California Dreaming on Groundhog Day in the Great White State of Meesheegan.

Blech. I don’t normally pay much attention to Groundhog Day. It is winter and I live in Michigan and it’s either cold or it’s not and if it’s not, you can be darn sure it’ll get cold again before the equinox and there will be snow in the woods at the moominbeach in May and last year I think I was wearing my ski jacket to walk the moominbeach on Memorial Day weekend. It is what it is and I’ve been dealing with it for 50-something years and I just slodge on, usually quite vigorously. Today? Enh. Mainly I couldn’t quiiiiiite stay warm all day, even in my silk sweater and wool vest and skirt. And a big wool scarf. That is unusual for me, even in the winter. It snowed all day. Not big snow. Just little wispy snow. When I looked outside, it almost looked foggy. It was in the upper 20s, which is warmer than it has been in a few days but it felt bone-chillingly cold. And is there just the teeniest little wee bit of congestion floating around in my upper respiratory tract (or wherever)?

I hope not. Because the GG has had the cold virus from hell since last week. Including an ear infection and what they have stopped short of calling conjunctivitis but gave him some drops for anyway, just in case. “Do you have any small children in your house?” he was asked. N. O. No. Yes, I have washed the towels and pillowcases in hot water. I don’t want to get it. I *knew* I should’ve slept on the Green Couch last week when he came home with a sore throat and low-grade fever…

While we’re on random stuff, I am getting a huge kick out of the fact that people on Facebook keep trying to friend my cousin. Except that my cousin is not on Facebook and I am the recipient of these friend requests. I think folks are getting confused because my first name is the same as her middle name but spelled a bit differently. Alas, I am not her. She is a bit older than me, just enough that I don’t recognize any of these names. She left high school a couple years before I entered it. She was POPULAR! A homecoming queen? Or at least on the court. Me? Not so much. Although this cousin is a beautiful woman, I think she was popular for her personality as much as anything. I haven’t cared for about a billion years whether I was popular or not. Actually, the few periods in my life when I have been perceived as popular have left me kind of wondering something like, “You talkin’ to *me*?” I am who I am and I’ve more or less made peace with that but that would be a whole series of blahg entries and you guys have much better things to do, believe me. My cousin and I have children who are not terribly different in age and, when they were young, we spent many an hour watching them swim on the Moominbeach. I’ll never forget her dad (my uncle Don) sitting there on the beach wearing his wife’s (my aunt Katie) sunhat and forcefully proclaiming that he was NOT A TAURUS! Even though his birthday was May 11th. Of course, we were laughing hysterically. Anyway, even though these would-be friends seem like anything but serial killers, I have been hanging out on the web for a very long time and my policy is to not give out contact information for someone else without their permission. So this is an interesting phenomenon but they ain’t gonna get much outta me.

I thought I had more blather earlier but I can’t remember it now and y’all are breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Happy Groundhog Day and Good Night,
Kayak Woman

4 Responses to “California Dreaming on Groundhog Day in the Great White State of Meesheegan.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Once again, dear KW, without prior discussion, our blahg-o-th’-day topics overlap….

  2. jane Says:

    I also thought it looked like fog when I glanced out the window mid afternoon. and was surprised to see that we got a lot more snow on the west side of town vs. the ‘work’ side of town – not many miles away and a significant difference.

    I’m missing the snow this year.

  3. Dona Says:

    Maryland is beginning to feel like Michigan or Wisconsin. Snow last night and more coming on Friday.

  4. Margaret Says:

    Feb. 2nd only means something to me because it’s my younger daughter’s birthday! Otherwise, it’s a nothing(silly) holiday because does anyone even know if the Groundhog is accurate? I was not ever popular and still am not. 🙂