What century are we in, again?

Howard Cooper Service Guy: Howard Cooper service department, how can I help you?

Kayak Woman: I have a 1985 Honda Civic that’s due for scheduled maintenance.

HCSG [a bit incredulously and obviously wondering “who is this nutty old bag and is this a crank call?”]: Uh, that’s a, um, 1985 Honda Civic?

KW: Oh!!! I mean, a 199-uh, I mean, uh, a 2005 Honda Civic. 😳

HCSG: Oh, okay, that’s a little more like it. How ’bout Friday?

2 Responses to “What century are we in, again?”

  1. Webmomster Says:



  2. Mark Says:

    In 1985, Dan was born, our 85 civic was new too.

    Liz was not quite 1 yet and KW didn’t have to blog every day.