Lightbulb fairy needed at the top of the Landfill Dungeon steps!

Yaknow, if you come home so early in the afternoon that yer wife has only been home for 15 minutes or so, you get tasked with things to do. I mean, I work too and I greatly enjoy a bit of alone time when I get home in the afternoon and being greeted with “LUUUUCY, I’M HOME!!!” while I am washing my feet is a bit disconcerting. Yes, I know that washing your feet just for the heck of it is a luxury for most people in the world. Living near abundant sources of fresh water may be one of the few perks of living in the god-forsaken Great Lake State and I will take advantage of it for now, thank you very much for asking. If the great lakes ever shrink so much that I have to walk out to Round Island to find a bit of water, we will be in trouble…

That old black Ford vee-hickle in the photooo was my baby car. I actually remember it. I think that the shape in the back seat is me. I remember us driving to St. Ignace in that vee-hickle to watch the Mackinac Bridge being built. The bridge that I cross frequently enough now that I have a commuter card to get through the toll booth.

Anyway, the light above the landing on top of the Landfill Dungeon stairs has been burned out since I came home from the Great White North. I hate to change light bulbs in general and I *really* hate to change light bulbs when I have to get up on a stool with the stairs to the dungeon right next to me. I hate those little screws that are in most traditional ceiling light fixtures. What blasted engineer designed those??? Women of the world, let’s change that!!!

5 Responses to “Lightbulb fairy needed at the top of the Landfill Dungeon steps!”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    That light can be one of the things that you change in your home when you do your kitchen. I know what you mean about light bulbs in fixtures next to a steep staircase. Makes me dizzy!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I can get those covers off, but can NEVER get them back on. I hate changing the batteries in all our fire alarms, which I need to do during spring break. I really know how to have an exciting vacation, don’t I?

  3. Tonya Says:

    What I really hate are recessed fixtures which we have several of in the kitchen. They ALL require standing on a chair/stool, even my husband who is pretty tall. Never again!

  4. Paulette Says:

    I love the car and the bridge view!

  5. DogMomster Says:

    Oh, geez… take the ceiling fixture centered something like 12ft above the #9 step (of 12), add in a touch of acrophobia, and just TRY to change that bulb without a minor panic attack!! Brain says “but, the extension ladder is firmly planted in the angle of the tread-to-riser and its top end is not going anywhere against the soffit the other side of the fixture”, but the adrenal glands are saying “RUN! RUN AWAY FROM THAT BOTTOMLESS PIT! YOU ARE *SO* GONNA DIE!”.

    Yes, I changed the light fixture itself… all by myself… a couple years ago. Somehow managed that. However, when I had to change the bulbs (yes, 2 bulbs) AGAIN, I decided to just say “screw it” and bought some of those environmentally-scary spiral fluorescent bulbs so I wouldn’t have to go back up there! Hopefully, the next time the bulbs go out in THAT fixture, it’s Someone Else’s Problem…