Note to Planet Ann Arbor officials: if you are going to install traffic circles, SALT THE HECK outta them at the first sight of a snowflake!!!

My day started out wonderfully well. After a looonnnnggg night’s sleep, I was up early and although I am still coughing and blowing you-don’t-wanna-know-what out of my nose, all that congestion is at least moving and that is *all* you wanna know, believe me. Our travels today did not start out quite so auspiciously. We slithered *past* the entrance to the freeway during a snow “shower”. Most of the other vee-hickles trying to deal with that particular interchange were doing the same thing and I think it is miraculous that we weren’t involved in an accident. Today, we visited family in the greater Daytwa area. The GB Fins up in Grand Blanc for lunch, and The Beautiful Becky and Jim and family in Sterling Heights. Our day was wonderful (and I even got my favorite red corkscrew back) but not without the strife of a nuclear family being together again after the kids grow up. I think everyone had their moments today. My moments were probably the worst. I kept thinking, “I have to make the enchiladas. I have to make the enchiladas.” Other than that, don’t ask. Especially about the lens cap incident. We’re home. We I found the lens cap. The snow “showers” stopped before the second leg of our journey. I’m making the enchiladas tomorrow.

I took this little video with my upgraded iPhone (that was supposed to be my only Christmas gift). It is something like 51 seconds and the last 10 are the best. It features The Commander’s four grandchildren. All girls. Two are mine and two are the Engineer’s, may he rest in peace get Grandroobly to watch the video from wherever they are. The granddaughters are only supporting actors though. The video STARS none other than *****ALFRED***** the dog!!! P.S. I hope you Beach Urchins are okay with the video. It’s pretty benign and no one much watches my little slices of life anyway. Which is probably a good thing.

5 Responses to “Note to Planet Ann Arbor officials: if you are going to install traffic circles, SALT THE HECK outta them at the first sight of a snowflake!!!”

  1. le Marquis Says:

    Looks like Alfie figured out what the Evil Mom Lady was up to before anyone else.

  2. Margaret Says:

    If a traffic circle is a roundabout, I would be terrified of it in the bad weather. Turning is not a good thing in snow/ice!! I watched the WHOLE video and loved all the smiling. 🙂 We’ve had our moments too with the adult children back–mostly it’s been good with a few issues thrown in there. You read my blog, so you already know.

  3. Paulette Says:

    The Commander must be very proud of her “grand” girls! This is a video of cousins viewing and discussing last year’s holiday photos, but thinking that they were posing for a photo? Kayakwoman fooled you…..

  4. Pengo Janetto Says:

    We really had no idea you were filming us. Note our disappointed faces once you told us 😉
    Alfred really is soaking up all the attention… he sure knows how to play it up for the camera!

  5. Dogmomster Says:

    It was great having the A2 Crew here! Glad my first-ever attempt at making minestrone worked out, too (whew!)!! The helicopter was highly amusing…. except when it tried to take out my “dumb cane” plant…. or got its rotors situated at eye-level….

    Good to see Cali Liz, too!! And looking forward to Mouse’s next production in March!