I love you guys. That is all. Or maybe it’s not. My reasons for blahgging may vary from the norm a bit (or maybe not, who knows). I am blahgging mainly for myself and posterity. I don’t *ever* expect to make any money off my little corner of the blahgosphere and I am not a so-called “comment whore”. I get comments or I don’t. I don’t *make* a whole lot of comments either. If I don’t have something to say, I don’t, even if I like the post.

One of my blahgging “rules” is to write every day. I am not a “real” writer so that is a challenge (but that’s why I do it) and, as one of my beach urchins once said, “Moom, I can tell when it’s one of thooooose days.” One of the reasons I have thooooose days is because there are so many funny or crazy or weird or sad stories that touch my life but are not mine to tell. My moom reads this. The beach urchins read this. The GG reads it. When he can keep up with it (-; Other relatives read it…

All that said, I loved what happened yesterday. I hadn’t thought about Camp Wikweia in about a billion years and then Pooh started coming up with silly songs and I posted about the camp and all you guys wrote great comments and I especially loved the ones from my cousins who *went* to the camp. Even though I really wasn’t the happiest of campers back then, I ended up dredging up some really good memories of that place. And maybe I can finally let go of that stupid old cottage cheese thing, although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat that stuff straight. But yesterday was serendipity or something like that.

Jan, I never knew that you met Pete there or had his sister as a camper. It was only after your comment that I remembered you were a counselor a bit before my time there. I do remember a counselor telling *me* that I looked like Sandy! (-: Jay, I remember when you went to Camp Michigamme with the Mullin twins. I never went to Michigamme although I’ve driven past Lake Michigamme a bunch of times. You are so right about Interlochen being a different kind of thing. And that brought back memories of the young KW as a totally driven flute player from a rugged northern outpost with no access to a decent flute teacher. Music? Er, well… First seat! Camper? Still not particularly the happiest but sucked it up and even helped some other more inexperienced campers deal with homesickness. Er, there may have been a camp boyfriend that helped with my particular homesickness. Trumpet player (-; Swimming? I don’t think I ever had time to go swimming at Interlochen!

Camp Michigamme has a facebook page. I’m sure Interlochen has one too. Dooya think that Camp Wikweia needs one too? Even though it doesn’t exist any more? I wonder if I have the chutzpah to create one. I wonder if anyone would join…

Good night. Love you all, –KW

7 Responses to “Love”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You apparently hit on memories for MANY people, which is the cool thing about blogging. I admire you for blogging every day. I know many of my friends/family would like me to blog more often–but then they don’t have a blog, so I can’t keep up on their lives and feelings as closely as they expect to keep up on mine. A bit of double standard, eh?

  2. jane Says:

    and back to the cottage cheese…. I believe Pooh has a funny story about cottage cheese and Granddad. Pooh?

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Doug worked at Bordens Creamery the summer after he graduated from High School. He does not eat cottage cheese.

  4. Tonya Says:

    I admire you for blogging every day, too! I used to. But then Twitter and Facebook came along and took up some of that time. Plus reading books. Plus doing stained glass (and this new-fangled glass thing I’m getting ready to do). Mostly, I guess I felt I was getting repetitive and boring with my blog so I’ve slacked off some. Maybe I need to revamp it or something.

  5. kayak woman Says:

    Oh, I think I do get repetitive! (-:

  6. pooh Says:

    Jane asked, so here it is — my cottage cheese story. We had gone to visit my paternal grandparents in the Bronx. I was maybe two or three. My grandpa Joseph thought it would be really funny to ask me if I wanted ice cream and give me cottage cheese instead. Yeah, right! Even a two-year old won’t be fooled by that one! Needless to say, I threw a fit, and my grandpa had to go out and get ice cream right then. Fortunately, it was a big city, so he could.

    Also, if you store leftover lentils in a cottage cheese carton, you should maybe label the carton as such. I guarantee that if you open that carton expecting creamy white, yummy cottage cheese, the carton will be in the garbage before you even think of the poor long-suffering lentils! So as you can see, unlike KW, my early bad experience with cottage cheese did not turn me off it forever. New recipe this week — curried lentils with pineapple, tomatoes and feta cheese. (Maybe I should try it with cottage cheese?)

  7. laurie Says:

    hmmm. you seem like a real writer to me.