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Great Green North

July 22nd, 2018 by kayak woman

I can’t talk about today’s journey without starting with last night. It was raining cats and dogs at Gaylord and, as I was walking in from the front deck, I was met with this rather incongruous site. Yes, it is a Christmas tree, fully lit up. One of the things The Beautiful Gay and I have in common is our love for year-round twinkly lights. I do not have a place in my house to keep a [fake] xmas tree up year round but TBG keeps one on her back deck and with all the rain we had yesterday, this was a beautiful sight. Know that if this was December, the color outside those windows would be WHITE, not green!

We went out for a wonderful late dinner in Gaylord and then I pretty much crashed. I always sleep well at TBG’s house and this morning we had coffee and a wonderful breakfast on the front deck. I dunno if y’all can get the joke associated with the GG’s coffee mug here. If so, don’t be too hard on him as it is a woman with a great sense of humor who owns the mug.

We spent a loooong time on that deck this morning, solving the problems of the world or at least gossiping about family stuff, aka mostly their beautiful young grandchildren. And then. We got back on the road. I am always nervous about taking a photo from my phone while I am driving. Today was worse than usual because lots of things. Like… Lots of “lorries” on the bridge. I was driving stick. Because of all the “lorries” and related traffic, I had to keep shifting up and down. And then there is The Grate. I drove on The Grate the whole way across the suspension part of the bridge! when you are driving it in the Ninja, you feel like you are slithering around on ice the whole time. Why was I so calm today? I do not know. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Those are my taaaaars on The Grate.)

St. Ignace Family Fare for whatever food we still needed and then we continued on up to Homelandia.


July 21st, 2018 by kayak woman

Today started out with a bit of a slog but afternoon was a gift. After driving up the I75 SUV Speedway through intermittent rain showers this morning, we landed at our sweet sister-in-law’s house in the forest. The GG took off to meet up with his brother on the North Country Trail and I took the day off. I sat on the deck here all afternoon, reading a book and eventually letting my arm get twisted into a glass of whine. Here’s the view.

My s-i-l and I have known each other for a long time. In earlier years I wasn’t sure we had all that much in common but she has turned out to be a pretty good soul mate. We were happy together today even though we didn’t spend a whole lot of time gossiping or whatever. She had Saturday kinds of things to do in her house and I enjoyed hanging out on her deck reading. Lots of heavy rain showers punctuated the afternoon. We neeeeeeed rain here in the Great Lake State. (Click and click again to see the rain.)

On the road again tomorrow but not all that far to go 🧡🧡🧡

What should I read next?

July 20th, 2018 by kayak woman

I finished Circe today. I loved it enough that I can’t decide what’s next. What have y’all read recently? I tend toward stuff that is a wee bit outside the norm. Although I guess I could read the Birch Point Beach Book Club book, “Perfect Match” and maybe even participate in the club. Jodi Picoult is not my fave author but she is a decent writer. And then there is “The Woman in Cabin 10”, apparently another beach book, although not a beach book club book that I know of.

Today was my last day at Cubelandia for a while but I am not on vacay quite yet. I will be working most of next week in the Lyme Lounge on the Shores of Gitchee Gumee. I hope it will not be as hot as it was during my last stint of working there, a few weeks ago. I hope it will not be as cold as it was during my stint there last summer when I was wearing Smartwool socks, a polartech jacket and using a space heater. I think it’ll be somewhere in between. I used to pinch myself that I had a decent job at all. Nowadays I am pinching myself that I have the wondrous Lyme Lounge to work from when I am not working from Cubelandia.

Tonight we deviated from our long-time pattern of walking down to the Oscar Tango for dinner on Friday night. It is art fair and I think we have lived here long enough that we both feel a bit jaded about the art fair. We don’t really need anything more in our house at this point so we could arguably be buying stuff to take to the Kiwanis sale. Instead, we got our weekly dose of porterization over at HOMES Brewery, a PDQ walk from our house. It was crazy and loud over there tonight but it was fun for our last night on The Planet Ann Arbor for a while.

Breaking with ghosts

July 19th, 2018 by kayak woman

I became a bit of a family laughingstock a while back when I said that The King of Cryptic Text Messages had been ghosting me. I meant that he frequently doesn’t reply to text messages and even when he does I can’t always tell what the heck he’s talking about. And then there was the notorious long-ago day when I kept texting him and he was texting me back, except he wasn’t, he was TWITTERING! I was NOT looking at Twitter for replies to my text messages. Jeebus! But nooooo… Mooooom, ghosting is when somebody Breaks Up with you by not responding to a text. For better or for worse, even on the days when we are SCREAMING at each other about polly-ticks or whatever, I know he ain’t gonna break up with me.

But then there’s this whole “breaking with” thing. Since the beginning of the Trumpian Bombasty, I have been reading/hearing about republican folks “breaking with” Trump. Excuse me but I always thought when the news (fake or whatever) reported someone “breaking with” Trump it meant that they were done with Trump forever. Wishful thinking, I guess. As I *think* I have figgered out, all it means is that a republican person disagrees with whatever Word Salad the Orange Baboon has most recently vomited on Twitter or wherever and makes a mild statement pooh-poohing it. But then goes back to enabling him to go on and on (and on and on) with his campaign of self-aggrandizement. How many people were at his inauguration and yada yada. Jeebus. Why not just say so-and-so disagrees with Trump’s latest idiotic statement or action or whatever?

Aside from that, the driveway is not done yet, as you can see. The cement truck wasn’t available today. An old friend of the GG has been visiting us tonight. We took her to Knight’s for dinner and now we are sitting out here in the Landfill back yard watching the faaaarflies and the waxing crescent moon and trying to pretend that there are no moe-skee-toes. But there are and my feet and ankles are itching like crazy. I haven’t actually been bitten, mind you.

Go into the woulds if you want but don’t touch the umbellifers

July 18th, 2018 by kayak woman

Here I sit in the Landfill backyard listening to the banging and beeping of the destructor, which is still deconstructing our loverly driveway. It’s okay, I’m glad the work is getting done.

It was kind of a madhouse when I got home from Cubelandia. The young mooma from down the street was carrying her toddler so he could watch all the activity and heavy equipment from a safe distance. The young woman next door was watering her flowers. That couple is probably less enthused as they are 1) interns who work all kinds of crazy hours 2) recently returned from a trip to China and 3) sleep a couple feet from our driveway. I’m sorry. We needed to get this prodject done.

From the “it-doesn’t-take-much” category FZ and I inadvertently starred in an extremely short one-act play today complete with an audience. Building Moom brought a sympathy card to my cube so I could sign it and pass it on. I passed it on to FZ. I didn’t think I was sneaking up on him. I move like a runaway train. But when I put the card down next to him, he jumped a mile and made a kind of funny noise of surprise! I jumped back a bit and glimpsed the CRD in his office looking totally non-plussed. “That was interesting”, was his comment, spoken in his loverly Russian accent.

In a way this silly little interaction and some others lately mean that I have *finally*, after 10 years, “arrived”. At first I thought the CRD was a misogynist but I soon figured out he can be rude blunt (a better word) to everyone indiscriminately. He is also an extremely talented, valuable member of our team and we all get along with him *anyway* because he is almost always *right*, dang it! I am sure that when I began working there all those years ago he did not expect me to last very long. Baggy Old Bag. What does she know about tech work, yada yada?

Back when I first worked there (and felt a bit intimidated by the CRD) he got to Cubelandia one day to find a coffee mug on his desk with the slogan “Professional Smartass”. Who left it there? For a couple of days he wandered around asking *everyone* if they were responsible. No one would own up to it. Finally… He remembered. He had seen an identical mug on a co-worker’s desk and admired it, “Nice mug.” She replied, “I’ll *get* you one.” And she did. (She worked mostly remotely, which means she wasn’t one of the people he asked about the mug.)

Anyway, the CRD seems to have finally accepted me as someone with at least a rudimentary brain if not one at the higher ends of intelligence.

Driveway destructors were first

July 17th, 2018 by kayak woman

Oh, this is so much fun. But npJane also showed up for whine and that was so much fun too. Orange hearts to all. 🧡🧡🧡

So who will arrive first? npJane? Or the driveway destructors?

July 17th, 2018 by kayak woman

Stay tuned…

Okay. Just after I wrote that, the Driveway Destructors arrived!

Input Masking, aka KW unearths yet another Hidden Feature at Cubelandia 🐽

July 16th, 2018 by kayak woman

So, this’ll be fun. I think. Our driveway has been an absolute disaster forever. This totally cracked up area is probably the worst. And actually it was even worse a year ago before The Pensioner flattened some of those slanted concrete pieces a bit. Can you imagine trying to unload groceries in that narrow space space between the Tree and the Ninja after an ice storm? Years ago I didn’t pay much attention but nowadays I tend to be a bit more careful about where I put my feet.

There are other issues, like the step up to our horrible little concrete porch is a non-standard height. And how water pools at the bottom of that step. And you know what pooled water does in the Great Lake State in winter, roight? Yes, it freezes. And driveway salt doesn’t do much good in that particular spot. It is on the north side of the house where the sun don’t nevahhh shine. And then there is the bottom of the driveway where it inelegantly meets the street in such a way that water pools BIGTIME and, again, what happens when pools of water freeze?

Here is the worst of the worst of the situation between the Tree and the Ninja. Much improved since TP got out there with a sledgehammer or whatever it was.

F-i-n-a-l-l-y, almost a year after our initial pursuit of this prodject, somebody is supposed to come over tomorrow and begin the process of redoing our driveway. I may have been so excited about this that I blahgged about it last fall when we THOUGHT we had someone lined up to do the work then. Alas, that fell through. This summer TP has been chasing somebody for a while and apparently has finally caught up with the guy. So tomorrow when I get back from my battles with input masks and draggable rows over at Cubelandia, my driveway will be forever changed, er, at least until Big Bugs attack Earth. Hopefully for the better.

Will we get rain or not? We were inundated over at Cubelandia today. The Landfill, a mere eight miles away? Not a drop. Severe storm warnings now. Bring it on!


July 15th, 2018 by kayak woman

People (including me) will complain about the heat and humidity that happens during a typical southeast Great Lake State summer. I believe that we need enough of this kind of stuff that we appreciate the day that the snow starts to fly. This isn’t the hottest summer we’ve ever had here. We’ve had two in my experience where it was 90-100 degrees for days on end. But it has been a few years since we’ve had anything approaching sustained heat and I am appreciating this stuff for now. We have a big canopy of trees overhead and a “whole house” fan (which we are using) and central A/C (which we are not using and rarely use). We are surviving.

I did some chores today and a bit of replenishing supplies for the moomincabin. More Utility Beer and more olive oil and a few other things. Why do I not just buy a few big bottles of olive oil every summer. IT GETS USED! But mostly I sat around in the heat and read a book (Circe, if y’all wanna know — enjoying it). I have a shambling mound of stuff to pack going on in the Monster Bedroom and I added to that as I thought of things to take north. It is a lot less stuff than I used to take up there when I was young and the beach urchins were children. Only a couple of bags this time.

Mostly I listened to The Pensioner power-wash just about everything in sight. Kayaks, screen doors, and our loverly garbage/recycle/compost carts. They all needed it. I had thought we might actually GO kayaking down on the Huron today but by the time he finished with his prodjects it was afternoon and hotter than Hades and TP was ready for a shower and a nap and Mouse was on her way over for laundry and dinner.

Midsummer Planet Ann Arbor-ness

July 14th, 2018 by kayak woman

We have been dealing with tech problems all day but we seem to have figured them out.

We were surprised at the farmers market this morning by our mouse, not that we spent a whole lot of time together.

We did chores around the landfill all morning and then walked down to the Griz for lunch. We haven’t been at the Griz for a couple weeks and wanted to make sure our bartender Janel knew that we were still alive. And that we would not be there again for a few weeks.

It was hot and humid today but light rain came through in the late afternoon and that has cooled things off a bit.

I originally had more to say but I think I am done. You’re welcome 🧡

Hoot Doog Bloog

July 13th, 2018 by kayak woman

This weekend…

Unpack from the last week at the moominbeach. No, I didn’t totally unpack yet. Preliminary repack for the next moominbeach sojourn. Re-pack clean laundry to take back “up north”. Get rid of all the OLD stuff in the refrigerator. Jeebus, I opened a “new” bottle of orange juice this morning (that I bought almost two weeks ago) and it was fermented. No thanks. Water for breakfast. (I don’t usually drink coffee on workdays.) Buy supplies to replenish the Beer Refrigerator (loved having all those guys over drinking beer on the moomincabin deck!)

When my beach urchins and I left the moomincabin last Sunday, I said at one point that I wished I were leaving it a little cleaner but that Suzy Homemaker (aka the GG), who was staying on another day or so could take care of some stuff. Sweeping, snagging every last piece of dirty linen to be washed, etc. I can do kitchens and bathrooms standing on my head with one hand tied behind my back so I left those as clean as I possibly could.

Actually it is easier to do the last bit of cleaning at the moomincabin if only one or two people are around. Any more than that and people are arguably in the way unless they can “own” a task that is out of the fray (like hauling chairs up from the beach, which we didn’t do last weekend because it’s still midsummer and we’ll be using those again). *I* was in the way last Sunday. It felt gooooood to be able to do the kitchen and bathroom stuff and load up the laundry and garbage and recycle, etc., and just get the heck outta Dodge. Suzy H is great at sweeping and vacuuming and stuff like that but even if we return to a bit of sand/pine needles/etc., on the floor/rugs, etc. I think we’ll live. But it sounds like he did do some good cleaning up.

At one point during the weekend I caught myself saying something about being the chief cook and bottle washer at the moomincabin. I did occupy that position for a number of years. One of those summers was a Bell’s Oberon summer and I spent a lot of time dredging orange slices out of the necks of beer bottles so I could wash them out. I am always happy to do any cooking and dish processing necessary but I can no longer call myself the chief. The GG takes care of most breakfasts and a lot of the grilling. I tend to try to organize the kinds of staples I think we might need up there, especially when folks are only going to be there for a short time, but our 20/30-somethings are all capable cooks. Like cBear, who whipped up a hoot doog lunch outta the blue last Saturday before the wedding. I didn’t think I was hungry but it was sooooo good.

One last thing. Savor some mid-summer Planet Ann Arbor-ness before we head north again.

Technical difficulties

July 12th, 2018 by kayak woman

Disclaimer 1: This is just a funny rock on the moomincabin deck. It has holes in it and somebody at some point dropped “eyeball” pebbles into those holes. So do not freak out.

Disclaimer 2: We are experiencing technical difficulties with email today (those few of you who ever email me might want to know that). I knew about this stuff because The Guru emailed me and all of his other rag-taggers that there might be issues with email as we get migrated to a newer and faster server. Me? I thought, “Fine! Most of my email is spam anyway…” Er, actually it is *not* “mostly” any more, maybe 50/50, but I delete most of it *anyway*. Floot Loop group? I read if I’m interested or if MMCB2‘s daughter posts. Birders? Sometimes, sometimes not. New Yorker and Wapo? If I don’t read any New Yorker or Wapo articles by end of the day, I delete those emails.

If I really need to talk to a friend or family member, with a few exceptions, I text them and vice versa.

So. I didn’t really care if my email worked for 24 hours or not. When I got home from my current Queen of Error Messages job, the GG was going through all kinds of gyrations trying to figure out how to get his email from his phone. I had failed to send him the Guru’s message. I do not know how many hours he spent trying to figger this thing out. I guess it kept him busy. In the end, I *think* he decided to chill out and wait for things to settle out. That’s what I’m doing. If you email me and it bounces, text me or do a facebook direct message. If you email me and I don’t reply right away, I’ll get it eventually.

G’night, Kayak Woman 🧡

PS. Being the Queen of Error Messages is a lot more fun than you might think. If the LSCHP were still around, I’d probably get an award for doing this thankless (but oddly interesting 🐸) task. He would probably also be trying to design the error messages… We are professionals who have no choice but to move on (i.e., the show must go on) but I still channel the LSCHP 🧡

cuzzints of all degrees

July 11th, 2018 by kayak woman

Lizard Breath posted a lovely instagram from last weekend of all members of the FinFam g4 generation who belong to the Old Cabin and the moomincabin plus our new in-law, The Beautiful Becca. That inspired me to dredge through my old photo albums looking for these photos. My photos are deficient because they do not include our family bridegroom and his sister and certainly not TBB because we didn’t know of her existence back in those days. I thought it might be worth posting them anyway.

In these pics, we have two sets of sisters, my daughters and my brother’s daughters. That makes them first cousins. The two boys are brothers and they are my cousin’s boys, meaning they are second cousins to the girls. The bridegroom and his sister are first cousins to the boys in the pic and second cousins to the girls. (My two are the one on the left and the one wearing the Water Spider costume. I’ll let you figure out which one that is 🐸)

When I talk to Planet Ann Arbor friends (MMCB2 and FZ at work), I struggle to make the stories from the weekend make sense. Cousins and cousins’ kids and elderly parents and who lives where and who flew where and how I ended up driving my cousin’s vee-hickle (with the fob and the start button) down the I75 SUV Speedway on Sunday and WAIT! was it her kid who got married? No, it was her sister’s kid. But they do “get it” because they are also rational people who belong to large, complicated families with wee bits of drama around the edges.

The cuzzints are posing in front of the Old Cabin faaaarplace. One o’ these days, I’ll post a pic of that faaarplace and hearth without a bunch of people in front of it and try to muster up some stories of my early childhood spending summers in the Old Cabin with my [first] cuzzints and their families and with any luck I might dredge a few words outta my soupy brain about why we are still close to each other after all these years. 🧡🧡🧡

Back at Cubelandia

July 10th, 2018 by kayak woman

I don’t have much to say tonight so this is just boring filler. I took this pic last week when I was telecommuting from the Lyme Lounge, which was hanging out immediately outside the moomincabin. I wasn’t initially crazy about its location but we needed to keep the parking area clear for potential wedding activities and I warmed up to the situation, especially when I needed to visit the moomincabin Water Closet in the middle of the night. Yes, we were also sleeping in my office.

It was a cat mask

July 9th, 2018 by kayak woman

All throughout the wedding weekend I was going around saying stuff like, “There was a gorilla mask at my wedding, where is it now?” Well. It turns out that it was a CAT MASK, *not* a gorilla mask. If I had remembered about the mask in time to obtain a similar one, I’d’ve probably have worn one myself, although probably not that one, which, if it still exists, is no doubt buried under piles of cosmic debris down in the Great Grey-Green Greasy Limpopo Landfill Freak-out Chamber.

This was the only photo I could find of the Cat Who Came to My Wedding and darn it all, I had to crop the HECK out of it! Why? Because off to the right, big as life, was a person some of us refer to as Jive David. He is part of ancient history but he does not belong on my blahg. I will say that he played a role in the set of circumstances surrounding why I have a set of caribou antlers in my house despite never having visited caribou country.

I left My Dear Uncle Harry in the photoooo. I have to say that I am not sure he was all that crazy about me when I was a little kid. That’s okay. I was a bratty little thing who could be unkind to other kids and I deserved his skepticism. As we all grow older, I now find myself inadvertently emulating him in many ways, even though we are not blood relatives. A good guy and I love him. For the life of me, I do not know who the little kid is. A couple of our cFam nephews were at the wedding and were about that age but it doesn’t really look like one of them. Hmm… Maybe it is a Piedy? I didn’t do formal invites so I don’t remember who-all showed up.

Bearss was also at my wedding but I’ll post him some other day.

Jeebus, there is a weird noise going on in my house. I sure hope it’s coming from the radio!

Road Warrior

July 8th, 2018 by kayak woman

Well, maybe not so much. I hate snow driving for one thing. But I drive a LOT and today I felt like a warrior! I drove tandem with my two beach urchins. I’m not sure they were really interested in sticking around with me on the road all day. I think I heard somebody say that I might not go 75 (which is the speed limit for most of the way down). In the end, they tolerated me. “Moom, do you want road company because you’re driving an unfamiliar car?” Yes.

The Southbound I75 SUV Speedway is almost always a challenge on a Sunday. If that Sunday happens to follow the 4th of July holiday, you KNOW there will be slowdowns. Our first was at the Big Mac Bridge tollbooths. I have seen worse and we got through them pretty quickly but then there was an unusual slowdown AFTER the tollbooths. Disabled vee-hickle? Yes. Once we got around that, the bridge was fine. The Bridge Authority folks were out there with an arrow to indicate the lane was closed and they are pretty darn quick about helping people out with problems on the bridge. Not a place you generally want traffic to be backed up. No stopping. Move along please. We’ll fix your taaaar or tow you away or whatever.

I won’t document all of the (minor) slowdowns we experienced. We stopped at the 4-Mile Road exit south of Grayling to get gas and I checked the traffic from there and we all agreed that we would take the Cheese Route in order to avoid what looked like a monstrous mess in the Standish area. (Mouse, if you are reading this, did Squeaky see the Cheese Mouse???) We got back onto the I75 SUV Speedway down by the Mordor area and things were pretty okay for a while except for a bit of a slowdown across the Zilwaukee Bridge.

And then. We got north of Flint (yes, *that* Flint) and I didn’t thoroughly process what the highway sign said but it was something about, “if you are going to Detroit, take the 475 bypass.” One of the beach urchins was indeed going to Detroit and actually the bypass works for Ann Arborites too, it’s just a wee bit out of the way. So. I can’t really use my phone while driving (plus it’s illegal, at least to text) but I was in the lead at that point and I took a great leap of faith and put my right turn signal on, intending to lead us *all* off of I75 proper onto the 475 bypass.

It worked. Both Honda Civics followed me, Ruby and then Daisy. Whew! I knew that Ruby’s driver understood what we were doing but I couldn’t remember if Daisy’s driver had ever used this route so eventually I, with GREAT DIFFICULTY, CALLED Ruby and asked her to pass me so that Daisy would (hopefully) get the hint to follow me, since following Ruby would take Daisy to Detroit, where she did NOT want to go, at least not today. And it worked! And we are all home safe now.

Note to self: next vee-hickle MUST have a better way to communicate with family driving other vee-hickles without having to use a physical phone.

Oh yeah, unfamiliar vee-hickle? Yes, I was driving npJane’s LOVERLY blue VW Gulf! Some people are nervous about driving stick (I am not) but this vee-hickle is an automatic. I was nervous about new vocabulary (to me) like “fob” and “start button”. As it turned out, it was a fine little vee-hickle to drive, zippy when I needed it to be. I love driving the Ninja but I felt less taaared driving this cute little car and it hit me that, as much as I love to drive stick, it is probably more tiring on a five hour drive with multiple rounds of stop-and-go traffic than an automatic. And I now have it “parked in” in the Landfill Driveway and maybe I will hide the fob so npJane will have to fight me to get her vee-hickle back 😉

Why was I driving my cuzzint’s vee-hickle? Without going into too much detail, this wedding happened by force of the love between two people but it was helped along by various Herculean efforts to make sure people who needed to be at the wedding got there. npJane was planning to pick up her niece and significant other at Metro and drive them to the wedding. She picked them up at Metro but then loaned them her car and took a FLIGHT to Seattle to take care of the bridegroom’s dad (recovering from successful surgery) so that the bridegroom’s MOM (npJane’s sister) could fly out to our family beach to be at the wedding. The niece/SO who drove the car up are flying out from Cananananada so weren’t able to drive the VW back to The Planet Ann Arbor. (don’t even ask about rental vee-hickles.) Enter KW. I will drive your car back home. 🧡🧡🧡

I have turned into a Wedding Crier. I even do it at weddings where I don’t know the people very well. I didn’t end up crying at yesterday’s wedding but I did tear up a bit today, driving down through the back roads of the yooperland, listening to 60s music on npJane’s Satty-lite radio, thinking about what a good family I was born into. But then I got onto the dern freeway, heading back down to the Planet Ann Arbor and my job and my parched impatiens and I took on my Road Warrior persona and left my tears behind. For now.

Beach wedding

July 7th, 2018 by kayak woman

I can’t remember when we had this many male folks on the moomincabin deck. Usually it’s the GG and cBear and a buncha women. Our bridegroom used our cabin to get dressed (and I didn’t even recognize our bridegroom after he emerged from the depths in his suit). All of these guys congregated on our deck at this point and when they discovered that we had a Beer Refrigerator set up on the deck, they stayed around until the wedding started. It was soooo much fun.

And then, at one point, I was hanging out in the Lyme Lounge looking for a gorilla on my MacBook Pro and I heard somebody say, “Hey, there’s wifi here!” And I yelled out “Yes!” And then, “and it’s unsecured!” and I said, “YES! Use it!” The Lyme Lounge is my office but I SHARE! Anyway. I eventually changed outta the gray skirt I’ve been wearing all week into “wedding guest” clothing. I wasn’t wearing fancy clothing but I knew it would be okay given that one o’ my fave cuzzints was wearing his blue jean overhauls and, y’know, my attire was fine. And so this is what a Beach Wedding looks like as people are gathering.

And here are various bare feet and you can’t really tell from the pic but the person to the immediate left of me is KNITTING at the wedding and using my The Commander’s basket to hold her yarn ball.

And here is our family bridegroom and his beautiful bride exchanging poems and readings and vows. I love the color of her dress. And a gratuitous shot of Pooh’s hat.

Domestic stuff

July 6th, 2018 by kayak woman

I could’ve worked today but I succumbed to domestic duties. It was all okay. I needed that kind of activity today. Grokkery store in the morning and various kitchen chores thereafter with lunch at Pickles in between it all. This is about all I have for today. I also like when my adult kids and niece help cook but today I needed to be in the chichen alone. It’s late and I am pretty taaaared. Love y’all, KW.

Michigan Man

July 5th, 2018 by kayak woman

There is a Florida Man twitter handle, you know, “Florida Man Loses Arm In Explosion While Making Homemade Faaaaarworks” or “Naked Florida Man Gets Stuck On Top of Open Drawbridge”. We have our own version of Florida Man in the fam, although his activities are less flamboyant than hanging naked at the top of a drawbridge. But y’know, every state has its own version of Florida Man. I am currently reading a book of short stories by E. Annie Proulx and they are set in Wyoming and I don’t think Wyoming Man is a twitter handle yet but…

We have Michigan Man here, and here he is electrifying moe-skee-toes outta the Lyme Lounge at whatever the heck time we retaaaarrred for the night last night. It was later than my usual bedtime but not terribly late, like 10:30-ish. It was a little crazy because… 1) He was counting the carcasses as he dropped them into the sink (they are still there), and 2) we were not all that quiet so the Beach Urchins were shushing us, even though I don’t think *anyone* in the immediate vicinity was bothered by our 10 minutes of noise. After which I CRASHED OUT!

Yesterday some of the younger generation of folks staying at the Old Cabin were wondering where to get sparklers. Multiple people said, “Go over and ask Bill.” Yes, the GG would have sparklers if anyone did. And yes, he did. Multiple packages of them and some snakes and, uh, some stuff we won’t talk about.

So the younger generation did sparklers down on the beach and we watched some of the faaarworks over in Bay Mills and the moe-skee-toes just about ate us alive before we finally gave it up.

Are you putting ethanol gas in your bote motor?

July 4th, 2018 by kayak woman

It’s late so I’ll do a re-run of an old photoooo. This is me and seven of my Fin grandparents’ 11 grandchildren assembling behind the Old Cabin garage for a 4th of July parade up and down the Cabin Road. The original plan was for us to parade on the beach but that particular 4th of July was too cold and windy to be on the beach much, although I would bet cold hard cash that some of us cuzzints went swimming *anyway*.

I am the kid freezing in the hula outfit. I think The Commander tried to talk me out of that costume. It’s too cold… What about this other costume… yada yada… I was not to be deterred. My MacMu grandparents had picked up my lei and grass skirt in Hawaii on their trip around the world. That costume was one of my prized possessions and I yearned to be a beautiful hula dancer.

So, this is eight of us 11 cousins. Missing are the Beautiful Jan, who was probably busy with other things, npJane, who was not yet born, and my little brother Jim… Now, Jim had a wondrous costume — a paper bag car. Unfortunately, The Commander had somehow screwed up the tail lights. The costume was a no-go and he was too unhappy to participate in the parade or the picture.

After a couple years’ of missing it, we were able to attend the annual Piedy 4th of July party/potluck over at Dashie’s. It was another scorcher of a day and we drove lasagne over there in the Motor Bote. The Motor Bote runs just fine now that the GG has figgered out that small engines don’t run very well on gas with ethanol in it. Who knew? And he used to work at the EPA…

Okay, gooooood niiiiight. Our two beach urchins are here with us and walking the beach. All but one of the second cousins are next door and we are expecting Pengo and cBear tomorrow. And now I am being called down to the beach. Seeya in the next episode.