Eggplant parmesan and noodles with pesto

That’s what’s cooking tonight, as if you wanted to know. A co-worker was pushing home-grown basil today and nobody would take it! Until he got to me. Yes, I will take your basil! I’ll use it in my pesto! I don’t know where Mouse is but this is her kind of dinner. She is not a vegetarian but she isn’t crazy about eating a lot of meat and the first couple of nights this week we had chicken pieces from the freezer and leftover ham that I froze on Easter. I do my best. I am pretty good at cooking but, at this stage of the game, I am horrible at planning. And Mouse is probably not happy that I reported her personal preferences on the web but I think that they really aren’t much different than a lot of well-educated 20-somethings. The GG and I? We do like a good steak every couple weeks or so. Although we tend to eat a MUCH smaller amount of steak these days.

So, I was standing here next to the sink and somebody knocked on the door. I was thinking it was about the time of day for solicitors to be coming through. I mean usually, they bang on the door about when I am changing my clothes after work (and washing my feet, don’tcha know). I went to the door reluctantly, ready to sling lightning bolts at whatever person was disturbing my privacy. But no. It was my old friend Mrs. K (as I’ll call her here). Mouse has been subbing for her middle school classes this week and she was dropping off a video for tomorrow.

Mrs. K is the mother of one of Mouse’s best friends since kindergarten. And she more or less saved my life that year by taking Mouse to play with her daughter MANY days while my job at that time kind of wound down. I won’t bore y’all with the details. I worked very hard that year. That is all. Anyway, that job ended when Mouse entered first grade but I was friends with Mrs. K forever and she was the girl scout leader for Mouse’s troop and I will never forget when we tried to make those solar cookers but I bet Mrs. K would like to (-:

Oh, and those spools of thread? Those are The Commander’s. Aren’t they beautiful?

4 Responses to “Eggplant parmesan and noodles with pesto”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like the blue thread. I’ll take the noodles with pesto(yum) but skip the eggplant.

  2. Tonya Says:

    My eyes went (of course) to the spools of thread after reading your blog title and I thought, “What an interesting pasta dish that is!” :o)

  3. Dona Says:

    Hey Kayak Woman. I love pesto. Love your stories too.

    You ok?

  4. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Those threads are beautiful and I like the wooden spools too.