Elvis is alive and riding in the back of an old Mustang. Er, wait, maybe it was an old Studebaker.

tree.jpgIt was really windy all night and the tree that hangs out over the water finally fell over. I spent all day hanging around on this poor, tired, old beastie, coding the cif site (don’t ask) and trying to figure out how to move my blahg. Unsuccessfully, I might add. The Twinz of Terror took out the boats and docks and whatever. And just when I went to go out for my afternoon walk, a parade of old jalopies came driving by. 177 of them according to some old coot down by the point. And Elvis was riding along in the back of one of them. Maybe we should’ve droven The Indefatigable in that parade. I wonder if it would qualify. Sam, do you remember when we were driving that old van of yours that time and we got mixed up in the vintage vee-hickle parade? Anywho, it’s been a work day and my brain is fried and I am incoherent and we are only a little bit into the yardironarm for today. And for a while I thought that I couldn’t even fetch out to my server but it turned out to be that I wasn’t connected to the wifi here. But now I am. Sayonara. Hopefully, I’ll be more coherent tomorrow.

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