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I was never exactly the “typical” “mommyblogger” that you will see on the internet. I started blahgging six years ago, when both my kids were still teenagers, although one was in college. I was pretty careful what I said about them then and I am much more careful now. But…

It’s 2009 and our beloved 25-year-old (Lizard Breath) is home for Christmas the Holiday of Wretched Excess. She has five days at home. In the beginning, those five days felt like forever. We both said, “we’ll do this and that and the other thing and climb Mt. Everest in our spare time.” Roight. Naw. We spent Christmas Eve shopping and visiting our 94-year-old aunt and shopping some more and some more and more and we went to a [wonderful] party in the evening. And then yesterday, we drove all over hell-and-gone to visit relatives, which was wonderful (and I am not kidding about that). Of course, it never works out like we want it to and we didn’t manage to get to Mt. Everest.

And so today I was sitting around wondering what we were gonna do today. As much as I love having my beloved adult children home for the holidays, I was starting to feel a bit grumpy. I wanted to do something with my California daughter. She and her sister had been out late with friends and I was waiting patiently for her to wake up. dum de dum de dum… Well, what the heck did I want to do? Neither one of us likes to shop very much. I was thinking about walking down by the river… And then, she got up and said, “I’ve got your cold.” Oh. Yeek. I switched into mom mode right away. It is not the worst cold and it is NOT the GODDAMN swine flu. But it is cold here and I nixed the river walk right away. I do not believe the old wives’ tale that cold air can make someone sick. I do think that it takes more energy to keep warm in cold weather and it’s best for someone who already has a cold to stay inside and conserve energy. Oh, baby girl, just chill out on the couch in front of the fire. She has a flight to catch in a couple days to visit friends on another planet near another beautiful rust-belt city before heading back to the left coast. I walked over to the Plum Market to buy tea for her. I tried to buy cup-a-soup but they didn’t have quite the right form-factor so I didn’t bother.

I love my daughter and I love when she comes home but It isn’t about me and it’s okay if we just hang out and do nothing. It is what it is. Life doesn’t always have to be terribly exciting. I wasn’t the best of mothers, I know that. I am glad that my kids have other places to go than our own little Landfill. And I am glad that they know they can relax and crash out here when they need to. I like to feel like a moom sometimes. But I think I am still learning how to be one after 25 years…

2 Responses to “Mom(my blogger)”

  1. isa Says:

    Mars, PA, here I come.

  2. Margaret Says:

    We do a lot of hanging out, sometimes playing games. Today Alison and I got manicures/pedicures and some facial waxing–exciting, eh? My eyebrows are now small and I hate them. I should have left them alone!! Now she’s off again to hang out with friends, as she has for much of this trip “home.” Parenting adult children is tricky; I don’t have the hang of it at all. The 19 year old is making me crazy as I try to parent, while not knowing how much to trust her about certain adult things.