Oh yeah, I do have a blahg, don’t I…

A long day in the Great White North ended with me driving The Commander (in her car) out to the Pure Country restaurant in Rudyard for the North Country Trail Hiawatha Shore to Shore Chapter’s annual dinner. The GG hiked with the group this afternoon while I hung around with The Commander. And heck, The Commander knew more people at the dinner than I did!

I did my hiking in the early hours of the morning, first around Sault Ste. Siberia, then I drove out to Fin Family Moominbeach and walked up and down the beach and down the back road. You can click here or on the photoooo for a Flickr set of that little hike. The water level in Gitchee Gumee seems to be low this year but Chloe Belle says that it’s only an inch below last year. So I dunno if it is a temporary phenomenon or will last throughout the summer. Anyway, it was a dry winter here and there were sandbars this morning.

Yay for the Little Traverse Conservancy for planting trees past the end of the paved part of the Ganzhorn Gash and for posting “no ATVs” there (that was on another sign). I do not have anything against responsible ATV operators. I know there are many folks who have fun with them and are willing to stay on the trails or their own private land. But the conservancy land was once my family’s and it is not any more only because of a donation gone bad. I am not going to talk about the details of that on the internet except to say that we want flora and fauna there and not mechanical beasts. Oh, and that the Little Traverse Conservancy was *not* the recipient of the donation gone bad. That organization has been nothing but helpful and I hope I am able to give a lot more back to it one of these days. Just figured out (duh) that Little Traverse is on facebook and became a fan! Now for Hiawatha Shore to Shore to create a page. What the heck, The Commander is on Twitter!

Once again, blahg and ker-flahp. G’night. KW.

2 Responses to “Oh yeah, I do have a blahg, don’t I…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hiking–what fun! It sounds like a great day. I’m not even on Twitter, so I’m amazed that the Commander is.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Thanks for posting pictures of your beach walk. It’s always fun to see pictures of the other season(s)* at the beach. I wonder if the water is low b/c not all of the snow melt around the lake has melted. The creek was certainly flowing.

    * Depending on whether the seasons are Winter, Spring, SUMMER, Fall or WINTER and the 4th of July! 😉