Drowned Rat

bagels.jpgBarry Bagels. Home. ATM. Gas station. Westgate Kroger pharmacy. Post office. Home. Optometrist. Westgate Kroger again. Bank. Home. Slogging through the rivers streets and lakes parking lots and there are flood warnings. *Great* day to run errands. Almost as bad as the day YAG took the summer campers on a field trip downtown and for a few minutes, we thought we had lost one of the little kids. My Biologist Buddy said something like, “in a deluge like this, a small child could drown!” And that *loverly* little pic over there is the first picture taken by my iPhone. It was taken accidentally by My Monday Coffee Buddy and she thought I should delete it but I decided to post it instead. I plugged my phone into iPhoto, loaded it up, *tagged* it just for Sam and jcb, exported it, resized it with Photoshop and there you go. Easy as pie. Nice greenish cast, dontcha think? Now if only we could get my phone number to *ring* my *iPhone* instead of my old Verizon phone. It’s supposed to do that starting at 12:55 PM today. We’ll see. Until then, the procedure for initiating a phone conversation with me is to dial my phone number, let it ring long enough for me to look at the number on my old phone and then I can call you back on my new phone. Fun with phones. I have always loved dealing with telephones. Even dream about them regularly. Dialing over and over again and not getting through. And somehow if you are my kid, I don’t really care if you get a little bit of snot on my face. Even if you aren’t a baby any more.

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  1. mouse Says:

    thank, moom. thanks a lot.