This day had better not get any worse!

xmaslights.jpgNothing like a big old wild, rummaging scramble to start the day. And no, it wasn’t me that was rummaging. Not today. I am organized. I work today and I have my lunch and my coffee cup and my grocery list ready to go. And my phone and my purse and my computer. Oh yeah, and my WORK BADGE! The one that gets me into the building. The whole works. I hate rummaging for things. That’s why the *basket* is by the door. And that’s why I have spent the last eleven months slowly and diligently decluttering the landfill. I’m convinced that clutter is one of the biggest sources of stress there is. And I have quite a few choice words about Homeland Security this morning but I had better keep my mouth shut. Anyway, we are not off to a good start here. I sure hope things improve. I did get to talk to my old buddy Manuel. Oh well, now I have to go rummage for something resembling business casual. Sayonara, KW.

3 Responses to “This day had better not get any worse!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Clutter can be stressful. So can decluttering. Recommend huge dumpster & bulldozer (just kidding!)….

  2. Pooh Says:

    A flame thrower is a useful tool when tackling those big old piles of paper! We did use a shovel to clean once, but that was after we’d stripped off the old wallboard/chipboard in the upstairs room when we first bought the house.

  3. Valdemort Says:

    Ahhh Homeland Security. I don’t think I can say what I’d like to about it anymore. I’m an employee of the Federal Government now. O_o

    Clutter’s been piling up around here, too. Valdemort == teh busy! SMB just took a two week (hopefully) hiatus as of last night and getting some rest is infinitely more important than cleaning right now. It’s gotta happen sometime before tomorrow, though!