Planet Ann Arbor. Shores of Gitchee Gumee. Planet Ann Arbor. Shores of Gitchee Gumee. So, I made it through the inevitable cat-herding involved in the graduation events of this weekend and now I have to shift gears again and head up to the great white north. It is always hard for me to shift gears. As excited as I always am to get up to the great white north and walk the beach, I usually just about have to wrench myself off of the planet here. This time, to make matters worse, the GG and Mouse are getting themselves ready to go off to a music festival for the better part of the week and it involves camping so that means there is an extra lot of preparation.

The GG is in his element. He loves to camp. I like the sleeping outside part of camping but I do not get along with intermittent bathing. I hate feeling dirty. The first thing I do virtually every day of my life is take a shower. I wash my hands and brush my teeth umpteen times a day and if I feel dirty enough in the late afternoon, I take another shower. Yes, I am kind of extreme.

Anyway, I am glad they are going but being in the same house with someone packing for a camping trip just about has me jumping out of my skin. He’s running up and down the stairs, rummaging around for stuff in various shambling mounds, going in and out the door, etc., etc., ad nauseam. I would like to wash the kitchen floor and maybe do some vacuuming but I figure why bother if somebody is tracking dirt and debris into the house every five minutes.

This is Sunday and they are not leaving here until Wednesday. As luck would have it, I get to miss the worst of all of the frenetic and frantic packing because I’m going on my own little road trip. Tomorrow morning I go to Metro to pick up a certain passenger from Lopez Island and from there we head to the great white north. I can’t remember if it’s two or three years since we’ve seen each other. Maybe more.

Well, now Mouse and the GG have gone off on a camping-related shopping trip and it’s a little quieter here now and I even sorta cleaned the kitchen floor, at least the sticky stuff. If only I had the psychic energy to do my own packing. I do actually have some of it done but I’m sure I’ll be throwing stuff madly into the car at the last minute tomorrow morning.

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