Snow showers

Our snow “showers” lasted all day. Mouse shoveled the snow off her vee-hickle this afternoon. She drove to the Plum Market and bought two items or thereabouts. By the time she got out to the parking lot again, she had to de-snow the dern vee-hickle again. I think her next stop was gasoline and when she was finished with *that*, she had to de-snow *again*. After all that, I walked over to the Plum Market. It wasn’t snowing any more and big blue expanses of sky were opening up to the north. It was windy as all get-out and it was getting cold.

I was going to rant about the three new (count ’em) traffic circles that have been foisted upon us over the last couple years. But I can’t. Not tonight. I wanted to rant about our Planet’s decision to not pay overtime to plow neighborhood streets until four or more inches of snow had fallen. Actually, maybe I didn’t want to rant about that. We don’t have a Wrangler any more but all of our Hondas can do four inches of snow, even the one with the “performance tires”, whatever the heck that means. And more often than not, when we get that much snow, it melts over the next couple of days. But not always. But I can’t rant about it.

I reeeeeaaaallllly want to rant about how I am *still* coughing even though I am bombing around at full-tilt boogie. I HATE HATE HATE HATE colds that don’t knock you out but the blasted congestion and related cough lasts forever (less than a week, actually). I especially hate it this year when people are still freaked out about the swine flu. I DO NOT have the swine flu. I have said that out loud in various stores a few times in the last week because I saw other folks looking at me when I hacked and coughed. Like in the Plum Market today. Yiiy! Hey, you guys, I WALKED over here. Did you? I cannot stay home just because my uber-fantastic immune system is still chucking my current cold virus. You guys. I do not have the swine flu! I have a cold. I am pretty dern sure I am not contagious any more. How do I know? I don’t, really. But usually people are the most contagious *before* the symptoms happen. How do you think viruses survive, fer kee-reist? The swine flu is well over its peak here on The Planet. When is the last time you’ve even heard about the blasted swine flu? So get over it already. I can’t stay home when I am otherwise healthy just because I am still coughing up the mucous that my healthy body and immune system summoned up as a part of its response to this cold virus. So get a blasted life!

So, I guess I finally found my rant. Rant yer own rant! We’re having an eclectic a random bunch of dishes for dinner tonight. Back to work tomorrow after five days. Hi Ho!

3 Responses to “Snow showers

  1. Le Marquis Says:

    Me thinks thy protest too much. Oink! Oink!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I had a cough in the heat of swine flu paranoia and it was NOT FUN. Everyone jumped about a foot back when I coughed. People with H1N1 are really sick, not out walking around. Geeze. We are still having cold, blue days and it’s lovely, minus the little bit of ice on the roads. I didn’t enjoy that while running this afternoon. Have fun at work tomorrow!

  3. jane Says:

    I thought you were going to rant that Leidy’s is closing. this makes me so sad! I remember Mr. Leidy giving me excellent treatment as a small child in a store full of breakables. he would walk me over to the counter where there were a bunch of glass jars filled with different flavored candy sticks and let me pick. I still have no idea if they were free for everyone, or if Harry paid for them on the sly, or if it was just a business owner being nice. I suspect the latter.