First world problems

Today, I got home from my info-tech design job to which I commuted via car (2008 Honda Civic SI 6-speed manual [to be exact] nicknamed Ninja). I left work a few minutes early because I have worked exceedingly hard lately and I don’t punch a clock. I washed my face and feet in the Blue and Only Bathroom, using the Great Lake State’s abundant fresh water supply. Hung out in the as yet un-renovated Landfill Chitchen for a bit. Texted the GG that I was leaving the Landfill. Set the pedometer app on my iPhone and walked downtown, texting my progress along the way. Huron-Dexter-Jackson intersection. Seventh Street. First Street-order me a ‘hattan.

One more block up to Ashley, hang a right, go another block, cross the street, and I would be safe at the Old Town bar, where a nice cold Manhattan awaited me. Roight. Problem. Homeless man hanging out front and center at the corner of Ashley and Washington. “I just need…” I have never been one to hand out spare change to panhandlers. I care but I am not sure that handing money to everyone who has their hand out helps. When I was young, thin, blonde, naive, and worldly enough to know how naive I was, I was chicken about talking to strangers. That was probably a good thing. I was vulnerable then. Tonight I decided I wasn’t chicken or vulnerable, although I didn’t really want to talk. I don’t usually carry much cash, maybe $10 at most. Tonight I had more than $100 on me. I dunno why, just randomly. And a debit card and a couple of credit cards with lines of credit on them that would buy me a reasonable automotive vee-hickle if I needed one (but I don’t). And an iPhone. I am not wealthy by a long shot. I’m just your average “middle-class” American moom.

The homeless man approached me. For the first time in my life, I reached into my purse and handed him a $5 bill. Or maybe it was $10. I’m not sure. I know it wasn’t more than that. He was talking about getting food at the Fleetwood Diner. And maybe he did or maybe he spent it on booze. I don’t care what he did with it. He told me thank you but I silently turned and walked away. Toward the Old Town and the GG and our friends and my first world life…

3 Responses to “First world problems”

  1. Tonya Says:

    This just…makes me smile.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I sometimes give money and sometimes don’t–it’s how many bills I’m carrying at the time. Whatever I can give isn’t going to solve their problems anyway. Hope the Manhattan was good!!

  3. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Once in awhile ya gotta take a chance and trust the guy might really need it.