Bugs and bolts [lightning, that is]

My step-grandmother Bolette was a preacher’s daughter. They lived in Iowa for a while, where there are tornados, then they moved to California, where there are earthquakes. Finally they moved to Detroit and she once told me her dad said that at least there wouldn’t be any earthquakes or tornados in Detroit. And then within the first year they lived there, they experienced *both* an earthquake and a tornado. And so, yesterday in the Great Lake State, in one day, we had both an earthquake tremor and I’m not sure how many tornados (none in my neighborhood though) and lightning? A bumper crop of lightning bugs gave way to one of the biggest light shows I’ve seen in a while. All is well at the Landfill and didn’t even lose power. Seeya later.

One Response to “Bugs and bolts [lightning, that is]”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ah, the BIG weather. We often traveled to the Midwest for YMCA Nationals (gymnastics) and it was always a crap shoot about flights because of t-storms and other big weather. The first time I was in WI, the sirens went off for a tornado; I had no idea what to do!!