Trespassers W

steelplant.jpgYes, I did do just a bit of trespassing today. Took a sneak peek at the huge hole in the woods where the new Faunt place will be along the rocks heading to Cedar Point. And then, when we were walking back down the beach (“we” being me, the GG, and Radical Betty), we stopped by where the big cross is. Yes, Mr. Armstrong (or whoever), we can see it from the beach. If you put something like that in the line of sight, people are going to be tempted to walk up there and check it out. I had already seen the cross and didn’t particularly want to look at it again but, after standing on the beach waiting for the others for a while wondering where they were, I walked up in there to the road. I didn’t know which direction the others had taken so I guessed wrong and headed toward the old lighthouse keeper’s house, aka Doley’s Doelle’s. I was seriously trespassing now. Mr. Armstrong has signs all over the place. “No trespassing. This means YOU!” I know who he means. But nobody was around and that place is a huge part of my childhood so I lingered anyway. I have no idea what the plans are for the house and outbuildings there. In case they’re going to be torn down, I had to take pictures of them. Eventually, I headed back down to the beach and I could see the GG and Radical Betty heading up to Radical Betty’s house.

To Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Faunt. Yes, I trespassed today. I apologize for that. But you have to understand that I have grown up near your land. It is important to me. It is a HUGE part of my history and my family’s history. I would argue that it’s almost more valuable to us than it is to you. I don’t know if you can understand that every time you take out a tree you are stabbing my spirit. I am the absolute last person on earth who would ever disturb anything on your land. I hope we can be, if not friends, at least friendly acquaintances in this new and uncharted century. I don’t care if I can’t walk down the old overgrown two-track to the old lighthouse keeper’s house any more. Over the old log bridge and then the cement bridge. I did that with my grandma. I don’t even care if I can’t walk the old trail to the back light ever again. I’ve shoved all that stuff way down into my memories. Painfully. I do hope you won’t mind if we walk down to the end of the beach and back and I hope you’ll let me walk the rocks to Cedar Point once in a while. You can walk on our beach too. Er, keep your motorized vee-hickles down at your end, please. We got after our own Kevin when he drove on the beach too! Same goes for horses. We have enough trouble with goose poop. So, how ’bout it?

It was a short weekend but it was a long day and I’m tired. I posted some pictures so click here or on Kayak Woman’s steel plant pic from when she was walking her Soo St. Siberia route this morning. I’m too tired to post more for a while, so tomorrow y’all are back to KW’s regular old blather.

3 Responses to “Trespassers W”

  1. Jay Says:

    Radical looks great – what a wonderful picture, not like Don’s “Uglies”
    Thanks for the cabin pics too. I have talked with dad, but a picture is worth lots more.

  2. Matt of the McDowell clan Says:

    I really need to get out there next summer with my dslr camera before everything is destroyed and eventually forgotten.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    In all fairness, I heard a rumor once, at least third-hand, that Mr. Armstrong intended to renovate the old lighthouse-keeper’s house. I have *no* idea about what his real plans are but I do think it’s interesting that the road goes *around* the outbuildings, leaving them untouched, which makes me wonder if that *is* his plan. But we’ll see what he does. If I am remembering accurately, the back light is on conservancy land. But I may not be and don’t have a plat book handy.

    At least Fin Family Moominbeach has people like Harry in it, who realizes the historical importance of old buildings and is undertaking a *careful* renovation of The Old Cabin instead of letting it sink into the earth. So, yay for Harry!

    I know I’d appreciate Matt and his camera, as I am mainly a point-and-shoot type person! 🙂