Mumpy and grumpy

Man, was I glad I had a job to go to today. I’m not sure how I would’ve spent my time today if I hadn’t had somewhere to go and something constructive to do. There were years when I didn’t have a job and, although we could [sort of] afford that, I have always been happier with a job. I usually get to work before anyone else on my team. We all work the same number of hours but we don’t punch a time clock and I tend to skew a bit earlier than some of the others. When I got there today, I heard this tiny little good morning coming from the general direction of my cube neighbor. But heck, she’s never there that early, so I figured it was somebody walking down the aisle greeting somebody else. So I ignored it. I settled in and got my work laptop faarrrred up for the day. And then. I heard key-clicks in the next cube! I jumped about a foot out of my chair! Lo and behold, it was indeed my neighbor who had come in early to finish an urgent prodject (intentionally misspelled). I don’t exactly know why but I was extra glad she was there this morning.

It was one of those nights last night. It is hot here on the Planet Ann Arbor but not anywhere near hot or humid enough for the grumpy old Kayak Woman to deign to turn on the central A/C that was installed a few years ago. Or even the big fan that vents out of the attic. No. “I wanna hear all the little birdies and froggies and skunkies and things,” she whined. And so KW went to bed with a cold wet washcloth draped around her neck. Yes, it is in the laundry today. But it was a restless night. Someone around here thinks they have the mumps. Yes, they do, and no, it is not me. I have a very clear memory of being diagnosed with the mumps. I was six years old and it was Christmas day and we were having our big family dinner at my doctor-uncle’s house. I didn’t feel good and The Commander finally marched me over to Dr. Don. He took ONE look and quite gleefully proclaimed, “She has the mumps!” Anyway, the suspected mumpy one was not sleeping well and so he was playing with his iPhone in bed WITH THE SOUND TURNED ON. He finally left for a different part of the house and then old KW got into one of those loop-like thought processes and couldn’t sleep. Maybe you know the kind? When I was young and played the flute constantly, I would be fingering new passages in my sleep (or non-sleep or whatever). And then when I got into the computer information technology business, I would be doing IF structures and DO loops and other programming things in my sleep. And then there was Sunday morning when I was at Fin Fam Moominbeach and had one of those AWFUL packing dreams! Where you are stuffing things into LL Bean duffel bags (or whatever) and you keep stuffing stuff in, but then more stuff appears magically and it has to be stuffed in too. In this particular rendition of that, I went on to a “dressing” scenario, where I was trying to get dressed FAST in a bathroom without a lock and every time I turned around, my damn BRA got lost. This went on over and over and over and over again. Geesh! I hate bras.

Uhh, where the heck was I? This morning? I don’t remember what kind of dreams I had exactly. At least they weren’t shoreline dreams. But I did that whole horrible loop-like thing instead. I woke up taaarrred and grumpy not mumpy but draaaaaaggggged myself outta bed to do my usual walking routine and chores and work. And there was this little good morning from my cube neighbor and, even though it was a long, rather slodgy day, somehow that little greeting started it out on the right foot.

5 Responses to “Mumpy and grumpy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Raining here and not looking pleasant for the rest of the week. We have our fire on in the evenings. I’m grumpy too, but it’s mainly RELATED to work.

  2. Tonya Says:

    Lately, I’m always grumpy on Tuesdays for some reason. Today is no exception. Oh, and I never had the mumps! They were common when I was a kid (I think they have a vaccine for that now, right?) But I never got them. Had measles and chicken pox, though. I actually had the “hard measles.” (I remember that term, but can’t recall what it means and I’m too lazy and grumpy to look it up).

  3. laurie Says:

    wow. i haven’t thought about the Finn Family Moomintroll books in a million years.

    it was hot here, too, on monday—95 degrees and humid–and i had no place to go because it was a work furlough day. (we have to take two a year now.) so i lay around and sweltered, and so did the dogs. great rain last night, though. and with no aC and windows wide open, i could listen and listen and listen until i slept.

  4. Dona Says:

    I have loop dreams all the time and I know exactly what you mean. I used to code html all night long in my sleep. Now it is PDF tags. Recently it was comments on blogs.

  5. Pooh Says:

    Any update on the mumpy one?