Doing the rhumba with the roomba

And in limbo for the last week or so. The GG has been in Florida with most of his living siblings saying goodbye to their wonderful older brother Don, who is gravely ill and isn’t expected to last much longer in this world. I haven’t been blahgging about this partly because it is not really my business and partly because I have not had much information (which is okay). My husband flew down to to Florida last Tuesday. He had his iPhone with him but not his laptop. We have had lots of short communications but it wasn’t until this morning while Mouse and I were having coffee and buying groceries at the Plum Market that he texted me his flight number back to DayTwa. Home.

The GG asked me if I would go to Florida with him. Sigh. I wanted to but I need to save my vacation time for going north and dealing with my own family. I worked all week and spent the weekend doing things with my Mouse. Lunch (and whine) at Seva. Buying a Roomba and testing it out. Coffee at the Plum Market and then an urban hike down by Barton Dam.

I don’t know how many hours Don has left on the earth. I am impressed with how my husband and all of his siblings have rallied to try to make their brother’s last hours be as comfortable as possible. Large Catholic families seem to be my lot in life and this family is one of the best of those. Love you all.

3 Responses to “Doing the rhumba with the roomba”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Families are at their best pulling together in these situations; I wish it could always be that way. Hope that Don has a peaceful exit/entrance from this world into the next. P.S. One of my deceased younger brothers was named Don. (as is my dad)

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Anne, Don knows that every member of his family is thinking about him, and he knows that if everyone could be here they would. Every family members name has been mentioned (Yes, that means you!) Mouse had some wonderful words for Don , too, that GG recorded and played for him. Thank you Mouse. We are trying to read all FB messages to him and it does make him smile. Yes it is difficult to be here and see Don like this, but I know that it has been a great comfort to him to have us here. Soon he will be in a better place, but it eases my mind to know that his brothers and sisters helped make the transition to “the other side” a little easier to bear.

  3. Tonya Says:

    Ah, man that’s tough. I remember the “saying goodbye party” for my mom. Actually, it wasn’t bad since she was alert and high on pain killers (thereby loopy), but it was weird. Knowing it was soon. (She enjoyed being in the spotlight, though!) And it’s good for everyone to have that opportunity to say goodbye.

    Glad you’re enjoying your Roooooomba! You can blame it on me when the GG sees it. :o)