Can I sit down now?

Okay. Up at 0-skunk-30. Clunkety-clunkety-clunk up to Sault Ste. Siberia. Lunch with The Commander at Clyde’s Drive-In. Then grokkeries @ Glen’s and FINALLY out to the Moominbeach. I was totally fried by the time I finally got here. I needed to walk but I couldn’t do that quite yet, until I was finished flinging grokkeries around and chopping stuff for dinner. Whoof… I finally got my walk. A freighter (the Clarke) was going up and something else was going down and they did 3 long 2 short salutes. Today was my first beach walk of the summer and I couldn’t help thinking that Grandroobly and the Engineer had infiltrated those boats to salute me.

And so I walked to the end of the beach and when I turned around, a woman was walking toward me. Man oh man, for about the last billion years, that woman would have been Radical Betty. Sigh. Not today.

I’m doing this on the iPad. It works but it’s not all that easy to type.

Good night and the north shall rise again.

4 Responses to “Can I sit down now?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s not easy to type on the ipad? Cross it off my list then. I’m already a terrible typist. Have a wonderful time up there in the Great North.

  2. Tonya Says:

    I was wondering how the iPad was to type on. Hmm. I’m thinking I’ll probably just stick with a laptop. (Have a great time up there!)

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I don’t think that the iPad is quite a replacement for a laptop yet although I am typing this comment quite easily with five fingers this morning. But I’m sitting in a chair with the iPad on a table. Overall it is a pretty cool device and allows us to get online here on the shores of Lake Superior 🙂

  4. l4827 Says:

    It is great to get online on the beach. Onward and upward! Nice pic. Enjoy the sun.