Blue Gatorade

dnr-pathway.jpgIs what *some* people need to go hiking in the Mason Tract. Me, I just need water and a little dark chocolate. And my trusty old Canon powershot. Today we hiked from the Chase Bridge boat launch up around the Thayer Creek loop and back. When we got to the Thayer Creek loop, we each took a different direction and met halfway around and then back at marker 8. I’m not exactly sure how many miles we hiked but somewhere around 12. The Mason Tract is not the most difficult trail on earth. It is fairly flat and well enough traveled that there’s a beaten path, and it follows along the South Branch of the Au Sable River.

I don’t have too much to say about hiking today except that it was a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous fall day and I took a *lot* of pictures. I was focusing on close-ups of decay. Just plant life. We saw very few aminals in there today. Usually I flush at least one deer on the Mason Tract. And once, a long long time ago, we were hiking with the beach urchins in the winter and there was a strange noise up in a tree and there was a huge porcupine up there.

Oh heck. The sun is over the yardarm. The GG is babbling about random news articles he’s finding on the web. He and Joanny are debating it. I’m trying to stay out of it all, not very successfully. Click here or on the pic for Mason Tract pictures.


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    And, not only is Valdemort 21, she and the rest of the SMB are on their way back from Columbus, Ohio!

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