Spam of the day (warning: not safe for work or children)

This email was from Esperanza Dawkins. Oh, such a good friend of mine. Rumor has it that when a truck carrying a load of Vlbiaefpgbora slid off into the Ohio River, all the lift bridges suddenly went up. Yes, I usually just delete these things but come on (no pun intended). *bridges*. Kee-reist. Delete delete delete. I do not think that there are whole boatloads of Vlbiaefpgbora. But who knows.

That is Piggie in the picture. I didn’t want to have a guinea pig around here. Actually, I didn’t really allow pets around here in general. I love aminals but I do not like to take care of them. Feed them and brush them and vacuum up their fur, etc. It’s a long story but I always thought that guinea pigs were boring aminals with no particular personality. So I resisted and I resisted and I resisted. And then one night I came home from YAG or wherever and there was the cutest little aminal on earth and he ended up being a member of our family for over four years. He had a very active, social personality.

And he was smart. Every morning, the GG would get up and get his cereal. Piggie would wait until the GG was done doing that and then, when the GG put his cereal bowl in the sink, Piggie would start squeaking like crazy. “Reep reep reep!” Get me some lettuce! I remember once when I walked into the Landfill after a week or so in the Yoop with the Commander and Grandroobly. I walked in the door. I talked to the GG and Lizard Breath and Mouse. Guinea pig was silent. Then. I said, “Hi Piggie!!” Reep reep reep! He ran up and down inside his cage. He knew who I was. He knew all of us. He died when his owner was a college sophomore.

I’m not going anywhere with this exactly. Guinea pigs are great pets and I am gonna crash soon. G’night. -Kayak Woman

P. S. No, I do not want another guinea pig or any other pet for that matter. I like pets best when I can return them to their owners.

5 Responses to “Spam of the day (warning: not safe for work or children)”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Guinea pigs have a surprising amount of personality packed in their little round bodies. Way more than the hamster we had. Well, he did have a personality, it was just that it was a crabby, nocturnal, ‘I want to bite somebody’ personality. We had six guineas over several years. Like you, I don’t really want to have pets again. However, there was an article on the news where they’d rescued over a hundred rabbits from a neglectful owner. Hmm, rabbits…?

  2. Dona Says:

    I’ve never had a guinea pig, but my friend from junior high school did have one and I distinctly remember that the critter’s birthday was April 12.

    Dear KW: Do you have a glossary with English translations of KayakWomanish words like Landfill, Yoop and Grandroobly? If not, I suggest you create one for your newer readers & if so, link, pretty please…

  3. kayak woman Says:

    We took care of a rabbit a couple times. He (?) was fine but I thought Piggie had more personality. It’s horrifying to me that someone could keep 100 rabbits (or cats or dogs or horses) although I know it happens. I wish the whole pet “thing” would get ratcheted down a bit in general. I don’t think people should ever take on more aminals than they can handle, whether it be one or 100. But that’s a whole ‘nother rant (-;

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Dona, I’ll see what I can do (-: It’s Sunday and I’m just slugging around anyway. Quick answers though:

    Landfill = the house I live in on the Planet Ann Arbor. And, after 25 years, it is lived in. Dumpster in the driveway anyone?
    Yoop = Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
    Grandroobly = my (late) father, grandfather to four girls. I’m not sure I can *exactly* remember why he gotted dubbed Grandroobly. It was at a funeral but not related to that.

  5. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never had a hamster or guinea pig–but you’re right about having any animals, even if they are outdoor. Lots of work!! And clean up.