It’s Daylight in the Swamp!

thesun.jpgSo, I am TOTALLY PISSED OFF now. Something internet related just cut me off here and I lost a whole big post. I had to re-a-start the blasted airport. I’ll fix it in a little bit I guess. Kee-reist. STAY TUNED, I AM NOT YET FINISHED TONIGHT.

Yes, I wrote that. I lost a whole bunch of writing earlier. What had I written? Well, basically, it all revolved around phone calls.

  • Don reached out and touched me from the beautiful state of Florida to remind me, among other topics, that the University of Michigan plays Michigan State in football today. It is a work weekend for me and I had totally forgotten. I usually only know the football schedule in order to know when it’s “safe” to drive around the Planet Ann Arbor. But then, later I found out that The Commander was actually watching the football game. So, whatever. btw: Love You Don!! <3
  • “Chelsea” called and I thought at first that she was just a telephone solicitor. I told her no thanks. And then. All of a sudden, my brain caught up with my mouth for once, and I asked, “Wait, who did you say you were?” Milligan’s Landscaping. The firewood people. We’d been talking about buying wood and we’ve been buying it from Dave Milligan for a few years now, so I backed up quick and around three this afternoon, I received a face cord of firewood. Yay! I’m gonna stack it fifteen minutes a day…
  • “Where the hell have you been?” asked The Commander when I called her tonight. We won’t go into everything The Comm had to say. At least not this time. She’s fine. That’s why I don’t obsess about calling her every day or week or whatever. I am lucky to have such a cool, independent octogenarian moom. 🙂 But I should call her more often. But she reads my blahg…
  • “Mama, I got stung by a bee!” A call from Lizard Breath. It was her first bee sting. By the time I actually *talked* to her between missed messages and voice mails, et al, she was fine. I knew she would be. There are some people in the world who are horribly allergic to bee stings. I am not. Grandroobly was not. I haven’t heard of *anyone* in Moomin Fin Family or Courtois who *are* allergic.

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