Thistles and Cowboys and Walmart Trucks

trafficjam.jpgNot too long ago, during a certain spring as black as the depths of Mordor, I was feeling like my life had disintegrated into the consistency of old dry crumbly toast. I’m okay, I’ll just go eat some thistles. I was spending way too much time hanging around on the Internet, specifically tweaking and tinkering with whatever my daily blahg entry was. I *do* spend time on that but that spring it was pretty ridiculous.

I desperately needed something constructive to do, so I created a resume on I hadn’t had a real resume in years. I wasn’t even sure how somebody like me could write one. Some of my skills are easily quantified but others are not that tangible. We won’t go there. Oh, only because it’s too long. Sheesh.

I have a better resume now but, with that original monster resume (which I should change), I get weekly emails listing jobs that are *somehow* matched to my resume and skill set. Some of them are sort of close but I do *not* know where they get “sales” out of anything I’ve posted out there. The other day, I actually got an email from a recruiter. The job entails expertise in a well-known server-side scripting language that is listed in my resume. And I do have experience with it. But I am not an expert by a long shot. I could learn more. I’m very adept at picking up on programming languages of all stripes. But this job is full-time and it’s in Troy. I can’t even begin to imagine commuting to Troy every day. Kee-reist, that involves taking M14 to I275 to I696 and then I lose track.

With my current little internship job, I drive I94 from about mile 172 to about mile 176 (I was gonna check that on my way home from school tonight but I got distracted or whatever). Anyway, this morning, I met my first work commuter type jaffic tram. I was a couple minutes late. I hate to be late. But it could’ve been worse. I was only stuck for a mile or so.

I didn’t reply to that email. I doubt that Troy company really wants me. I’m sure they want someone who knows the language well enough to be able to just step in and do the job. On the other hand, learning on the job is a part of it all and I’m pretty good at that, so maybe I would work out. But I will not commute that far.

I dunno where I’m going next. But my life is no longer quite so dry and crumbly.

One Response to “Thistles and Cowboys and Walmart Trucks”

  1. Becky Courtois Says:

    Hi Ann,
    Sounds like everything is going well. Rec’d email from Mouse as well and it sounds like she is enjoying her adventure!
    You may want to consider posting on CareerBuilder as well. If you select the option for recruiters to contact you – you will receive a lot of calls. Many of the hr people I work with use resume database searches and there are a ton of resumes out there – so load yours up with the approp. key words and you will come up in more specific searches. Have a great day!!