Drunk Again

drunkagain.jpgYesterday I wrote about the Dancing Crane and I said, “This place is a keeper and I’m sure I’ll be returning soon.” And, sure enough, I was back there today, this time with Radical Betty and Aimée. I forgot to sign the guestbook yesterday so I signed it today for both today and yesterday. I am a regular. Other than that, not a whole heckuva lot is going on. Kayaking again proved to be elusive due to heavy fog in the morning and rather iffy looking skies in the afternoon. But we did swim for quite a while and then a couple of nagers began a cut-throat game of dominoes over a gin and tonic with Bubs acting as the referee, after which we went to Thursday night fish at the Cozy Inn, and now the nagers have resumed the domino game. The local NPR station went off the air for about five hours today and when it came back on, certain people thought that a ghost had turned on the radio. And then when I walked down on the beach this evening, there was a big whooshing noise and I thought maybe rain was coming in but it was a big flock of little birds traversing the beach. Oh yeah, and some of the best news is that I have a browser cam account again so I can actually see what my web site designs look like in “our friends” Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and 7.0 on various Windows operating systems. Why Microsoft cannot build a browser that interprets html/css properly I do not know. It would sure make my life easier. Folks, please make my life easier and download Firefox! Now! And finally, it isn’t us drinking the B&B. It’s Froog and Green Guy. Grok grok. Yeah, roight, ya stoopid ol’ bag. grok grok. You ‘n’ yer cuzzint wer schlurpin’ up that stuff like krazy! Grok grok.

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  1. l4827 Says:

    We have been by there several times and even read the outside sign, not knowing what it was. I guess that it is not part of Mel’s. Since news from one of the regulars is enticing enough, we’ll pay a vist there tomorrow, after shed painting (sigh).