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Hurricane territory

September 17th, 2018 by kayak woman

Stealing a photooo one of my beach urchins sent me today, I hope it’s okay with her. At least it wasn’t an “incriminating” one featuring actual people (those photos are up to her to post). It’s just a [beautiful] beach. Guess where this beach is? It is Myrtle Beach. South Carolina, roight? I’ve never been there. I have walked the beach on Assateague Island, not sure if we were in Maryland or Virginia, the island spans both states. I was wearing a long down coat I bought in the Jurassic Age – think beige and PUFFY! – and listening to a cassette tape of some beautiful Celtic music. It was by a woman whose name and instrument I can’t quiiiiite remember at the moment but I was getting teary-eyed missing my own northern beach, which would’ve been snow and ice-covered at that time of year. That would be a story for another day though.

This was a long-planned trip and although Florence didn’t totally derail it, she morphed it somewhat and the beach urchin and friend landed, as was long planned, in Myrtle Beach but are driving a long way inland to a different destination where I’m guessing the utility grid is more stable. Yesterday when we were driving down from Hoton Lake to The Planet Ann Arbor, we stopped at Freeway Fritz for gas and my iPhone proclaimed flash flood alerts for NC, including the area they would be traveling to. I am a mooma duck but, because my children are independent successful adults, I sat on my hands so as not to text her to “alert” her about that potential. I know she and her friends are much more on top of the situation than I am with my silly little weather app alerts and lack of comprehensive knowledge about NC geography, etc.

Being from the moominbeach, I of course noticed the taaaarrr tracks on the beach in the photo. I dunno what the rules are about driving vee-hickles on that beach so I will pass no judgment about that here. It did make me remember when, on occasion, taaaarrr tracks were observed on the moominbeach. Taaaarrr tracks always stirred up a Big Flap and various people would react with horror and disgust. Radical Betty would be snorting smoke out of her nose and flapping her tail this way and that.

Oh, man.

September 16th, 2018 by kayak woman

I don’t have a lot to say tonight. We are back on The Planet Ann Arbor after a gorgeous weekend at the Hoton Lake group home. We took the Pontoon Bote out of the lake this afternoon and after that, the GG and I headed home. I went on the bote ride over to where we were taking it out of the lake and I was annoyed that The Beautiful Gay was able to have a glass of whine. I could not because I knew I had to drive the Ninja the whole way home from the boat launch to the Planet Ann Arbor.

We debated taking the Lansing Route. In the end, we drove down on US27 to Clare, then over to Bay City on 10 and down on the I75 SUV Speedway.

Not sure what’s next or whether I’ll have to take a wee bit of family leave or maybe just be solo here while others take care of issues. I am on the edge of helping with this. We’ll have to see what happens.

In our underwear

September 15th, 2018 by kayak woman

There’s a lot I could say about today. It was a gorgeous end-of-summer day here at Hoton Lake and there was plenty of time spent on the Pontoon Bote. The few parts of my body that weren’t well covered up got good and burned but it’s the kind of burn that will turn to tan and my face, which does not EVER tan, was well covered.

I took a fair number of photos today and some of them were better than this one, which is waaaaaay apped to the point of surrealistic color. I did that because I had to grab my phone quickly to get a photo (I did a burst) in low light of the Twinz of Terror cutting the Hoton Lake lawn in their underwear. Actually I am not sure that the Uncly Uncle is truly wearing undies but the GG definitely is. And they have holes in them to boot.

Before the GG retaaaaared, I discussed with him how I did not want long hair, excessive facial hair, or finding him hanging out in his underwear. I know these things are really the GG’s choice and not mine but I needed to express my opinion. Long hair didn’t happen. I lived with what *I* considered excessive facial hair for a while but that eventually went away. Undies? Hmmmm.

Once, not long after his retaaaaaarment, I encountered a wee bit of drama when I came home from work. It was summer and one of the beach urchins was temporarily living in the Lyme Lounge (in our driveway) while her apartment was undergoing renovation. The issue? “Moom, DAAAD is working in the front yard in his underwear!” Indeed, he was.

As much as I did not want the GG walking around the front yard in a thin pair of undies that didn’t do a whole lot to disguise his, well you know what, I was kind of cracking up when I confronted him. His response? “She ratted me out.” Meaning the beach urchin, who was quick to say that *she* didn’t want him out there in that kind of attire any more than I did.

Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending

September 14th, 2018 by kayak woman

So, if you are one of my nine(?) Reglear Nucular Taggers, you may have come to know that I recently had a wee bit of a moisture problem with my trusty old laptop and had to get it fixed and it is now clean and beauteous and works like a charm.

This afternoon… We got to Hoton Lake and I could see that there were bottles containing adult beverages hanging about so I decided to get a glass, er make that a plastic cup, of whine and take it out to my freak-out chamber aka the Lyme Lounge where I could work on my blahg in peace. There’s been some weird I-couldn’t-make-this-stuff-up kind of cFam stuff going on the last couple days and I knew that 1) the GG and the Lady of Linden needed to talk and 2) they didn’t need my input. I can hear them talking (in the cabin) but I can’t hear the words, which is probably a good thing.

Anyway, I grabbed what I thought was a sturdy plastic cup and a bottle of whine and headed out to the Lyme Lounge. And then. When I poured some of the whine into the cup, it immediately began streaming out the bottom onto the table RIGHT NEXT TO MY NEWLY REPAIRED LAPTOP! The cup had a blasted HOLE in it! SOMEHOW, I managed to get the cup outside the trailer WITHOUT getting ANY LIQUID on my laptop!!! There is a big spot on my skirt but my skirt is red so it isn’t all that visible.

I set the cup outside and headed into the cabin to get another cup. Apparently I looked quite determined because the Lady of Linden asked me if something was wrong. Well, yes, but it is a first-world problem. Except that, when I started to explain what had happened, the GG (who took care of getting the recent repair done) made a face like he had been electrocuted. IT’S OKAY! NOT A DROP OF WHINE TOUCHED THE LAPTOP!!! !!! !!!

This quick-and-dirty pic shows our setup here. On the left is the cFam cabin, I mean the rebuilt cabin, not the moldy old one. On the right is the Lyme Lounge, where we are sleeping for the weekend (it’s okay, we like to sleep in the Lyme Lounge) with the Ninja tucked in behind it. That’s the neighbors’ cabin behind the Lyme Lounge and Ninja. And behind the photographer what you can’t see is the lake, dock, and Pontoon Bote.


September 13th, 2018 by kayak woman

Isn’t this keyboard loverly? No blood, sweat, or tears. Or even mundane dust particles (which are probably composed in part of blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention flakes of human skin). DNA is everywhere (but you can’t use it like a drug, hahaha, 🐽🐽🐽).

In the end, I paid $333 (oh yeah, plus a diagnostic fee so really more like $400) to fix my ailing humidity/dirt-challenged MacBook Pro. We bypassed the Apple Genius bar and took it to an ancient local business that sells and services Apple stuff – computers at least, not sure about phones. My experiences with the Geniuses at the Bar are mixed and I am glad to give some cash to a local business. Once when I took a previous MacBook Pro in (to the Genius Bar) to get keyboard issues fixed, they freaked out that they found blood. I mean… In the first place, I’m sure it was traces of dried blood. Anyone who owns a laptop has probably bled on it. And are they not wearing blue glubs? I was not impressed. This is my laptop and it resides in my house (or wherever I am) and there WILL be times when a drop of blood (or two) will make its way into my keyboard. That’s life and I am sure you guys have the tools to deal with dried out specks of somebody else’s blood. If it is a large amount of blood, a forensic team might be required to deal with it and they DOOOOOOOO have blue glubs and hazmat suits and whatever they need.

We never figgered out exactly what was wrong this time. It was definitely moisture related but there was no catastrophic event. Maybe it truly was humidity and maybe that issue gets worse as a laptop gets older and the keyboard gets dirtier. I dunno. To make matters worse, we tried to dry out the keyboard with an incandescent lamp. Unfortunately, while no one was watching, the lamp slid down close enough to the keyboard to sorta melt the space bar a bit. I mean, I saw how close the lamp was to the keyboard but I thought it was there on purpose. I guess not.

Glad I didn’t have to buy a new laptop in any case. What a pain that would’ve been. BTW, that dish towel underneath my laptop is there to absorb small drops of water that might be on the counter before they f*ck up the laptop. That has also happened to me.

Oh man, the GG is on the phone with Ed in Fla and I know Ed will never move up here (and we won’t move to Fla) but I sure wish he lived closer to us. Or that there was an apparation app. 🧡🧡🧡


September 12th, 2018 by kayak woman

Ups and downs of the week. Getting into my loverly Ninja on Monday morning and noticing the frickin’ taaaar light was on. Not wanting to deal with a flat like the last time the taaar light went on, I went back home to switch vee-hickles. Alas, the keys to the Frog Hopper were NOT in the basket so I had to dredge the GG outta bed to get me keys. Not a particularly good start to the week. As it turned out, the taaars were okay, no nail like the last time.

We won’t talk about today. Suffice it to say that I can manage to do without my iPhone for a few hours but it isn’t easy.

At the end of it all, I FB connected with a MacMu cousin. One that The Commander certainly knew but I didn’t 🧡🧡🧡

On the other side

September 11th, 2018 by kayak woman

I met up with Amazon Woman yesterday for our first meeting since I dunno when. Without going through all the details, her mom died. This was sad but not unexpected as hospice was involved. Been there done that.

We talked a bit about life after parents die and she kept looking up toward the sky to talk to her mom. Sometimes laughing or sometimes pointing a fist. I get this.

When I was hanging out in the Moomincabin last week, I found this little scrap of garbage information hanging up on the cupboard next to the stove. It is in The Commander’s handwriting. I have no clue when she wrote this but we still do at least some of the garbage per her instructions. Green bags were not available at that time. They are so cool and I bet The Commander would have used them if she were around now.

I don’t really ever look into the sky to talk to my mother but when I see notes like this, it’s kind of the same thing.

Giraffe keyboarding

September 10th, 2018 by kayak woman

So sometime this summer some sort of water event began my loverly MacBook’s slide into disfunctionality. As I have said before, I don’t remember a specific water event but I was also not being very careful about putting my computer in a safe dry place. And then there was the lamp/space bar thing. So…

For the moment, I won’t tell you whether I’m gonna buy a new computer or not. I don’t really wanna buy a new one but not sure what I’ll end up doing.

For the moment I am using an old keyboard. I think it is the keyboard that was attached to Lizard Breath’s college freshman computer. It was a fancy new iMac in those days and I remember it was coming from China and we were at Hoton Lake and then all of a sudden it was in Ann Arbor. We drove over to fedex to pick it up. Little did I know I would be working in that area in a few years.

We’ll see if I have to get a new computer or not. If I do, no problem. If not, I’ll just keep moving on.


September 9th, 2018 by kayak woman

EOS = End of Summer, at least for us at the moomincabin. So people have questions about the moomincabin and Hoton Lake too, for that matter. Here are some answers.

If you live in the Great Lake State, you are familiar with the term “going up north” or some variation of that. Some people escape the hustle and bustle of life in SE Lower Michigan by going “up north”. Going up north can mean staying at a fancy resort or a rustic cabin or a campground. A lot of us own our own “cabin” or “cottage” (I prefer the term “cabin” but that’s what I grew up with, in the beginning, literally a log cabin.)

The GG and I confuse people because we actually have two cabins to visit. This is not because we are filthy rich or because we are greedy. We are neither. We are BLESSED to have ancestors who bought vacation property waaaaay back when (early 1920s for my fam) and we share each property with family members. Well maybe we are greedy since we continue to keep up both pieces of property.

Hoton Lake is three hours from here on the biggest inland lake in Michigan and is (nowadays) a modern house that we don’t have to shut down for the long winter so I won’t talk about that tonight. The moomincabin is more like five hours north. It’s on the upper St. Marys River looking out into Lake Superior and we have Big Water around there.

We have to close the moomincabin for the winter. The moomincabin is open underneath and that is where the pipes are so they would freeze and break if we didn’t empty all of the water from the system and pour antifreeze into it and whatever it is that the GG does. He does most of this stuff. I have done it before (with The Commander) but it would take a long nervous time for me to do it alone. I am a pattern person, not a story problem person. (That’s a reference to a convo I had with my engineer brother back in the Jurassic Age. Go figger.)

We could close the moomincabin later in the season, early October maybe? The problem is that we are five hours away. If we were even two hours away and an October snowstorm was predicted, we could shoot up there in short order and close the place. That doesn’t work all that well from five hours away. Sorry…

Among the other stuff that we do when we close the moomincabin is remove every single bit of food, perishable or not, from the refrigerator and shelves. That’s my job. Oh man it can be a mess. How the heck are we gonna fit all these bags of food in the Frog Hopper and then there’s the hour or so I spend at the other end when we finally land on The Planet Ann Arbor and I have to fit all of the leftover food into my own chitchen. And then there’s the laundry but we’ll go there some other day.

As is usual after we turned off our water, I used my Dear Uncle Harry’s outhouse before we left.

A wrap on a beautiful moominbeach summer.

Last Motor Bote ride for the year

September 8th, 2018 by kayak woman

At least in the Yooperland, that is. I am still hoping for a Pontoon Bote ride at Hoton Lake. We’ll just have to see what happens. The wind is coming out of the north today. A rare direction at least in the summer and always brings a chill to the air although it is hot in the sun here on the bank.

I don’t have much else to say about today. We have to leave tomorrow so in between chores and packing (how many bottles of ketchup can be collected over a summer?) I have been on the beach.

So our Bote ride? We almost made it to Cananada but I didn’t like the waves so we turned back. Oh, we wouldn’t have landed. Jeebus, we know better that. A billion times during our ride I warned the GG that we were in Rock Territory (even though he knows the bay well enough to know where the rocks are). I’m sorry, I am a well trained Rock Watcher. Twice we were in actual danger of hitting a rock and one of those times we did scrape one.


September 7th, 2018 by kayak woman

This morning I put the rainbow sunglasses away for the summer, except for the yellows, which are my favorites because I can see my phone through them. Oh, don’t be judgmental, I *read* on my phone. Wouldn’t you know, I was wearing the yellows on the beach this afternoon when C*Q*L snuck up on me. She noticed the color and OF COURSE I had to go get the rest of the sunnies. I guess summer is truly not over until it’s over and I guess I was pushing it just a bit.

And then we porterized ourselves for dinner and beyond. So much fun! And g’night.

Ariel’s aerials

September 6th, 2018 by kayak woman

Until yesterday, the only aerial photos of the moominbeach that I possessed were a couple of scans from the Sherman archives, taken by my dad’s old buddy Pete Sherman from the passenger seat of the Cessna my dad used to rent (by the hour) from his old buddy Sandy Sanderson. That was in the 1960s.

My friends, yesterday that changed. Droney and his (I *think* Droney is male) handlers visited and when the wind calmed down a bit, Droney took a little flight. Here is the Moomincabin from above.

He did a little shoreline survey in a couple directions.

Here is yer fave blahgger taking a pic of Droney taking a pic of meeeee. Gratuitous shot of C*Q*L and bff.

And here is a pic of Droney, taken by meeee, as he was taking a pic of meee.


September 5th, 2018 by kayak woman

I have officially declared my MacBook Pro keyboard to be hosed. I suspect moisture is involved. I do not think it is simply humidity related but I don’t remember a catastrophic incident like the time I accidentally tipped a wine glass over onto a keyboard. This time, functionality has been deteriorating since the last time I was up here at the moomincabin. All I can say is that my laptop sat out and often open and anyone (including me) could easily have dribbled water or juice or coffee or beer or whine or ‘hattan into it at any time and not noticed. The GG set up this lamp tonight hoping to dry it out. I appreciate his help but I am skeptical and suspect a trip to the Apple store is in my future. (There are no Apple stores in the UP. I thought maybe Marquette? But no. Nothing north of Lansing or Grand Rapids. It’s okay. That was just idle curiosity and I can wait until I get back to the Planet Ann Arbor.)

For now I am reduced (or maybe elevated) to blahgging from my iPhone. This is a lot easier than it used to be because uploading photos is a lot simpler than it used to be.

At any rate, we met up with my BFF Sam and jcb (aka The Guru) at Clyde’s for lunch today. Following their lead, I had my first ever bison burger. It was loverly and a little less messy than the hamburger I had two days ago although I can’t tell you how many napkins I used because I lost count. After Clyde’s, we all decamped to the moomincabin, where we spent the afternoon on the deck, entertained by C*Q*L after her school got out. Dinner and a beautiful sunset followed and our friends hit the highway back to their own yooperland cabin.

G’night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. —KW

A quiet kind of beauty

September 4th, 2018 by kayak woman

I have been to the Paradise/Tahquamenon area a lot of times in recent years but I can’t remember the last time I went to Whitefish Point. Today was the day, never mind that it rained cats and dogs just about the entire day and we were sloshing through big lakes in the Whitefish Point parking lot. Aside from short hooded raincoats we weren’t really dressed adequately for rain so we didn’t venture very far along the beach.

I had read on Facebook that the road to Vermillion had recently been graded so as to better accommodate visitors so we had a tentative plan to head over there too. Although the Frog Hopper would probably have been fine on that road, it was raining so hard we bagged that part of the trip, instead taking a shorter trip to the Shelldrake Dam public access, which is in the pic. Photo ops were not good today because every time I opened the car window a whole bunch of water came in but this one ended up being publishable and I actually like it a lot. Shelldrake is a ghost town by the way and was once a thriving metropolis by yooperland standards. Today I believe most folks living in the area (at least those near the dam) are off the grid and I do not mean just the internet although we certainly didn’t have service.

Lunch? An odyssey albeit a pleasant one. Did *not* want to go over to the brewery at Tahq, not because we don’t like it, just didn’t want to drive over there. Silver Creek Saloon was closed. Lumberjack Tavern (Strongs) was closed. Plan C was to drive up Salt Point Road back to the Curley Lewis and over to the res where I knew Pickles would be open. Salt Point Road was beautiful and Pickles was indeed open. Soup and deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese bites hit the spot and you are right, I am not a fan of orange cheese mac ‘n’ cheese but these things were *good*!

Finally the sun is making a minor appearance and the GG and C*Q*L are taking a bit of a motor bote ride.

Cheers, KW

Lazy Dazy

September 3rd, 2018 by kayak woman

I don’t have too much to say. This morning we went to Meijer for a few groceries. I am loving the new Sault Ste. Siberia Meijer even as I miss the old Glen’s.

After Meijer, we meandered through Sault Ste. Siberia on down to Clyde’s drive in for lunch and then moseyed along down a whole bunch of roads along the lower St. Marys River, nosing in to places that felt a bit like Deliverance.

We were in the Barbeau area but we never quite got to Barbeau. We drove over the Charlotte River and out to 12 mile point and then we took 12 mile road overland and zigzagged back to the moominbeach.

This was exactly what I wanted to do today and every time the GG put on the left blinker I thought, “YES”.

You’re welcome!

September 2nd, 2018 by kayak woman

Yes, you got a break from me yesterday! You’re welcome! We were just haannnnging around here at Hoton Lake, gabbling away with cFam relatives, solving all of the world’s family’s actually nobody’s problems.

Breakfast at Little Boots Diner, groceries at Best Choice, a little slugging around, then back out for more groceries at Best Choice and a trip over to check out the Reedsburg Dam. They are drawing down the flooding there in preparation for repairs and improvements. We’ll be sure to check back on all of that.

Still no Pontoon Bote rides. Rain and wind most of yesterday. Today would be perfect as long as the predicted storms hold off but we have rather reluctantly decided to move on north to avoid the whole bridge walk mess that happens tomorrow. Sayonara and seeya at the beach!

In my Freakout Chamber

August 31st, 2018 by kayak woman

Okay, how many times have I been at HL this summer? Not too many. Sometime in June, maybe? A day or so before the 4th of July. And that’s about it. I have not been on the pontoon bote ALL SUMMER! Every time I’ve been here all summer, the weather has been, well, not pontoon-able. Not that the bote couldn’t handle the weather, just that who wants to be out in the middle of Houghton Lake on a pontoon bote in rain and wind?

We are here for the whole Labor Day weekend! Yay! We may leave Monday or we may leave Tuesday. We haven’t decided yet. The Mackinac Bridge is closed Monday morning for the annual bridge walk so if we drive up Monday, it’ll have to be later in the day. We could always meander up the left coast through Petoskey, etc.

We’ll see… On the way up today, we were contemplating an evening bote cruise over to the tiki bar. As it turned out, the traffic was pretty awful so we took not-very-friendly detours and then the GG decided he needed to mow the lawn when we got here. And that took a while. So by the time he was done with that, the idea of taking the cover off the bote and figgering out if it had enough gasoline in it, not to mention that it was a bit windy, was enough for us to decide to drive over instead.

As it turned out, the tiki bar was slammed. We got a seat at the bar *inside* and it still took at least an hour for our food to come. We love the North Shore Bar and we know that it (and its tiny kitchen) is not really prepared for holiday weekend crowds. We were patient and eventually we got served. I loved that the cover band outside by the tiki bar played the title track from Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” [YouTube and starts with an ad] and until the singer started singing, I didn’t even realize it was a cover band. I love Pink Floyd and I think I remember The Comm once commenting that she liked “that music”.

Anyway, we are here at Houghton Lake and I am in my Freakout Chamber listening to children swimming a couple of cabins down the shore. I am happy that I am not tasked with lifeguard duty, although if the fun-sounding squeals turn scary, I will be in the water PDQ.

Love y’all and g’night.

I wish I had a before pic

August 30th, 2018 by kayak woman

I guess I have not walked Main Street all summer because I am sure that the last time I did, this behemoth was a few nice little storefronts topped by, well, I can’t remember what but maybe something more akin to the buildings on either side of it. We were walking past the Ark last night and I looked across the street and… What the heck? I’m gonna guess that more nice little storefronts will occupy the bottom floor. What’s above them? Offices? Fancy condos? Where will those people park? How much will those spaces (office or condos or whatever?) cost? Is this progress? I’m not so sure.

I’m trying to decide if I am a Nimby* or whatever. I am not against new development per se. But sometime back in not-so-distant history, our fair city approved some zoning requirements that I do not think have served us well. Don’t ask me for the details because I definitely don’t understand the intricacies of zoning stuff. If I WORKED for the city on zoning codes, I would become an zoning encyclopedia but I don’t, so… Anyway, someone sometime decided that we could top off our downtown buildings at 14 stories. Guess what? We know now have about a gazillion 14-story buildings down there, residential units for [rich] college students and up-and-coming Young Professionals. I don’t understand why people would want to live in these places. I guess I have never been able to describe myself as up-and-coming but I have always wanted to have a nice backyard with trees, etc. That was not some kind of pipe dream. It was what I grew up with and I knew that I needed that kind of scenario in my “adult house”, the one I wanted to raise children in. Somehow we managed to afford a [small] house on The Garden Planet Ann Arbor, one that backed up to a woods. I loved it when I first saw it and I still do all these years later. (And yes, I know that the building in the pic is nowhere near 14 stories.)

In happier news, we at Cubelandia were informed that our beloved LSCHP has landed a wonderful new job. He was a great person to work for and we are all so happy for him!🧡

Oh, and the triplet who was stuck in the yooperland last night got his vee-hickle back together and working. He is now at uMich and his vee-hickle is in our driveway for a while, which is fine with me 🧡.

Basking at the Landfill on yet another penultimate summer evening. Prior to one last summertime cruise to the north country.

*I guess I am definitely a Nimby when I see newcomers to the moominbeach cutting down big old red pines with wild abandon. But they are neighbors and children of friends and I will do my best to ignore this attempt (in my eyes) to “suburbanize” the moominbeach. When you sit on “my” deck up there, you see greeeeeeen everywhere, except for the beautiful red deck and multicolored Commander memorial impatiens.

This summer, Anne Arbour

August 29th, 2018 by kayak woman

A wonderful evening featuring dinner at our fave Grizzly Peak, followed by a little walk up and down a couple blocks of Main Street. With cousins! npJane, Cap’n *Queen* Leila (newly arrived from a summer in Good Old Floriduh, red tide and all), and C*Q*L’s mom. Did I mention that C*Q*L’s brother is starting his freshman year at Umich tomorrow. If. He. Gets. Down here by noon, which is his move-in time. Currently he and his friends are up in the yooperland working on his automotive vee-hickle, which is in about a gazillion pieces. Did I mention that C*Q*L’s sisters have already been delivered to their colleges, where they are also beginning their freshman year? Yes, C*Q*L’s siblings are triplets. Can you imagine sending triplets off to college in three different locations? I cannot. Their mom (my 1st cuz once removed) is managing it all with aplomb.

Lemme see… Way more years ago than I am strong enough to count, we took our oldest beach urchin over to college for her freshman year. I remember cooking a bunch of breakfast type stuff the night before so we could simply heat things up in the morning. Guess what? In the morning? NO ONE COULD EAT ANYTHING!

Upon arriving at Kzoo College, we found that we had to schlep all of her stuff up something like four flights of stairs. We *could* have enlisted the help of various student athletes but nooooooo, we were tough, we could do it ourselves. Jeebus. For whatever reason, the GG was all roto that day (don’t you need to go get your ID and/or do this or that or this other thing). The beach urchin finally pulled me aside and stage whispered something like, “Can you get dad to settle down?” I’m not sure I did. He was acting like he does when he is under the stress of a major life change and I was kind of “underwater”, as I (usually) get under those same conditions. Yes, really.

At the end of that day, when we got back to the Landfill, I had to go and manage some YAG auditions. I left the GG sitting in the beach urchin’s old room with a ‘hattan. Shell-shocked? I dunno. In truth, I was also very nervous about leaving my child at college. I was somehow thinking she was still the shy(?) little *4-year-old* kid I left at kindergarten all those years ago. The 4-year-old kindergartner who did just fine despite her teacher’s initial “horror” at her young age and small size. The 17-year-old college freshman was absolutely fine at college and has grown into a wonderful well-adjusted adult and responsible citizen of our country and planet.

Oh yeah, we may not have been able to eat the wondrous breakfast I had pre-cooked that morning but we did end up eating a late breakfast in the college cafeteria with all of the other Planet Ann Arbor parents who were also dropping their kids off there, all friends of our kid. We were all pretty relaxed by that time.

cooling down…

August 28th, 2018 by kayak woman

I have been blissfully spacified since last Thursday. Today I came home and the blasted AIR CONDITIONING was on!!! Reason? The GG (who arrived home from Kneff Lake today, it’s near Grayling and there may have been a cougar there) was home and wanted me to “cool down”. Do I really need to remind him that I spent the day in an air-conditioned building and automotive vee-hickle? Me hot? Not. And it is not REALLY that hot outside. 89 degrees? Yeah, they’re telling us the heat index is closer to 100 but I don’t believe it. It’s too windy. Anyway, y’all know what’s just around the corner, roight? Here in the Great Lake State, we gotta soak up the heat while we can.

The quarters in the first pic represent one of my most important tasks before we travel to the moomincabin for our big summer trip. I can get by without doing laundry for a week (although I do wash out underwear by hand if I need to (TMI?)) but two or three usually requires a trip or two to the laundromat. I have been wanting to install laundry facilities at the cabin for a few years now but we don’t quiiiiite have plumbing or lucky-shuckial facilities available, so I schlep everything into town to the wondrous Up North laundry instead.

I don’t shovel much silver these days. I keep one dollar bills around for Farmer John or bus fare but when somebody gives me change, I don’t know what to do with it. Except for quarters! I save those for the laundromat. So, the Sunday before we last went north, I shoveled out the change basket (next to the key basket) and sorted everything out. Dimes, nickels, and pennies went to the Coinstar musheen at Meijer. Quarters went into a baggie for the Up North Laundry.

The second pic is a blast from the past. For whatever reason, the Beach Urchins always usually liked to help with the laundry even though I made them get up ultra early for teenagers. So here are Mouse, Lizard, and Pengie. Back in those days, I used to fill up three triple-loaders plus a small musheen for grandma’s undies, etc. I think we were folding at this point in the pic. This was a different laundromat, good for a very long time and then not-so-good so I switched to the Lockview Up North. But I miss those days so much.

I like the Up North laundromat. It was okay when it was the Lockview but I think the new owners do a better job. As much as I enjoy sorting out quarters and schlepping them around in a baggie, I yearn for a better payment system for the laundromat. I can pay for parking in Sault Ste. Siberia with an app, why not a laundromat? Or maybe just musheens that can read my debit card. I am sure that this technology exists in the world, just not at this laundromat. Don’t get me wrong, I am not dissing the laundromat at all. I am sure that it would be expensive to re-do their payment system, which might require them to replace their venerable old musheens.

Cheers to finagling another week (or most of one) at the moomincabin to end the summer. No laundromat needed on our next trip.