Extra Cheese but No Whooper

pumpkinveehickle.jpgDoesn’t the old green honda serve as a great Halloween vee-hickle?

Even though there are no beach urchins or Halloween aminals around the landfill any more, we still celebrate the occasion with quite some ado. I don’t exactly know why we have *three* pumpkins though. That just seems like more carving to do. And we have to stuff the GG’s old prison suit. Okay, I’m kidding about that. We do have a prison suit. I don’t know whose it was or how we obtained it. It’s some kind of old Courtois artifact and the GG has never been in prison. Anyway…

It was a beautiful fall day here on The Planet and its environs. We headed out Dexter Road, picked up our pumpkins, and angled off over to the Geology Center. The last time we were there was with Mouse. It was one week before she left for Africa and I think it’s safe to say we were all a little stressed out. The Geology Center served as a little no-stress for a while that afternoon. We walked down to the floating bog when we were there with Mouse but today we hiked the “lakeview” trail. You can see the lake through the trees so I guess that’s fairly accurate. It’s pretty anyway. After that, we cheesed our way over to Haehnle Sanctuary to watch the cranes come in. Amazingly enough, we eventually found the place, pretty ridiculous that “we” got lost, since we’ve been there multiple times before.

We walked around a bit and saw cedar waxwings and robins and some other birds that I don’t remember. We only actually *saw* two sandhill cranes come in, although we heard others while we were in the woods. Supposedly there is a whooping crane hanging about Haehnle this year. According to UM bird listserve contributors, this particular whooping crane was raised in Wisconsin and trained to migrate via an ultralight airplane. The whooper apparently doesn’t arrive until after 6 PM and we didn’t wait for him. Most of the sandhills also seemed to be late today. It was quite warm and sunny and the speculation was that the birds stayed out longer than usual. Every other time I have ever been to Haehnle, it was cold and/or windy and we have always seen plenty of cranes.

Gotta go. I have *never* backed up this beastie, it turns out. Bought it last January. Yes, that is bad. And I have heard rumors that CS3 isn’t necessarily compatible with Leopard. Until I track down the truth, I am not going to upgrade. Not having CS3 would be disastrous. Hopefully, we’ll (I’ll?) get our pumpkins carved and our dummy stuffed in time for Halloween. Seeya later.

2 Responses to “Extra Cheese but No Whooper”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    … and just *what* is CS3?

  2. Sam Says:

    “…get our dummy stuffed…” A whole short story (play, movie?) could be worked around that idea/phrase….