I love being lectured

Roight. My friends. I love you. But. Today. I have been lectured (again) about the difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities and independent living facilities and all of the variations thereof and a few other related topics. And no, no one around here is moving into any of those places any time soon. Also. I am tired of spending hours and hours and hours going around in circles about some complicated topic and thinking it was all sorted out and finding out *months* later that, “oh no, that’s not how it works.” Siiigggghhhhh. And I am tired of hearing people tell me the same blasted stories over and over and over and over again, ad infinitum. You told me that ten years ago. And then again five years ago. Not to mention last week. I’ll laugh. Again. Ha ha ha. But I’ll be quietly tapping my feet and thinking, “I’ve heard that a few times before and let’s get on with it.” I’ll spare you the rest of my day, which amounted to one long meeting where we were holding my latest umpteen million page document and UI design up to the bright light of day and tearing it apart. Fun. And it was hot. And we’re not done. And when I got home, all I could think of was something like “bag it”.

Was it a bad day? Well. No! Conversation over coffee with a beloved friend and constructive criticism at a series of internal team meetings (i.e., friendly audience) at work? These are first-world problems. But I am taaarrrred and yaknow? I am not walking around at anywhere near Albert Einstein’s IQ but I am not quite walking around at 100 either (ducking ’cause I know the beach urchins are plotting to throw Barbie doll head grenades at me). I can read and think and accumulate my own knowledge and form my own opinions.

And who the heck is Haley Barbour and why the heck does he think he’s losing more out of this oil spill than anyone else. I just heard something like that on NPR and yes, I am contradicting my own self-righteous, indignant earlier blahg-entry self here. But what the heck?

Have a wonderful evening, just don’t lecture me… (-;

4 Responses to “I love being lectured

  1. Tonya Says:

    Haley Barbour is a tool. He absolutely insisted initially that “no taaaaar balls were a’comin’ to his neck-o-da-woods, so y’all come down to Mississippi and pay some sales tax and eat sum seafood! It ain’t no big deal!” Now, of course, it’s all Obama’s fault. Gotta protect them thar oil companies.

  2. Margaret Says:

    HB is an idiot!! Let’s bash him–I’m all for that. As far as the lectures, no thanks. I’m not a fan either. Nursing home/assisted living differences are touchy subjects around here right now, but we are now looking at hospice if MIL can make it long enough for us to do the paperwork. I can’t blog about all this stress because I haven’t told my girls about this yet. I need to call them, but I JUST CAN’T.

  3. jane Says:

    feel free to ask Harry to tell the ‘World’s Largest Pacific Sailfish’ story when you’re up north next weekend! yes – have heard it many, many times… although it is pretty cool.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Why yes, you are right! I was downright grumpy last night.

    Actually some of My Dear Uncle Harry’s stories are worth hearing over and over again. There was also that one where he got hit in the face/head with a wet washcloth!