Virus Woman spreads disease

Hopefully not, since the only place I’ve been to in the last few days is work, which is an underutilized building with sizable cubes. And my boss probably already had/has the dern virus but he didn’t get it from me. Yes. A day of feeling chilled followed by a night of low-grade fever (and the corresponding lack of sleep). Fever broke in the middle of the night and I did finally get a little bit of sleep. I know that because I remember dreaming that people were downhill skiing behind the Moominbeach cabin. And I mean *right* behind the cabin, where in real life there is no hill. A winter version of shoreline dreams, I guess. Woke up and assessed myself. No sore throat. No fever. Not even very much congestion. Tired? Ummmm-hmmmm. I gave myself a pass on walking this morning and draagggged into work. After an hour or so of tinking around trying to remember what I do for a living, I woke up with a start, in imminent danger of capsizing my chair. Okay. Coffee is in order I guess. Suddenly (waa waa waa) an email from my favo-rite developer. Oops. Yes, I bet I did put those files in the wrong place. And so me and my froggy brain were off on a long slow slog of putting what turned out to be a jigsaw puzzle back together, my recent error being only the most obvious symptom. Actually, the kind of detail work I did today is my favorite kind of work if my brain is having a froggy day and everybody’s not running around with their hair on fire trying to meet a deadline. And after all the head-banging I did today, I figgered something, which was *why* my favo-rite developer wants those files in what seems to us designers to be the wrong place. There *is* a reason and y’all do not want to know it but I do owe him an apology.

And then suddenly, after a whole day of dragging around, I was at a meeting and, at the last minute, I decided I needed something back at my cube. I found myself *running* back to my cube. Whoa! I am Virus Woman. Where did all this energy come from? And so, I am still very tired but it seems that I am not going to be deathly ill with this virus although I have to admit I am kind of wondering if there is another shoe out there waiting to drop.

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