.

Before I met the GG, he had waist-length hair. I’ll have to find a pic but not tonight. This was mostly in high school and at least partly through college. He somehow hitch-hiked around the country (at 16) with that hair without getting molested or killed by some pervert. He has some pretty good stories from that. By the time I met him, he was working for a government contractor and had short hair although he has never really lost much of his old hippy/rebel look. In my opinion anyway.