Gradgiation! Grok Grok Grok!

grok grok grok. My owner has gradgiated! grok grok grok. I stowed away in that little blue honda civic th’ other day and stayed in kalamazoo to help ‘er get ready for gradgiation. grok grok. An’ I was sqee-grokkin’ ‘n’ sproingin’ away in th’ audience today when she walked acrost th’ stage. grok grok. Yay!

Not the best pic but: Elizabeth F. Courtois
Bachelor of Arts, Kalamazoo College.
Theatre Arts major, Anthropology minor.

Kalamazoo College is a small, private, liberal arts institution. The campus is beautiful and they do a good job with ceremony without going overboard. And (kee-reist) it is not religious or conservative or my Ann Arbor kids wouldn’t’ve survived there. Anyway, I loved watching Lizard Breath receive her diploma today but the graduation ceremony was completed for me with two visits from those who are on the other side, or at least I would like to think that’s what happened today.

First there was a fly-by. Not the fighter jets screaming along at treetop level that would always bring Grandroobly running out of the cabin to watch and maybe wish he was in that cockpit instead of working at his banking career. This was just a little plane, maybe a Cessna? Grandroobly flew Cessnas too and this plane drowned out the speaker for a moment. Some people were probably annoyed but I just closed my eyes and thought of Grandroobly. And then, of all things, another speaker asked the band leader to play a little bit of an improvised ditty. The band leader was a trombonist and although what he played at that unscripted moment sounded more like Argie Bargle than my brother the talented jazz trombonist, it made me think of Jim.

I may be stretching it to think that those guys actually made an appearance at Liz’s graduation but the two events happened within minutes of each other and life and death are strange and who knows? Anyway, Jack and Jim, I love you. Liz, I am proud of you and I love you more than you can stand me to.

3 Responses to “Gradgiation! Grok Grok Grok!”

  1. gg Says:

    The orange thing in her hand is a kazoo. The watch word is kazoo.

  2. Mark Says:

    Congrats Liz!!!

  3. sam Says:

    I think anthropology makes a good second to theater/theatre. Best of luck to ya, Liz!