Things that are in my living room #2

Ooooch. This was not a fun day. It was not anything that happened at work. Work was fun as I inched my way through the beginning stages of a new project. It wasn’t the snowstorm. How many of those have we had this week? Five or six. Once again. Snow-hum. Traction control in deep-ish snow in the Dogha is almost as fun as plowing through deep snow in the old boats the kids of my generation learned to drive in and shoveling is great exercise, yada yada, yada.

Most mornings, a walk is enough for me to chase away whatever blues or nightmares I might have. Saying hello to a walking acquaintenance or two or three. Having a friendly (?) standoff with a raccoon outside a storm sewer drain. A fox trotting along right up Revena big as life. Birds landing in the street in front of me. I tiny owl watching me from a tree. Train whistles in the distance. Dodging the Newspaper Jeep. Sirens. On icy mornings those always give me a chill. By the time I get home from my 0-dark-30 neighborhood prowl, whatever demons my poor over-active brain managed to collect during the night are gone and sometimes I’ve also managed to do some problem-solving.

This morning? Yikes. I ended my walk in anger! At what? You don’t want to know. Nothing earth-shaking or life-threatening, that is for sure. It was just that my brain was at work on probably four or five problems at once and I couldn’t see my way through the fog to focus on even one of them. Where do I put my foot? What do I do next with this? Or that? Where am I? How do I? Too many things on my mind…

I wish I could report some great break-through in my mood today but it didn’t change from black to rainbow colors, although I can see those colors again in the back of my mind. A little research into one of the things that was bothering me, a little more shoveling, a couple walks through snow, and rhumba-ing with my Roomba and I’m feeling a bit better. Don’t get me wrong, I am not depressed and I do not even suffer from Seasonal Affection Disorder. Today there was a logjam in my brain and it took me a while before I could grab onto the right thread to pull me outta that.

And I STILL do not have any damn driveway salt!

2 Responses to “Things that are in my living room #2”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the way you express yourself and describe your emotions. The logjam especially. It is often the little things that I don’t handle well, especially when they all hit me at once.

  2. Marquis Says:

    If it is not SAD, then maybe it is some wierd varient of that swine flu thing? Com’on lighten up! It is Friday afterall.