Beach Haunting and Bridge Finding and Crane Dancing

I have been in Michigan’s UP in March when there were huge piles of snow and the temperature was below zero. Fahrenheit, that is. I have been in Michigan’s UP when there were huge piles of snow and the temperature was in the 50s and there was running water everywhere and I was walking down the Green Tunnel Road with the beach urchins and there were four-foot snowbanks on either side of the road. Unbelievably, a small white insect of the species lepidoptera flew up out of one of those huge snowbanks. We didn’t have any skis or snowshoes with us that day so about all we did was walk down the road to Radical Betty’s and hang out there for a while. But that was years ago…

This March? It has been a mild winter up here this year. There was some fairly serious snow back in December but it all sort of petered out after that and that’s a good thing for older folk who need to get out of the house but maybe not so much for the ski and sno-mo industry. There is almost no snow up here this year and it is warm. In the 40s. I was able to drive the Ninja down the hill and park it behind the cabin. Performance tires (whatever they are) and all. We could walk *down* to the beach in just our boots. The beach? Snowshoes were absolutely required. Neither Uber Kayak Woman or I are particularly experienced with snowshoes. We both ski (she does extreme skiing, I am a decent x-c skier on a good day). Snowshoes? We did okay. I had a little trouble with my big bulky snowboots sliding out of the toe-piece of my snowshoes.

So, we haunted the beach today. We also found the old Fort Street bridge, thank you very much, Mac. We danced (or at least had coffee) at the Dancing Crane Coffeehouse and bought maple syrup in Rudyard and scanned photoooos and I am outta steam now and I forget what else because I am now outta steam. Yes. Lather, rinse, repeat. Tired. Goodnight. Click here or on the pic for Spring Break at the Beach 2010.

2 Responses to “Beach Haunting and Bridge Finding and Crane Dancing”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Great pic’s. So that’s what it looks like in winter. I hear that coffee shop beckoning …….. Great hamburgers.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love that photo!! It’s been a mild winter here too, but the temps have dropped and now the passes are getting hammered with snow. (just in time for the students from WSU to try to come west for their spring break) Have a wonderful time!! P.S. I’ve never tried snowshoes, but I’m pretty sure I would fall over in them.