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Radical Mom

August 16th, 2017 by kayak woman

Hahahaha! The two-year-old next door is screaming bloody murder (they are outside grilling something for dinner) and we are sitting out here calmly analyzing the situation. The GG asked if I thought she was genuinely upset or “just” being manipulative. I am guessing there is a bit of manipulation involved but I think she is also genuinely upset. This kid is highly capable of using language to verbalize her needs but I think that probably something upset her and she Lost It before she could organize the words to verbalize the problem. Whatever the issue was may not be rational to her parents but it is upsetting enough to her that she cannot calmly pull out the right words. What the heck, sometimes I STILL DO THAT! Do you? (Be honest with yourself.)

OMG! We are sooooo smart now that we are baggy old parents of adult children. If we had only been able to figure that kind of thing when our children were throwing 2-year-old “tantrums” instead of freaking out and doing whatever we thought we needed to do to placate our kid so the neighbors wouldn’t call the police or whatever. We know that Becqet (intentionally misspelled) is well taken care of by her gentle, thoughtful parents. We remember the bad old days when our own beloved beach urchins threw tantrums. And that’s why we’re sitting out here philosophizing and laughing in a commiserative kind of way.

When we had our children we thought we had invented childbirth. We were gonna do it all better. Our kids were gonna sleep through the night and eat their vegetables and yada yada yada. And they did some of that stuff or not or sometimes they did it and sometimes not and if/when was always unpredictable. Like, the kid eats one kind of food (healthy or not) voraciously for a couple weeks (gimme more more more), and then, after you have obtained a lifetime supply of said food, THE KID REFUSES TO EAT IT!

I won’t even get in to the middle school or teen years or even college except to say that my children never gave me one iota of any kind of serious trouble during those years although the arguments could be difficult sometimes but that’s how it goes. I am still working my way through being a parent of independent, successful adults. All I will say is don’t give unsolicited advice (although I sometimes do) or kext (although I sometimes do) or EXCESSIVELY tag your children on social media or even “like” your posts. I get away with that last only because my kids only post things that are safe for “mom” to “like” or whatever.

Michigan’s state bird (subtitle: where is the g-d blowgun?)

August 15th, 2017 by kayak woman

So, the Ninja’s A/C got fixed today. Supposedly. We’ll see whether it blows hot air at me when I get into it tomorrow afternoon after work. The issue? It was a faulty “relay”? Why couldn’t that have been checked out a few weeks ago? That’s the kind of thing it felt like to meeeee a few weeks ago but I guess I didn’t communicate the issue very well. I love the service at our Honda dealer but this was a miss. At least it was a cheap fix. Much cheaper than the dreaded “compressor”.

The blow-gun? Jeebus. The GG does a lot of good things every day. What drove me nuts today was that he did not check text messages (although I checked mine) and then, when I got home, he was out in the driveway working on the Lyme Lounge (STILL ignoring his text messages) and then he was ignoring MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Why? Because HE WAS WEARING HEADPHONES! Listening to some sort of tin foil hat radio or whatever.

Oh, I would NEVER shoot a blowgun at the GG or ANYONE! I was just kind of annoyed this afternoon. If you have been around for a while, you might know what a blowgun ACCIDENTALLY did to one of our doorwalls last winter. We eventually fixed it, thanks again to the Lord of Linden for helping us obtain glass.

But I am the “breadwinner” in this household at this point and when I get home from work, I need something besides a person who is wearing headphones and listening to I do not know what. And not listening to me. Don’t get me wrong. I greatly love the GG. Today was one of *those* days when we didn’t quite sync up at the end of the day. But we’ll be okay.

Then and now

August 14th, 2017 by kayak woman

I dunno where I posted this over the last weekend. Multiple places, I think. I am posting it again today, here in this space, because it got me to thinking about how much the moomincabin has changed (and not changed) over the years.

I’m not exactly sure what year this photooo was taken. We built the cabin the summer of 1960 when I was six and my brother was three. The best story I can come up with (and I may be mangling it!) is that my little family was living in a shabby little bungalow down on Superior Street (in Sault Ste. Siberia) and my parents were looking to trade up a bit, albeit not to anything fancy because that was not my parents’ style. As I know the story, the parents were a split second too late with their offer and someone else got the house.

My parents retreated to our shabby little Superior St. bungalow and considered their options. In the end, they decided to stay on Superior St. and use whatever limited money they had to build a cabin out on our beloved beach, between the Old Cabin, in which we already spent summers, and my uncle Don’s cabin.

My dad got with a builder friend and they strategized to build the most inexpensive structure possible. He did and our cabin might have been the original “tiny house” although, small as it is, it isn’t quiiiite the typical tiny house. In those days it had no indoor toilet or hot water. We had an outhouse and we got cold water in the kitchen sink via a garden hose from my uncle’s well.

The carpenters who built the cabin were always friendly (or acted like they were) when us kids trooped over from the Old Cabin to check out the day’s progress. I remember one day when the ELECTRICIANS were in. When we trooped over there *that* day, no one said a word but the look on the lucky-shuckial person’s face made us do a quick about face!

So the next pic is what the place looks like now. It is still a good example of “tiny house” but it has grown a second floor and a deck.

The deck happened within a year or three after we built the cabin. It wraps part way across the back of the cabin too.

When I was young enough to still care about what boyz thought about me, my mother decided to put in a septic field. She was NOT ready to create an indoor bathroom quite yet. The folks that came out to make the septic field KNOCKED DOWN THE OUTHOUSE. I cowered inside while The Commander yelled at the septic tank folks, “YOU PUT THAT OUTHOUSE BACK UP. WE STILL HAVE TO USE IT!” Yes, ma’am! They put it back up but they did not have outhouse expertise so it rocked back and forth forever after until my brother and his daughters demolished it.

So, I might be losing the timeline about the indoor plumbing (toilet and shower) but I THINK it had to do with our first in-law. A lot of us (me, especially) were happy about that. I remember the days of begging showers from relatives with hot water up and down the beach when I had to be at work (at Tempo) early in the morning. Belated thanks to all of you. (I also sometimes bathed in the lake before work but that might be a whole ‘nother story.)

We have a toilet and shower in the moomincabin nowadays. And hot running water. The shower is an RV shower. Know what? It is small but it works! The second story on the cabin happened a year after the parents became grandparents (via Lizard Breath). Much later on, the GG designed and installed various railings on the deck. When he built these, he was concerned about my parents falling off the deck (and so were my parents). I love the railings and think he did an elegant job. It’s still a “tiny house” but it is also beautiful and we manage to coexist there, especially when we have the Lyme Lounge around for sleeping overflow.

Love y’all, KW

P.S. you know you have a good job when you have been away for three weeks and The Benevolent Despot asks you if you actually belong in the building and you tell him your badge let you in and he guffaws like crazy. Not to mention that Amazon Woman (your supervisor) has left goodies and a nice note in your cube. Love to all of my co-workers and how again did I end up in this loverly place?

Home again home again, jiggity clonk!

August 13th, 2017 by kayak woman

Not the best drive I’ve ever had down the I75 SUV Speedway. The first time Ninja’s A/C kicked on was at mile marker 282 in Gaylord. It stayed on until the gas station at 4-mile and it even (wonder of wonders) came back on after we topped off my tank. And then… It petered out. It came back on a couple of times but never for more than a few minutes. I had to keep my window open for most of the trip and it was noisy and there were slowdowns and and and…

It wasn’t all that hot out today (70s) and so I wasn’t suffering all that severely, just want to get the dern thing fixed like I TRIED TO DO before we went north. Oh, there’s nothing wrong, it isn’t the compressor, yada yada. Not. Apparently Quality Auto in Sault Ste. Siberia would have been willing to fix it (they fixed the Frog Hopper’s number five cylinder) but we needed to get back down here so I sucked it up and TRIED not to complain.

Growing up in the Yooperland, the first time my parents bought a vee-hickle with A/C was their “banker green” (as my brother and I used to joke) Buick LeSabre, 1970 or something? I can’t remember. I myself did not buy a vee-hickle with A/C until we bought the Exxon Tanker Valdez (1987 maroon Plymouth Voyager). When you have small children and it is 90 degrees out and you live in a place where you have to lock your vee-hickle at the shopping mall, you really need A/C in your vee-hickle. We didn’t have it in our 1985 Jetta or our old Ford Fiestas. I remember Mouse screaming bloody murder upon being put into her car seat in the hot as hell Jetta after a trip to the mall. We have made sure to have it in every vee-hickle since then. Well, except for the 1992 Jeep Wrangler, The Indefatigable. We had plenty of hot trips in that thing but by that time, the beach urchins were old enough to understand what they were in for.

So we are back down here on The Planet Ann Arbor. The GG and I tandem drove down all the way except for when he jumped ahead and I got stuck in traffic (I saw some scary stuff today). Mouse left after us (collecting pond water and flowers) and did not drive with us. We both saw her pass us but she decided she would rather drive the 75 mph speed limit than hang out with us and I agree.

I walked over to the Plum Market this afternoon. I encountered two of my regular buses (the 31 and the 32A) at the intersection and then I could not for the life of me figure out how to cross the street via the traffic signals. Finally a guy coming up behind me alerted me that the walk sign was on. Thank you buddy.

Today’s pic? This happened the Saturday night I won’t blahg about. I am not sure exactly what was going on but it is the beach urchins and they/we were having a great time after a beach faaaaar. Missing the Yooperland and gearing myself up for a 5:30 wake-up time tomorrow morning. I’ve been slugging around, not getting up until 6 or even 7.

Love y’all, KW.

60 years ago

August 12th, 2017 by kayak woman

My brother was born. I have heard the story more than a few times but all I really remember is that Radical Betty picked me up and took me and Aimee to the Pink Poodle drive-in and then out to the cabin. We were all living in the Old Cabin in those days although I think I spent some time over at Don and Katie’s too. I remember sitting in the Old Cabin demanding a “four-year-old straight pickle”. I also remember my parents coming to Don and Katie’s cabin *without* the baby brother I was expecting. It turned out that he was sick, and they weren’t sure he was going to live. Fortunately, he did live although he died way too young, but not until after he fathered two daughters.

So, after I schlepped into Sault Ste. Siberia to pick up a gas cap the GG had ordered at R&R Marine and after Mouse and I dumped off two green bags of garbage at the res and bought some sweet grass soap at the Dancing Crane, we walked the nature trail named after my brother.

Here’s an Indian Pipe that I managed to get a halfway decent picture of.

And here is Mouse going up the steps.

Bucky Beaver has been busy.

This is an established trail nowadays but way back when, I used to walk out in this area with my dad. There were some old trails and some logging roads but at a certain point, we headed straight into the woods onto deer trails. My dad always knew where to go.

After we got home, I felt a little bit of a prick and of course I thought “TICK!” I did not pick up a tick (yick) but I decided to take a shower just to make sure there were no arachnids on my body.

After all of that, my Mouse and I spent the afternoon on the beach. We drank a beer (or two) and then I tinked around with packing while my Mouse took a sweet little nap on her beach towel. The wind was blowing out of the northwest (again!) but we were comfortable and warm.

Twitter play

August 11th, 2017 by kayak woman

Mouse (at noon today): Are we going out to lunch?

Kayak Woman: Yes.

The GG (a few minutes later): Do you want to take a couple of beers over to the Porter’s in the Motor Bote?

KW: ???

Last night, we had talked about going to Pickles for lunch, so Mouse and I were sorta puzzled about that. Some of us remembered that and some of us did not. In the end, we went to Pickle’s for lunch. The host said to sit wherever we wanted and we were heading out toward the outdoor seating and wouldn’t you know it, there was the Grinchie. Of course we joined his table. So much fun!

Later, our friends of porterization came over here for cocktail hour. My cousin Pooh had already come over and we had an hour or so where cacophony reigned with people talking each others ears off (which is supposed to happen during cocktail hour).

Rain today? Yes? We had TONS of rain. I love a warm rain and we had a lovely time sitting in it out on the deck this afternoon and evening.

I am rambling aimlessly tonight. Good night.

Thursday rain day

August 10th, 2017 by kayak woman

I am almost too tired to write anything tonight so bear with me. I hung out at the moomincabin all day while the people with blueberry picking DNA went out in the county to pick blueberries in the rain. I struggled with whether I wanted to go with them or not. I love driving around out in the county but I get bored picking blueberries. In the end I stayed behind. I picked away at some minor cleaning prodjects around the moomincabin but also spent a lot of time sitting on the deck reading in the rain.

Here is a pic from last evening’s Motor Bote ride over to the Birch Point range light and back. We did not run outta gas this time.

And here is Mouse with the blueberries she has picked since she has been here, most of them in our own front yard but some of them out in the county.

Mouse is wearing cheapo leggings from Meijer that I picked her up to wear on the beach. Meijer is a wondrous store but not where I have *ever* bought clothing other than a tutu for Froggy, so these are not really the right thing but I guess they are working out.

It is calm enough to take the Motor Bote out tonight but there are storms in the area and we see lightning off and on so best to stay on shore. Wish I could get a pic but it’s a big sky and one never knows when/where lightning will strike next.

G’night. KW (yawn)


August 9th, 2017 by kayak woman

I don’t know why I asked the GG what he was doing. I knew the answer was “organizing rope”. Winds were out of the south all day today, meaning it was possible to SAFELY drive the Motor Bote out to the island and into the channel.

This morning, the GG and Mouse went out to greet the Lee Tregurtha going upbound and then scavenged this fishing net from near the island. They assumed that it had been abandoned. I hope so. The GG spent a lot of time today freeing the floats from the rope. Their second expotition was to place a “marker” over the “spoils”, not a place you would want to take a Motor Bote.

In between those two expotitions, rain hit the area. This was perfectly timed as it happened, because we took a trip to town to have lunch at Penny’s Kitchen and pick up the Frog Hopper with its brand spanking shiny new replacement ignition coil for cylinder 5. Being me, I am nervous that cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 might develop the same problem. And maybe they will but the GG has been looking online and he seems to have found that cylinder 5 has this problem much more frequently than the other cylinders. He thinks it is the location of that particular cylinder. I hope so.

But yes, Penny’s Kitchen. The lunch menu hasn’t changed that much but I think they do dinner now, at least a few nights a week. They have beer and whine! They have a limited selection but still. I may get a whine there one of these days but today I didn’t. Mouse ordered an Italian soda and I ordered iced tea.

The whole time we were in there today, I was remembering when we used to go to town to meet up with other folks from the Beach Community once a week at Penny’s Kitchen (was it Monday?). We went there other times too, like when I would eat there because it is a block away from War Memorial Hospital, where both of my parents were incarcerated for a while at the ends of their lives. I love Penny’s Kitchen but I got a bit tired of it in those days.

When we were done eating today, I announced that I was going to The Refrigerator. I was quoting The Commander and Radical Betty’s friend Cam even though I knew that Penny’s Kitchen had replaced their old bathrooms with nice warm 21st century facilities.

They told us it would be a Beach Day…

August 8th, 2017 by kayak woman

Well, aside from the fact that EVERY DAY IS A BEACH DAY, it wasn’t that much of a Beach Day. It held promise in the early morning when I delayed my trip to the laundromat just long enough to drink one cup of coffee down on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench. It was beautiful in town as I did the laundry, dropped off a bunch of recycle, and got groceries at Meijer. It was beautiful while I put the laundry and groceries away and prepared a bunch of stuff to be cooked for dinner and while Mouse picked I dunno how many gallons of blueberries and then made corn chowder for lunch. Can I just say that we are having a bumper crop of blueberries here this year, right in front of the moomincabin and all down the beach, just above the bank. They grow wild here and this is a good year.

The GG embarked on another prodject today, one long talked about but not undertaken until now. He has been repainting our deck. It isn’t finished yet (he ran out of paint) but I think it is looking loverly. I am so glad I married a guy who was able to endure *my* need to come up here to this rustic cabin in the yooperland. A guy who could get along with his parents-in-law (and other Fin relatives), not always an easy thing to do in life but my parents worked very hard to try to make sure their childrens’ spouses felt welcome here. The Commander was an out-law to begin with and she may have remembered her own early days with the family she grew to become an integral part of. She eventually became one of the matriarchs of the beach, even with her beginnings as an out-law. In the end, I remember when the GG and his twin brother took her out to a sumptuous dinner on her 90th birthday. “Those boys just spend money left and right.” Roight. They did *that* night! 🙂

I am waaaaaay off the track here but here is the GG working on the deck with a lot of deck detritus moved over where it doesn’t usually live.

So, beach day? Whaaaa? Mouse and I went down to the beach this afternoon and for a while we were sitting down in the sand and it was kinda warm but then I moved up on to the bank and it was still kinda warm and then, well… It is a warm day but there is a persistent northwest wind and I went up to get my polartech jacket.

Finally, here is Mouse hauling a bunch of knapweed back from down the beach somewhere. This is an invasive species and we are trying to eradicate it. The pic kind of makes it look like she has harvested food from somewhere and we are going to eat it. Not so much.

Dishwasher woman

August 7th, 2017 by kayak woman

We had a wonderful weekend with two of the beach urchins here as well as Teriana (aka my beloved MacMu cousin and her daughter). This was a weekend that The Commander would have loved! One where people hung out talking each others ears off or silently reading books or social media or whatever on whatever devices they were using, including paper. Cooking? Everyone was involved at whatever level they happened to be up to at any given time. I LOVE being able to say to Mouse or Liz or Teri or Ana or whoever something like, “I’ll just get outta your way and let you do your thing”. I do like to sneak around and do the dishioshios. That’s kind of how I roll. It doesn’t in any way mean that I don’t trust anyone else to do the dishes. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t days when I would rather do ANYTHING than wash the dishes. But on a usual day, I love to keep ahead of the dishes and that means grabbing whatever dishes I can and washing them. All day long. It is so nice not to have a sink/counter full of dirty dishes at the end of the day.

We know that Liz is safely home. We haven’t heard from Teriana but I’m sure they are okay too. The day people leave is always hard for me. I never want to ask people “whenerya gonna leave”. I want them to stay. But I know that they have to leave and so it is hard… We are all learning, me included. I hung out on the beach (mostly) while Teriana and then Liz packed up to leave. I know that it is easier for the folks leaving to not have meeeee haaannngggging around. It is when people are asking you what you might be forgetting that you lose your packing focus and FORGET THINGS! Teriana always forget something *anyway* and this time it is a pair of socks, which will be washed and sent downstate.

We all did our best to avoid long goodbyes. Lizard was parked out back behind the garage and she told us in no uncertain terms that she did NOT want us to follow her out there for prolonged goodbyes and neither did I.

Mouse cooked blueberry pancakes this morning (and bacon in the oven) and I soooooo wanted to take my coffee down on the beach. I tried. I suited up for 52-degree weather, including smartwool socks and polartech jacket and a small blanket. I hung out there as long as I could. It was beautiful but it was not warm and I eventually headed back up to the Mother Ship to get warm and eat breakfast and talk with folks and wash dishes.

Good night. -Kayak Woman

Nothing to see here

August 6th, 2017 by kayak woman

Let’s just say that last evening was very weird and leave it at that, okay? Really not blahggable but all is well. It was a dead margarita, not a salty dawg, and no one seems to know how the cigars got on the side of the tub but I have a suspect in mind.

Yesterday was actually a pretty fun day. We jammed five adults into the Ninja and drove up to Iroquois to watch the start of the biennial Trans Superior sailboat race. It is almost impossible to photograph the sailboats with the otherwise lovely iPhone camera so I’m posting this pic of Lizard Breath taking pictures of waves instead.

From there, we dropped a Green Bag off at the garbage collection center on the res, across from the casino. If you ask me, the Green Bag system is the best (and probably the cheapest) garbage collection option in the area, at least for those of us who are only here in the summer.

I’m remembering my parents futzing around, arguing and turning the air blue while wrestling their blue bags into garbage cans and driving them up to the top of the two-track so Waste Management could pick them up. After The Commander died, I wasn’t sure what to do with garbage. I couldn’t schlep *all* of it all the way back to the Planet Ann Arbor. I wasn’t sure what Waste Management’s payment schedule was but it didn’t seem logical to pay them for a whole summer (for example), if we were only going to be here for a few weeks at a time.

The Green Bag system turned out to be perfect for us. We buy the Green Bags at the Baymart gas station in Brimley ($1.50 a bag) and then we can dump them at the res Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. I still end up taking a bit of garbage back home but that’s a non-issue.

So we did that and then we had a late lunch/snack at Pickle’s and then we bought some *more* Green Bags and then we came back to the cabin and slugged around on the beach and other typical activities.

This may be a two-fer day or it may not. People are trying to get me to go down to the beach and I think I will take them up on that. Seeya later (or not). –KW

Have a cigar

August 5th, 2017 by kayak woman

“There’s a melted salty dog on the stove, ice cubes in the bathroom sink, and a pack of cigars on the tub. And no one’s here.”

Misadventure in the northern lower

August 4th, 2017 by kayak woman

The northern lower peninsula, that is. I needed to get outta dodge for a bit of a day trip. The GG has been traveling a lot the last couple weeks and this trip was probably more than he wanted to take on but he obliged me and so we headed down below the Big Mac and westward over to Cross Village, where we did a very short walk on this beautiful beach.

If you turn around to look inland from the beach, this “water feature” is your view.

We stopped by the Three Pines Studio and Gallery even though no one that we knew was taking a quilling class today.

After that, things took a bit of a sideways slide… We were happily taking an old road from Cross Village to Levering, when the Check Engine light started flashing. Uh… Okay… This freaked yer fav-o-rite blahgger out a lot. I mean, when you run outta gas in a small motorbote and you are not too far from shore and it is warm and calm, yada yada, somebody can ROW, roight? Can’t do that with an automotive vee-hickle. The auto manual was telling us to CALL SUBARU IMMEDIATELY! I was thinking stuff like “how long will it take us to get a tow truck out here and where can we get a rental vee-hickle”, etc., etc., etc.

The GG? Okay, Mr. Cool (aka the GG) hooked up his onboard diagnostics unit and determined that cylinder #5 was “misfiring”. This was not a fun thing but we have driven with fewer than the total number of cylinders before (think 2 out of 4, that was really “fun”). We had an interesting drive back up to the moomincabin but we did make it back without any problems.

Rain day

August 3rd, 2017 by kayak woman

Jumped around all morning getting gas and groceries and dropping off recycling stuff. Back out to the moomincabin to make lasagne and some BBQ sauce for chicken. Because the beach urchins are coming up and so are a couple of beloved MacMu cousins. We are gonna have so much fun.

I spent a lot of time sitting on the deck this afternoon, reading in the rain, wearing my polartech jacket and smart wool socks. I’m reading Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Talents now. I finished Jeff Vandermeer’s Area X trilogy and was finally ready to get back to the sequel to Octavia’s Parable of the Sower.

One of the perks of sitting out on the deck was watching various vee-hickles go along our little two-track road. Jeep and Pan and some of their children and once the Grinchie rolled in and out.

Eventually the rain stopped and I headed down to the beach and I could hear all of the noise coming from next door. Cousins of all degrees shouting and laughing and I dunno what else. I loved this. It reminded me of all of us kids on the beach when I was a child, one of 11 cousins running all over the place, laughing and yelling. We had so much fun.

We ended the evening over at the Porter’s place, where we discovered that, like us, they have a picture window that came out of a store front.

It started raining again while we were experiencing yooperland porterization and it is still raining. Beautiful rain but I hope our weekend crew gets at least a bit of a beach day. And that’s about all I have the psychological energy to say. Field trip tomorrow? I need one. The new Meijer is wonderful but I need to go somewhere else.


August 2nd, 2017 by kayak woman

I am kind of not good with words about this but “we”, meaning the entire beach community and others saluted our friend Barb’s death yesterday, at her beautiful home just down the beach from our humble cabin. Here is her particular view at sunset.

Barb’s son, my childhood friend Kevin found this jigger for the GG. Yes there was a booze/whine table, also a lot of food. That’s what Barb would’ve wanted. But what she probably mostly wanted to happen was for all of us to get together. And we did! Even this shy person got to talking with old friends and meeting new ones. Love.

Life goes on and I haven’t done the typical thing of wanting to call my mother since she died but today, we were over at Jack’s Grub and Pub, where we split a BLT and each had a bowl of WONDERFUL soup. I found a pic of Barb stuffed into my small purse from last night and I kind of wanted to text it to my mother but… Well…

But today, we also moved on, like we must do. And so here is the GG teaching my first cousin twice removed (aka, my cousin’s grandchild) how to drive a Motor Bote. Barbara Mullin taught me and many others how to swim. Some of us talked about that last night. The GG is teaching people how to drive botes. And I taught the GG and another how to send text messages with effect. It’s a small thing but…

Boating safety dos and don’ts

August 1st, 2017 by kayak woman

This was fun. The Motor Bote started right up, no problem. That is sometimes not the case.

Driving by the Birch Point range lights. Yes, if you click and click again to embiggen, you just might see the back range light – little orange spot.


And seagulls.

And then the motor stopped. Why? We ran out of gas.

It was all right. We were only a half mile off shore, the weather was warm and the lake was calm. And we had life jackets, oars, a kayak paddle, and a bail bucket aboard, just in case.

In which I butt-text everything except covfefe

July 31st, 2017 by kayak woman

Today, the GG and Mayor Pete and any number of other folks were involved in a road repair prodject. We have a lot of big holes on our two-track this summer and our Mayor arranged to get a bunch of gravel to fill in those holes. The GG rode along with the mayor for those trips and we were texting about that during the second trip and after he said “Gravel run” and “Back about three”, I got into the Green Kayak and took off and it wasn’t until I got back onto land that I realized that I was butt-texting like crazy. I think it was pretty cute that I butt-texted my location, which was indeed, in the water right around the second sandbar or so.

It has been a while since I have been in a kayak but here I am. I just took a quick trip up and down the beach.

I managed to take a selfie that is pretty cool if you can ignore the “lookin’ up my nose” thing. I did not realize about the reflection until much later after I was done kayaking.

While I was kayaking and swimming and sitting around on the beach, a huge crew was working on fixing the big holes on our little two-track road. This crew included multiple generations from several families with an age range between I’m gonna guess about eight until [almost] 90. So here are a few pics of that. They aren’t the best because the light was kind of crazy back on our road and people were moving around a lot. But whatever. What these pictures show is that several generations of the multiple families who use this road pulled together and filled in the holes on our road. Without getting too maudlin, this is the kind of thing a family and/or community can accomplish when they work together.

She calls herself Garbage Woman, so….

July 30th, 2017 by kayak woman

So I had a sloooowww coffee down on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench this morning.

So I was here at the moomincabin ALONE for almost a week. It was okay because I am very self-sufficient in general and I was telecommuting all last week but I was a bit lonely and I am ready for some field trips now. After my slooooooowww coffee this morning, I spent the morning de-sanding and de-pine-needling the moomcabin. And then I spent most of the afternoon on the beach.

I love that my rather extreme recycling habits have rubbed off on the GG. I am so glad that he brought a big garbage bag of dirty bottles of various sorts (some returnable, some recyclable) from his North Country Trail boondoggle. It’s okay. I will process them, a sink full at a time. Here is the second sink full.

What I can’t figger out is why anyone thinks that chicken bones are acceptable at any recycle center. I found these in the big bag of bottles and things.

It’s okay. I am laughing about the chicken bones. Laundromat (for me) and road work (for others) tomorrow.

Aqualung Aquabug

July 29th, 2017 by kayak woman

I was lazy today compared to some of my relatives here at the moominbeach. I did not do a whole heckuva lot of cleaning today. I dunno, since I have been the only person here all week, there isn’t a whole heckuva lot of cleaning to do, not that we don’t need a deep clean here. I went to Meijer for a few grokkeries, and the recycle center, and then I indulged myself and bought a half sandwich and cup of gumbo at Penny’s Kitchen. Take out. I have been alone here subsisting on leftovers all week and that was all fine but I was ready for something a little different.

One of the things that I DID do was run over one of our pots of impatiens when I was backing out this morning. Jeebus. I wasn’t happy about how I had parked the Ninja two days ago and kept thinking that I needed to reposition it but never got around to it. Today, I was backing out and, well, I’m not sure what I exactly did but Pooh came out to help mitigate the situation and egg is all over my face.

I spent a lot of time down on Bill’s Beach Bank Bench this afternoon. I was reading my current book, “Acceptance”, the third in Jeff Vandermeers’s Area X trilogy. It was a beautiful day.

What marred the day was that our beach community friend Barb died early this morning. Her death isn’t all that tragic. She has been in hospice care for many months now. But we will miss her. She was the adoptive mother of fraternal twins, who were friends of mine and my brother, boy and girl. Her daughter died quite a while back, her son is still alive.

A few memories of Barb… She is the first person who taught me how to swim, when I was four or five. When I got into my first and only auto accident ever, she commiserated with me that she was worried that she would have one too (it was an ice-related accident), and, much much later, when The Commander was in the hoosegow, Barb and I had lunch and whine at Karl’s. I don’t remember who paid but I hope it was meeeee. Such a wonderful person. One of the moominbeach mooms who never turned down a request to watch us kids when we wanted to swim, even if she had to wear a winter jacket to sit on the beach.

Godspeed Barbara. We will miss you!


July 28th, 2017 by kayak woman

Mostly when I am telecommuting, I only use the green screen thingy for work. The “blue” screen is on my personal laptop computer. The background photo is from the Ruby Falls cave in Chattanooga TN back in April 2015 when we were heading back up north from Fla. But I can do both Windows and Mac. An operating system is an operating system is an operating system. I have Windows “moments” but I sometimes have Mac “moments” too.

So when I was done working today and ready to sign off for the next two weeks, I sat down on the beach and finished Authority. And then I checked Twitter and, jeebus. Wut? Priebus is faaaaared quit. Somebody else is in. I haven’t processed that yet. Scaramooch’s wife is *divorcing* him over his support for Trump. I wouldn’t divorce the GG over his support for one candidate or another but the GG is more likely to spend his time and energy out in the back woods and not taking a scummy job in Washington.

To Moochie’s wife: You go girl.