Now that I know the difference between oak and maple…

I mean I know the difference between the *trees*. Apparently I did not catch that the grain of the wood was different. Duh. The subtle complexities behind this confusion are beyond description as is today’s light bulb moment that finally cleared [some of] that confusion up. I have a few pieces of oak furniture around here (bookcases and bedroom furniture) and I have a beauteous teak dining table/chairs purchased long ago in a moment of financial insanity. I think I am going to go with maple (as opposed to oak) for cabinets. I like its more subtle grain. Color? I *think* that I am going to go with a honey-ish kind of color. Yes, I know that I kvetched about beige not too long ago and I also railed against our old favorite, harvest gold (like the ugly upper cabinets shown in the blurry iPhone photo). A honey-ish stained maple looks suspiciously beige and not too far from harvest gold. I don’t care. A very dark wood would (wood would? woodchuck chuck?) be oppressive in this north-facing room and I’m just not going to go with white even though I actually kind of like it in other people’s kitchens. And the really light wood stains are just not turning me on. Style? When I was a kid, I fantasized about having “modern” furniture and fixtures. As an adult, I have always lived with a combination of Early Inlaw, Student Ghetto, and Former Owner decor (beauteous teak table excepted). I think I lost my sense of style during all those years. I am back to “modern” (contemporary, if you will) now. Simple and clean, not a whole lot of extra lines or folderol.

So. Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. THANK YOU, genevievedidit and family!!! Genevievedidit is the twitter handle for my sister-in-law Kathy. She is a busy mom of five and grandma (!) of eight six (I can’t count)! Six! Grandma? She is only a few years older than me and she is a grandma. A wonderfully active one. It always astounds me that people that are basically my age and often younger are grandparents already. I expect someday I will have grandchildren and, when I do, I will love them and spoil the heck out of them. But grandchildren are not imminent in my life and I don’t actually feel ready for them, whatever that really means. But then I had my first *child* at 30 and that was right for me. Maybe my bio-clock is just different.

Anyway, we drove up to visit genevievedidit and her family today. They do not do household kitchen renovations but they have a business that outfits schools and labs and offices and you name it. They know the cabinet business inside out and they were willing to try to beat the information into my brain that finally led to the above-mentioned light bulb moment. Not to mention that genevievedidit fed us a wonderful brunch of french toast and bacon (note to self: Why the heck don’t you make french toast anymore? Slacker!) And we got to check out the newest grandchild and talk family stuff and I love that I have somehow landed into this wonderful large family.

Thanks, you guys! I know I acted a little panicky at times but I really appreciated your input today. Love you. Kayak Woman.

3 Responses to “Now that I know the difference between oak and maple…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad that you are getting it figured out! (however that happens) Oak is nice, but very bland. We have a lot of it around here, although our hardwood is darker. (kempas, I think it’s called) Families are lots of fun, when they aren’t being insufferable. 😉

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I am glad that you have been able to narrow down the choices when it comes to maple vs. oak, light vs. dark. Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful. I’m happy to be a part of it.

  3. isa Says:

    I’m glad you’re redoing it, but I’m going to miss that 70s (colorwise) kitchen.