5.5 5.0 06/23/2010 01:41:42 PM 45.862N 75.457W

No, I did not feel it. But many people in Michigan did. From the Planet Ann Arbor up to Sault Ste. Siberia and even farther west than Meecheegan. Wisconsin, I have heard. I heard about the earthquake on Twitter. For anyone who is still wondering “how does Twitter work” or “whaddo I do with Twitter” or any of those things, this is a good example of how Twitter DOES work. I had great fun yelling “earthquake” over the wall to co-workers. After I found out about it on Twitter.

I did not feel the earthquake. I was in my cube (I think, I may have been hanging out talking to my boss in the street outside his office and both of us have voices that project enough to drown out any kind of earthquake (and no, we were NOT arguing!)). I felt nothing. Folks in other Planet Ann Arbor locations felt themselves swaying or saw stuff swaying. And so did folks up in the eastern Upper Peninsula (via Facebook) and that is a VERY bizarre location for earthquake tremors to happen.

I can’t even imagine feeling an earthquake up there. I *have* felt one here on the Planet Ann Arbor. 1985? Or whenever. I was vacuuming my baby girl’s room and I heard stuff rattling on a shelf in another room. Okay, a truck was going by. Or not, because it kept on rattling for a looonnng time. Yes, it was an earthquake. I forget where it occurred or what the magnitude was…

Photooo? That’s me with my summer head o’ hair, thank you Mouse, and yes it is pretty bushy but I like bushy hair because it bounces when I walk! Photo taken by the GG with my iPhone’s Hipstamatic camera application. Fun fun fun. Check it out!

4 Responses to “5.5 5.0 06/23/2010 01:41:42 PM 45.862N 75.457W”

  1. Jan Miller Says:

    I was having lunch at Angio’s, and it felt like you were on water, just a slow motion of waves. Nancy and I didn’t know what it was until later when we heard there had been an earthquake. I had experienced one when I was in the hospital, in Indiana when Judd was born, July 1970. Earthquakes don’t happen in Indiana that often either.

  2. Margaret Says:

    You have pretty hair!! I love the style of it too; I’ve always wanted a bob.(but am too lazy to grow it out) Earthquake?? They scare the crap out of me since the predictions call for a HUGE one in our area.

  3. jane Says:

    yup – earthquake felt in my cube. I’m on the 3rd floor, so I think that helps. but it’s so unexpected — I thought the maintenance guys were moving something heavy down the hall until I realized there was no noise associated with it. then suddenly 3 people came out into the hall at the same time – did you feel that? one guy is from CA and he was certain it was an earthquake right away.

  4. pooh Says:

    Dave felt it in Rochester, NY, and it made the St. Louis News. They said the epicenter was about 30 miles North of Ottawa, and caused some damage in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.