Knock on wood

All I can say is that this week started out about 100% better than last week did. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. Fingers crossed. Knock on wood. I’m not going to try to jinx myself by writing anything more. Click on the pic below for evidence of yesterday’s southern Michigan autumn rambles to the Geology Center and Haehnle Audubon Preserve.


3 Responses to “Knock on wood”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Picture #1 is most definitely a Bald Eagle!!!

  2. Sam Says:

    I’m with Webmomster on the eagle. My favorite was the dry grasses. Lovely pictures! You rock!

  3. Mouse Says:

    grokgrok!! i miss you!!

    go read my blog and laugh about it. it made me really miss my squeaky (and the rest of you, of course).