Living on the edge

When you live on the edge, sometimes the dog eats your homework your phone eats your post. Of course, I mean The Edge, the network that your iPhone uses when you are in the Great Lake State’s Upper Peninsula. That is, when you are in a part of Da Yoop where there is any kind of cellular telephone network at all. And yes, this is another o’ them thar first-world type problems. You know the kind.

Anyway, we arrived here at the moominbeach at 9:45 PM and the sun had *just* set and that photo is colored courtesy of one of the Hipstamatic iPhone app, one of my faves. Because I am such a cool hipster. Roight. I can just see Mouseleen rolling her eyes. Oh, speaking of Mouseleen, I need to email her. Check your email, kiddo. Anyway. It was actually kind of gray, also windy and chilly, and the Roger Blough (aka Big Butt) was downbound. I went back up to the cabin and guess what was in my pyramid peg measure? A dead bug! Yes, there was. I was gonna clean the bug out of my pyramid peg measure but I got distracted and forgot and the next thing I knew, the GG was spluttering around spitting and stuff. Yes, the bug ended up in his cocktail. No, he was not amused (hee hee hee snort snort). And so, I tried to blahg about that and I got my post all written — on my phone, with a picture (this one) — and then I hit publish or whatever it is on my WordPress iPhone app aaaannnnddd… Loading loading loading… loading loading loading… keep them doggies loading… loading loading loading… rawhide!!! Or… not… Not only did my post not post but my phone ATE MY POST!!! So you are getting it today, or at least a version of it.

At the moment, I am at The Commander’s “other house, the real house where she lives some of the days” stealing her wi-fi so I can use an actual keyboard to type. The GG is out at Woldemort and it is raining so do not feel sad if you are not here in god’s country (or this god-forsaken country or whatever it is). And that is all for now. We’ll see what kind of octo-type adventures we all get up to today.

Cheerio! — KW

If there are any typos in here, bag it.

3 Responses to “Living on the edge”

  1. Sam Says:

    Ah, I do like what the effects did to that photo! Sorry that it’s rainy‚Ķ.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Lovely bright photo! It’s gray here, but not raining at least. sigh I HATE when I write a post and it gets eaten; it then becomes(in my MIND) the best thing I’ve ever written. HA HA

  3. l4827 Says:

    We got here at 8:00 sharp. Unpacked the car and enjoyed in evening immensely. That is a real nice pic!