My favorite A holiday revisited

I kvetched about Mother’s Day a while back and this is what I actually did on Mother’s Day. Which was exactly what I wanted to do. No expensive cut roses had to compete with the usual Landfill clutter and cosmic debris and no fancy orchids had to die under my black thumb.

In the process, I think I hurt a few people’s feelings. Oh, maybe they didn’t feel hurt but, being a moom, I felt guilty about it anyway. If I have it right (and maybe I don’t), my beautiful and thoughtful California daughter called up the GG (aka her dad) and asked him to get me some flowers. I suspect, after hearing me kvetch about the roses and the orchid last year, he gave her a speech about how I didn’t want flowers.

Now, that’s kind of true. But I know this kid and I know she wasn’t thinking dozens of roses or fancy, fragile orchids. She may not remember this but I do. It was her senior year of college. She wasn’t home for Mother’s Day, which was absolutely fine with me. I only randomly spend Mother’s Day with The Commander and I would never try to guilt my kids into spending Mother’s Day with me. Actually, the GG and I had breakfast that morning with his older brother Don and the Lord of Linden. It wasn’t a Mother’s Day breakfast. It was just breakfast. But we weren’t home until later. And when we got home, on the front porch was a little bouquet of flowers from the farmer’s market or wherever. She had given a friend a few dollars and asked her to buy a little bouquet and deliver it to me. That was a kind of a strange spring for me. My brother and then my dad had died within the last year and I didn’t have a job, heck I didn’t even know what I wanted to DO with my life at that moment! I didn’t feel actively upset, but I was living in a fog and floating around rudderless, making every excuse to drive somewhere else where the fog might at least be a different color.

That little bouquet, from a college student paying her own rent on a work-study job, meant a lot to me. Roses? I don’t need no stinking roses. So, this year, I felt bad that the GG (I think) rebuffed her suggestion to get me flowers. But then, I had an inspiration. I do okay with Impatiens even when I forget to water them for a week or two or three. So we stopped off at the garden store and bought a couple of flats of them and the GG and I potted them and… Look at them now! They are thriving! I am remembering to water them. I even tasked Mouse to water them last weekend if it didn’t rain. I think they look beautiful!

Actually Froggy “honored” me on that old Mother’s Day four years ago. I am STILL trying to live that down!

3 Responses to “My favorite A holiday revisited”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those are beautiful; I love the riot of color!! I dread getting live plants because it doesn’t take me long to kill them. I’m OK with annuals or cut flowers because they have a limited life span. (through no fault of mine) 🙂

  2. Dona Says:

    I killed the gerbera daisies I bought about a month ago and replaced them with dahlias. Haha. As if the dahlias are going to survive under my watch.

  3. MOM Says:

    Beautiful! I can say that because I got exactly the same mix and have them in several pots on the deck. I had some around for several years and I was eally tired of the colors so it was time for a change and what nice change it is.

    I felt almost the same way you did that year after Jack died not awfully long after Jim and they weren’t even my father and brother. Close enough, though. Still hurts.

    Love, Bubs