Hell in a hand-basket

Good god, what an awful night. Why? Because the [beautiful] full moon was shining in the window and that makes the GG restless and that means that I have to keep waking up too. So I was sleeping fitfully and I fell into REM sleep or whatever and I had this dream where I was at a Christmas dinner in some oddly arranged house and a whole bunch of friends and relatives who are, you know, on the other side, were there but they were alive and well and talking away just like they did twenty-five years ago or whenever. And The Commander (who is *not* on the other side) kept telling me what to do and what not to do and how to cook spaghetti sauce, yada yada yada. And there were about a billion dishes to wash. And Uber Kayak Woman (who is also not on the other side) was teaching me some kind of Celtic dance in a little utility-type room with a janitor’s closet off to the side that she kept darting in and out of. Cut. To a bunch of driving, ending with the GG and I driving down a two lane highway in the Dogha. It was really windy and he was going too fast. At least I thought so. And then. A little bronze-colored sports car coming the other direction scooted out into OUR LANE to pass somebody. I almost thought we were going to miss it but we sort of sideswiped it and then our vee-hickle turned into the old blue POC and it was starting to flip up in the air and then turn over… And then I woke up! Terrified!!! And couldn’t go back to sleep. Until just before it was time to get up. And then I had to force myself to get up.

And why did I write about this dream in my blahg? Well. Isn’t there an old adage about “don’t tell your dreams if you want them to come true?” I don’t really believe in old adages or wives’ tales or whatever but this is one dream I do NOT want to come true!!! So, just for good measure, I’m telling it, even though y’all are probably bored to tears. I don’t actually think it was a prescient dream. I think I was replaying an incident that happened on the way to a party we went to on Sunday. It was at a friend’s house off Geddes on the other side of Ypsilanti and I have only been there once and I couldn’t remember exactly where the entrance to the sub was so, although I was going close to the speed limit (50), I kept slowing down a bit to look at street signs. Alas, I had a tailgater. Suddenly, as I slowed down a bit, my tailgater pulled out to pass me. Right into the path of an oncoming vee-hickle. Yikes. I hit the brakes and prepared to hit the shoulder but fortunately she pulled back in behind me unharmed. And then I slowed down a *lot* just because I was ticked off and wanted to tick her off too. Yes, a little road rage on a Sunday afternoon. And then we missed the entrance and had to turn around and backtrack. Fun.

Kiddos, be careful driving!! And I think if the full moon is not obscured by clouds tonight, I will sleep on one of the Landfill couches and use my iPhone for an clock. Good morning, have a good day, and once again, be careful driving!!!

3 Responses to “Hell in a hand-basket”

  1. Sam Says:

    Yes, the moon got me (yesterday), too, but my broken dream had no spaghetti sauce or Celtic dancing….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m superstitious, so I don’t like dreams like that. At all.

  3. jane Says:

    the moon was shining in my window last night — didn’t keep me up though — off to sleepy land. which is where I still am I think….