I was really dragging you-know-what by the end of today. I am just about at the point in the cycle of my work where the brain work (hey, quit laughing!) required for one project starts tapering off and I am left with updating ancillary documents and stuff until my next project gets going. That is okay. My brain needs a bit of a rest sometimes and this gives it a chance to catch up a bit. (Hey you guys, I said to quit laughing!) Anyway. Friday afternoon can be a long, soggy, slodge when I am in this mode. And so it was. Morning was all right and then I met my Mousey for lunch. And then by about 2:00, I could hardly keep my chin from hitting my laptop keyboard. And so, against my better judgment, I went and got some coffee. And then I got another half cup. I did wake up. I wasn’t exactly jittery but I got into a kind of foggy neverland where I couldn’t focus on my work. As it turned out, everybody else on my team including the boss was in a similar mode and we ended up kibbitzing for a half hour or so in the aisle between the cubes and not too long after that, it was pretty much time to pack up and hit the trail. I was still feeling kind of nitzy when I got home and I realized that I am not getting quite enough fresh air and exercise. My hour of walking early in the morning is just not quite enough. And so, I walked after work today. As the dark began to fall. I am doing a little better now. We are about to walk over to Knight’s to meet our friends for dinner. And it is the weekend. Tomorrow will be a day of adventure and maybe Sunday will allow me some time for artistic creativity. I will definitely fit in some more time to walk in the great outdoors. I need it. Woops, we’re off to Knight’s. We have a reservation.

Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I have to get enough exercise and fresh air or I am pretty draggy myself. It sounds like it will be a good weekend!!