Just say aaawwwww…

I was reluctant to travel up here to the Courtois Cabin at Houghton Lake this weekend. I LOVE the Courtois Cabin at Houghton Lake but it is hard to fit work and the Landfill and Fin Family Moominbeach and Houghton Lake (not to mention SanFran) into my life sometimes. Yes, this is a first-world problem. We are not rich by a long shot but I am spoiled. I know that. I did grow up with an outhouse, at least in the summer. In fact, I spent some time this afternoon trying to convince some folks that a family of four using an outhouse in the Great White North for a couple months out of the year was really not all that gross. Were they convinced? I’m not sure.

Anyway, I got up this morning and walked the Houghton Lake version of my morning walk and then we hit Best Choice for fancy food and WoldeMort for a three-quart saucepan (sorry, it’s not red) and a few food items we didn’t get at Best Choice. Came home and I took my usual kayak trip over into the canals. When I got back from my kayak ride, The Beautiful Gay was sitting by the seawall with a glass of whine!!! It was waaaayyyy before the sun gets over the yardarm but I thought, “what the heck, I am gonna have some whine too!” And I did.

The boyz took a boat over to the Northshore Bar for an afternoon beer and we (The Beautiful Gay, Chloe Belle, and I) sat down by the seawall all afternoon watching duck families paddle around. There were a few of them with ducklings of various ages. Nine ducklings? Ten ducklings? There were nine in today’s photooo. The mooma got all of her little duckies up on the seawall and they were huddled together taking a nap. And so was the mooma. I don’t think I have ever seen them do that before. We were apparently quiet enough that they didn’t feel threatened by us.

All in all, an absolutely gorgeous day here and it’s been a long time since I have spent time with The Beautiful Gay and I’m glad I came up here instead of staying down home on the Planet Ann Arbor where it is supposedly hot and slodgy.

3 Responses to “Just say aaawwwww…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s always better to be by the water on a warm, beautiful day! It’s supposed to be 77 here!! CELEBRATE. However, I’m not near the water. Rats.

  2. laurie Says:

    you have a beautiful gay who makes you dinner? your life is perfect.

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    It was hot and muggy today in the Deep South of Michigan, so the lake was the place to be.