Retro Technology Day

I’ve been exploring moving my glahg blahg. In between coding for one of my internships, working on my Illustrator project (watch for Muksaslooie to show up one of these days), going to work at my other internship, going to class, packing, driving to Houghton Lake, and I forget what else. A very nice, helpful woman at Purehost (thanks, Jamie! :-)) helped me secure a copy of my blahg database and I was able to download the rest of the files with no problem. But don’t hold your breath on me moving, at least for today. As of now, the sun is over the yardironarm, it is hot and windy and just a bit threatening here at the Group Home (I mean the weather is threatening, not the people or the dogs) and I’m gonna enjoy the weekend as much as I can given the amount of work I have to do. It’s not totally a bad thing to be reduced to old-fashioned technology once in a while. Gotta keep up those html/css skills. Cheers!

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