Straight Talk

I dunno. I have a couple of environmental rants percolating: developers and their damn “logging roads” and bans on clothesline drying. I may still get into those one of these days but I just droven my cute little blue honda civic down the I75 SUV Speedway from Houghton Lake for about the umpteen millionth time this year and my brain is dead.

So, I’ll just write about the weekend instead. I drove up to Houghton Lake on Friday morning, the plan being to meet the GG there on his return trip from the Yoop and circle tour of Lake Superior with his mother-in-law and her sister-in-law, aka The Commander and Radical Betty.

I took the Lansing route and drove past evidence of the Williamston, MI tornadoes of the previous night. Mouse, I’m sure the fabric store is or will be all right. I left sunny skies and warm weather but, by the time I got to Houghton Lake, it was chilly and raining cats and dogs. I stopped at the Best Choice Market for feta spread (thank you, Jim C, for pointing that out) and other groceries for the weekend and, because I stopped there (also to get gas and the Clare rest area for…), the GG, who left later than I did from the Yoop, got to HL before me. That was okay, he knows how to turn on the utilities. Anyway, we hung about the cabin for the afternoon and I worked on various coding and Illustrator projects. Joanny arrived in the middle of the night with David, Dennis, and Jenny.

Saturday morning, the GG and I headed up to the Mason Tract to hike and, if you’re a regular reader, you’ve seen those wonderful boring pictures. Home to the cabin for more work, with Joanny and family heading out for a Circle Tour of Houghton Lake. Spent the evening and this morning hanging around with all of them. David and Dennis did a wonderful job of raking leaves. Joanny and I reminisced about skiing with little kids and babies back in the “old days”. I miss those days too. And I miss when I would be at the ski ranch and my *brother* would appear out of nowhere. I mean when he was still alive and would drive up to ski for a day, of course. With Karen, dogs, and kids and usually some big friggin’ truck. Love you bro’. Love you Joanny, too!

Home now. Busy week ahead. That is all. Oh, except for we all have to stick together. Dunno where that last came from. But.

Oh, and, am I wrong or is this Jay’s birthday????

4 Responses to “Straight Talk”

  1. jane Says:

    I was about to type that you are wrong, it’s not Jay’s birthday yet. except then I realized that it is. oops! not sure where October has gone to.

    well, at least I’m consistent year to year.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I guess I got it right, then! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAY! Love you…..

  3. Jay Says:

    Yeah – it’s my birthday, and I’m not 21, so we went out to breakfast to celebrate. I have a soccer game in about an hour, so not toooo old yet.

  4. joanny Says:

    I love you too. I miss spending time with you & Bill at the cottage. My only regret is that I din’t go on the hike with you on the trails. I wouldn’t have been able to keep up. I loved the photos. The kids had a good time too. See you at the baby shower!