Rock Walk

rockwalk.jpgWe walked to Cedar Point today. I can’t *exactly* remember the last time I walked to Cedar Point. I remember walking over there with Jane and the GG once when my kids were still high school/middle school aged. I know I’ve walked over there since then. I just don’t have a good memory of when. I have *kayaked* over there a whole bunch of times.

Thirty years ago or so, I think I knew every blasted last rock on the way to Cedar Point and back. I knew just where to put my feet, bare or with Bass 100s or whatever. Today, I recognized some of those same rocks but the water is so low that I didn’t clump along over the big rocks. I walked unfamiliar, smaller rocks that were under the water all those years ago. Nowadays, I am much more likely to recognize some of the big boulders I kayak over to get to Cedar Point. I’m still pretty fast at rock walking but my center of gravity has changed somewhat since the Beach Urchins were born. I used to scamper with quite some abandon but now I watch where I’m putting my feet next. Especially when I’m carrying a camera. Or two.

The Grumpy Growler engaged himself in something that falls into the category of Having Too Much Fun. The only thing I shot was a camera. Two of them, actually. I got distracted with rocks. So, if you click on the picture (or here), what you’ll get is a whole bunch of pictures of rocks and a few other things. No captions. I saw the alligator rock but I didn’t take a picture of it. I guess I just wasn’t ready to do it. Anyway, make whatever you want out of this little slide show. And remember, this is not your best friend in middle school’s Cedar Point! Love y’all, KW.

3 Responses to “Rock Walk”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Welllll, rock walks ARE all about the ROCKS and their environment, so why not a rock-heavy (*pun*) photo show??

  2. jane Says:

    really great pics! I wish I were up there this weekend – lovely weather we’re having!

  3. jcburns Says:

    Wow, Ann Arbor to Upper Sandusky, Ohio…? Oh, I see.