It was just rabbits, O best beloveds

Yes, it was. Somebody handed me a towel full of inch-long baby rabbits. “Oh, just hang on to them for a minute. So-and-so’ll come along and get ’em.” Roight. Of course, they started wriggling out of the towel, hopping down onto the floor where all the people in the store could step on them. Yes. Mouse kept picking them up and handing them back to me. And they were multiplying. I don’t mean in the way rabbits usually multiply (I don’t think). Just that every time I turned around, there were more of them and I was terrified that they were gonna get stepped on. I kept saying I wanted to get outta there and everybody was ignoring me and I was about to jump out of my skin and the rabbits kept hopping down onto the floor and Mouse kept picking them up and handing them back to me. And…

Flash boom ka-bang!! Thank you Thor, God of Thunder!!! Thank you for waking me up and putting that dream out of its misery!

And no, O dearest dear ones, this was not a prescient dream, just one of those stupid packing dreams (rabbits? what next?). That big bolt from the heavens and the ensuing monsoon whacked it. It whacked my morning walk too but that’s a whole ‘nutha story.

Yes, I do occasionally have prescient dreams.

You’re right, you don’t wanna know about them. (I don’t even wanna know about them.)

Don’t worry, I can’t see what color your aura is.

ZZ Top, where were you?

Er, dooya think I am nuts or do you all have prescient dreams too?

3 Responses to “It was just rabbits, O best beloveds”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Not really–but I did have a nightmare that I was delivering my pregnant colleagues’ child in my portable. However, in my dream it was a boy(it’s a girl); I did have some bad moments when I hostessed her baby shower in my portable! hee hee

  2. pooh Says:

    Oleo, oh Lord, I hope those aren’t prescient dreams. The ones where I show up to substitute at the middle school and realize that I’m only wearing half my clothes (or none at all)! That would be an awful, terrible, no good day.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I get dreams similar to both of those scenarios. I don’t think they are prescient, more like “stress” dreams or whatever. I can sometimes tell when a dream is prescient right away, other times I don’t realize until later. Also, the prescient dreams are usually symbolic. They don’t pre-play the actual events that end up occurring.

    The rabbit dream was a “packing” variation. Usually that involves a piece of luggage of some sort into which I am jamming clothing or whatever and every time I think I have it all in, a whole bunch more stuff shows up. I dunno *what* it means — get rid of some cosmic debris, maybe? (-;

    Anyway, Thor didn’t wake me up last night and I don’t remember my dreams (-: