Croissantization on the Bay Mills Indian Reservation

crane03.jpgAnd, in this case, that is a GOOD thing! We were kind of slugging around today. It’s been actually *raining* today and that is *much* needed. The ferns in the woods are all yellow and some of the maples are turning colors from the dryness. We were waiting for the gas guy to come and he came in the morning so we were free to do whatever. I said, “well, maybe we could go out to lunch. Or not. After all, it’s pretty nice hanging around here in the rain.” We were ambivalent. Didn’t really want to scrounge up lunch at the cabin. Didn’t really want to drive all the way to town. Didn’t want too much to eat. Hem and haw and get engrossed in books and computers again. And then The Commander had a brainstorm! “Let’s go look for that new cafe up in Bay Mills!” And so we did. The Dancing Crane. We had heard about it early in the summer but with all the hubbub, the kids and the dogs and laundry and parties and all the rest, it was never quite exactly the right day to go check it out and we had almost forgotten about it. Today was the day. Coffee drinks to rival Starbucks, smoothies (we had mandarin orange), muffins and things (no croissants that I could see ;-)), and there’s a grill outside where they can make hamburgers and hot dogs. Very friendly owners and a tiny stage in the back for music. This place is a keeper and I’m sure I’ll be returning soon. Click here or on the picture for a mini slideshow. If you go, do NOT drive over 35 on the res. Whether or not your engine blows up.

2 Responses to “Croissantization on the Bay Mills Indian Reservation”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Love the “Dancing Crane” sign (pic 5) – that alone could be enough to draw me in. They need a bit of work with the spray paint for the other signage, though. Just a tad.

    Howcum I didn’t hear about this hopping new cafe? Or was I sleeping?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I loved the signage and thought it was really appropriate for the venue. Starbucks, et al might take a lesson 🙂 The info about the cafe came in via an email listserve that The Comm is on and we really just didn’t get around to checking it out until today.