Because we’re crazy. And irresponsible.


9 Responses to “Why?”

  1. isa Says:

    you and dad got iphones?????………????!!?

  2. jane Says:

    well, well, well. I think we just discussed this a week ago and your answer was ‘no – not until they work the bugs out’. my guess is that you actually touched and held one, and then it was all over but the credit card. 😉

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I just got worn down. This whole thing had the same flavor as when the GG wanted to buy a jeep wrangler back in 1992. The one we still have. He has been fascinated by iPhones since they came out. I thought they were too expensive and I already have a good camera and I haven’t listened to music much since my dad died yadayadayada and I ranted and raved and railed and, in the end, I caved. Today. He lost his phone last February. Mine is not the best. And yes, I was kind of swayed by the cool.

  4. Webmomster Says:


    You are no longer Verizon, then. How badly did Verizon ding you for the “contract breakage fee”? What’s it feel like to be an AT&T cellular customer now?

  5. Maquis Says:

    Because, I’m a material girl living in a material world …

    You Go Girl !!!

  6. kayak woman Says:

    Our verizon contract was up months ago. 🙂

  7. GG Says:

    You ask, “What’s it feel like to be an AT&T cellular customer now?”

    Think, “Diablo”.

    Think, “Verizon”. a

    Think, “AT&T”.

    Diablo is BAD. REAL BAD.

    Which Diablo do you choose?

  8. Valdemort Says:


    . . . Nice buy. I thought you’d hold out for longer!

  9. lilmagg Says: